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7 Best Ideas For Your Water Heat Pump

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water heater

Water heat pumps work by running a low-temperature and lower pressure refrigerant fluid in heat exchanger coils through a heat source, such as the outside air, the ground, or circulating water. A water heat pump draws heat from the source around it and takes it to a particular destination.

Water heat pumps can be installed in replacement of the more traditional electric water heaters. Brisbane Hot Water Installers pride themselves in their quality in the service and installation of water heat pumps. Here are some ideas for your water heat pumps that you should know.

They Save You Money

According to Energy Star, an American government website, a water heat pump can save a household of 4 up to $3,750 in the water heat pump's lifetime. A family that uses more water saves more. Other water pumps often cause pump leakage and corrosion, especially as they come to the end of their lifespan. Although they use some electricity, water heat pumps do not use as much electricity compared to other water heaters.


Help You Save the Environment

Water heat pumps are generally better for the environment. This is because of the absence of greenhouse emissions as the pumps do not burn fossil fuel when producing heat. This is unlike other water heaters, and in return, this lowers corrosion of the ozone layer. Collective installation of water heat pumps does wonders for the environment.


Should Be Specific to the Climate

A water heat pump should be specifically designed for the climate that you are in. Water heat pumps are generally affected by the temperature and the heat. Because a water heat pump derives heat from the environment it is in, understanding where you live can save you money and trouble. This is to avoid poor performance and higher costs. During installation, having a plumber that understands these factors is essential.



Water heat pumps should not be installed in a closed space because they need warm air to power heat pumps. Manufacturers recommend at least 100 feet or 30.48 meters to allow for the circulation of air. Water heat pumps derive heat from the environment. With this in mind, you should avoid rooms that need heating or those where heating has been paid for.



The manufacturer you choose for your water heat pump is essential. As mentioned earlier in the article, water heat pumps are significantly affected by the climate around them. Apart from this, different manufacturers will have various features for their water heat pumps such as energy-savings calculators and water–heater-sizing recommendations based on the number of occupants in a home. You'll also find searchable installer and distributor databases. Most of these websites have provisions on the models they have and essential information such as insulation, which slows the movement of heat, something you want to consider after your new water heater moves heat into the water.


Source of Power

This is where you determine which power source is convenient for you depending on the climate in your area. This could be air or ground. The air dependent water pumps receive more heat from the air during summer, which is more than what the groundwater heat pump gets. This lessens the efficiency of the groundwater heat pump, especially to the cooling of property.

However, you can be sure to have more hot water. The primary difference is that air to water pump uses air while the ground to water pump uses the ground. The ground transfers heat more efficiently than air. A lack of humidity in the air could translate to a lack of efficient heating. If one needs large quantities of hot water, the ground to water heating pump would be a better choice. Some questions one could ask themselves when considering the two are: whether your garden is large enough to have the system, whether the climate is more suited to the air to the water pump, or the ground to the water pump.


Uses for a Water Heat Pump

Water heat pumps can be used to provide hot water and space heating by providing hot water for under-floor heating or radiators or heating recreational applications such as swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

A water heat pump is sustainable, saves a lot of energy and money. Installing one is not only a wise decision but an investment.



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