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6 Of the Best Rotary Tools: A Full Guide and Review

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When it comes to dealing with metal works, one of the most reliable options that you have is the best rotary tools. This particular device can quickly grind metals. Of course, it is well-suited for a variety of applications since it is the "moderate" type. After all, angle grinders might come as "excessive" while a hand file appears to be lacking.

Rotary Tools

Many professional contractors are also using this tool to slice off damaged nails and bolts. They are also usable in making slots for a shattered screw stub and then finish with a screwdriver. These set of functions are among the reasons why a rotary tool is a necessary device in the workshop. They can cut, polish, sand, and route any metallic surfaces.

You can do these tasks with different power tools. But why would you give in to the hassle if there is one tool that could accomplish them all?

In this article, we have listed all the top-rated options for a rotary tool. We have tested dozens of models on different applications to see their performances. The five rotary tools that we will feature are the ones that directly withstood and succeeded in the ordeal. Therefore, it would be great if you check them first before trying other options.

So what are you waiting for now? Know them today!

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Of course, we know that it is pretty imperative that we discuss the key factors in choosing a rotary tool. After all, our goal here is to encourage and educate our consumers to be wise whenever they shop for their desired products. After all, it is an unpleasant sight that you will go to the market clueless.

Shopping for power tools is a bit complicated as these devices have unique operation and design. A rotary is no exception to this fact. Therefore, you should understand the basic concepts that revolve around it. In this way, you will get a unit that would suit your needs and preferences.

How to Choose a Rotary Tool

How to Choose a Rotary Tool

As we mentioned earlier, a rotary tool is a versatile arsenal that any DIYer and contractor should get. It is a great device that you can bring whenever big and heavy power tools would appear impractical. But of course, we all know that not all rotary tools have the same features and capabilities. In this case, it would benefit you if you know how to pick the right option for you.

Different Kinds of Rotary Tools

In the field today, you can see two variants of rotary tools. They are the core and cut-out models.

Basic Rotary Tools

The primary rotary tool has a compact size. Because of this, it is the best option that you can get if you are just typically working in your home. In short, it is the finest choice if you are a self-confessed DIYer and weekend warrior. But despite that, a primary rotary tool is excellent for making detailed works and artistic type of woodworking.

Overall, the primary rotary tool is ideal for shaping, cutting, engraving, and smoothing. Just take note that its pace might be slow as it has a small motor (around 1 amp). But definitely, such kind of capacity allows maximum flexibility and control over your work.

Cut-Out Rotary Tools

0n the other hand, a cut-out rotary tool is cumbersome and large, due to its inherently large motor. Most of the time, you can commonly use these rotary tools in commercial and professional applications. For instances, many contractors are using them in removing dry walls in large-scale home renovation projects. Because their size, controlling a cut-out tool might be a difficult task for amateurs.

The motor of a standard cut-out rotary tool ranges from 3 to 5 amps. This power allows them to tackle different materials in the site, even hard metals and composite wood structures.

Most of the cut-out rotary tools today come with various features. Such of these are the types of attachments and adjustability options. Therefore, you should always read the labels so that you will know the full capacity of the device.

Cordless or Corded

When it comes to power tools, the debate between corded and cordless options are seemingly never-ending. But for us, this matter should not be worth your time already. After all, each of these power options has specific applications in where they excel.


Specifically, a corded rotary tool will provide you unlimited power supply. As long as you will plug the cable into a reliable source of energy, a corded tool will run for as long as you want it to be. It is a great option whenever you will be dealing with tedious and incredibly detailed projects. But on the other hand, you should expect that corded models will limit your mobility. After all, they won't run unless you connect them to a power input.


On the other hand, cordless rotary tools feature an independent source of power, through the form of battery packs. Depending on the capacity of the unit, a cordless model will either have a big or small size. As we mentioned earlier, rotary tools that are compact and lightweight are easier to manoeuvre. They also have specific components that lessen the fatigue of the user.

Typically, cordless rotary tools have power outputs that range from 4.8 volts to 18 volts. That is equivalent to the 1 amp to 5.5 amps of corded rotary devices. You should look for a model that exhibits high power if you are planning to use it consistently.


The rate of a rotary tool is a crucial indicator of its performance and overall versatility. You can usually gauge the speed through RPM (revolution per minute). A cordless rotary tool can run as fast 5,000 RPM to 16,000 RPM. Meanwhile, a corded option offers a minimum speed of 5,000 RPM to a whopping 35,000 RPM.

But of course, all of this power is meaningless if you cannot adjust them. Therefore, it is pretty necessary for you to look for rotary tools that come with variable speed settings. In this way, you can augment the speed depending on the type of task that you are working. For instance, applying tremendous speed to a sensitive material is a bit overboard.

You should take note that a rotary tool that has a variable speed is a versatile option. It would allow you to accomplish various tasks, regardless of their nature.

Bit Size

You should also assess the compatibility of the rotary tool different bit shanks. Notably, versatile options have significant chunk sizes. The bigger the piece, the easier it is for the rotary tool to accommodate to smaller limbs. But of course, it is a given that they cannot cater those shanks that are larger than them.

In the market today, rotary tools have a standard of 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch shank compatibility. However, you can still see other units that have different shank capacities.

Full Review of the Best Rotary Tools

If you want to know more about these rotary tools, just proceed to the next section. However, you should click their corresponding links if you want to be aware of their current market prices

If you want a rotary tool that offers a complete package, you should check the Dremel 3000-2/28. This particular option is ideal for engraving and carving both hard and soft materials. It comes with all the necessary attachments to match your desired applications and needs. It has high-speed cutters that you can use for slotting, hollowing, and grooving.

Meanwhile, the tungsten carbide cutters are the ideal choice for removing tough materials like cast-iron and stainless. But of course, there are still other types of cutters that are present in this package.

The Dremel 3000-2/28 features a powerful motor (1.2 amp rating). Because of this capacity, you can guarantee that it is capable of accomplishing detailed and highly precise works. It features a variable speed of 5,000 to 32,000 RPM of variable speed, perfect for catering a variety of task in the field. You will love that this corded tool has a steady and long-lasting performance. It is easy to manoeuvre and control, too.

There is also a built-in cap wrench in which allow you to change the attachments of this device quickly. It is a tool-free mechanism that improves your working pace and stability. The Dremel 3000-2/28 is a primary rotary tool. It is compact and lightweight, making it easier to handle. But despite this, you can still assure that this device is durable and rugged.


  • It comes with different attachments and accessories
  • Powerful variable speed
  • Tool-free accessory change
  • Rugged and durable design
  • Usable in various applications


  • Amateurs might encounter difficulties in using this

Another powerful unit from Dremel that you should consider is the Dremel 4000-3/34. This particular device offers 5,000 - 35,000 RPM of variable speed. It is fast and usable in different applications. We particularly like this tool because of its ergonomic design. Unlike the Dremel 3000, this one has a soft and slip-free handle. It gives you the optimal control to the device without experiencing hand fatigue and stress.

Of course, the Dremel 4000 is a powerful machine, too. It features a 1.6-amp motor that can provide sufficient and stable power to this tool. Since this is a corded rotary tool, you can expect that it can work with you for as long as necessary. The strength of its motor and the presence of feedback from its electronic circuitry enable this device to have a consistent performance, regardless of the speed that you crank it.

One good thing about the Dremel 4000 is that it is compatible with a variety of Dremel attachments and accessories. Specifically, it has three attachments (multi-purpose cutting kit, sanding/ grinding guide, and grip attachment). Meanwhile, it also has 34 unique accessories that directly improve your versatility in the field. You will never have to worry about their storage as this package comes with a heavy-duty case to keep the tools in place.


  • Powerful motor
  • Controllable and stable variable speed attachment
  • Tool-free mechanism for changing attachments
  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • Comes with a durable storage case


  • Sorting the bits are quite difficult (they do not have a proper arrangement)
  • It is quite loud when running, especially if you crank it at 35,000 RPM

The WEN 2305 is the best option for those who are quite a tight budget. The price is extremely affordable, but its quality and design are not cheap. It is a rotary tool that can work well on tasks like cutting, polishing, deburring, and even drilling. Such tasks should be dealt easily as this device features a variable speed of 8,000 to 30,000RPM! Overall, the machine is operated by a 1-amp motor, which is pretty decent already.

This particular rotary tool is a complete package. It features over 70 types of accessories (bits and discs already included). Therefore, you can guarantee that you can work with any projects as long as you have this device. Of course, handling it is not that troublesome, as it is very lightweight and compact. You can quickly adjust its speed through the use of knob.

Based on our test, this tool is a great option if you are always working with glass, wood, plastic, and steel. Apparently, it is capable of making detailed finishes and sophisticated designs into those surfaces. You can also use the flex shaft to improve its overall precision and performance. Just like the Dremel rotary tools, the WEN 2305 also provides a sturdy storage case for its accessories and other components.


  • Rugged and durable design
  • Extremely affordable
  • It has a lot of accessories
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Powerful speed and motor


  • The sanding and cutting accessories are somehow flimsy
  • The storage case does not fit the cord of the rotary tool very well

The Black & Decker RTX-6 2 Amp 3-Speed Rotary Tool with 30 Accessories and 2 Sp is one of the most modern rotary devices in the market today. It has a compact design, but it has an extremely well-built. It is pretty durable and can sustain harsh conditions. It has a unique collet system that allows accepting any standard bits and accessories. This particular feature makes the device an extremely versatile tool.

Of course, the motor of this machine is not shabby either. Specifically, it has a 2-amp motor that can produce extremely fast torque. In fact, we can say that its torque is way better than most of its competitors. This tool won't bog down quickly even taking a heavy load. On the other hand, the Black & Decker RTX-6 2 Amp 3-Speed Rotary Tool with 30 Accessories and 2 Sp also provides optimal control and precision. Specifically, it has a variable speed setting of 12,000 to 30,000 RPM. You can easily adjust the rate through its ergonomic speed dial.

One useful feature of the Black & Decker RTX-6 2 Amp 3-Speed Rotary Tool with 30 Accessories and 2 Sp is the presence of its flip-lock spindle system. This particular component enables its user to change its accessory quickly. It is a tool-free mechanism that doesn't involve any buttons at all. This rotary tool also provides comfortable and secured hold to its user. It has an ergonomic design that efficiently lessens hand and wrist fatigue.


  • Comfortable to use (even for extended periods)
  • Accepts standard types of accessories
  • Comes with five attachments
  • Durable and compact
  • Powerful torque


  • Gets hot quickly
  • Speed dial is quite confusing to operate

The DEWALT DW660 is a great rotary tool for beginners and professionals alike. It has a durable construction and powerful performance, making it an impressive device for tackling different tasks. Despite its appearance, this particular rotary tool has a powerful motor. Specifically, it has a 5-amp motor that can generate fast and stable torques.

Just like the other options here, the DEWALT DW660 offers a tool-free changing mechanism for its bit and accessories. Its switch is pretty ergonomic too, as it has a sealing that protects it from unwanted dust ingestion. Meanwhile, it has a notably slim body. It is effortless to hold and manoeuvre. It does not feel bulky and enormous to your palms, which makes it extremely useful for any extended applications.

We could have easily placed this rotary tool on the top spot. However, we just don't like the idea that it doesn't have a variable speed. It has a no-load speed that remains static at 30,000 RPM. Apparently, there is no way you can adjust it. Well, it is still usable, but its application is insufficient. You might not want to use it on jobs that require fine finishes and details.


  • Durable and ergonomic construction
  • Powerful motor
  • Tool-free change for its bits and accessories
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Immune from external detriments


  • Speed is not adjustable
  • Doesn't come with a case

There’s something you need to understand right off the bat when it comes to this particular rotary tool: It wasn’t made for power.

If you’re looking for a powerful tool that can help you cut through metal and other hard materials then you’re better off looking elsewhere. This Dremel rotary tool is better suited for light work, to the point where the great majority of people choose to use it for things such as nail trimming and working with soft woods.

If what you’re looking for is a low speed lightweight rotary tool well suited for sanding and grinding this is definitely the tool for you.

As previously mentioned, lots of people buy this Dremel to trim their pet’s nails and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it easy to handle this tool but it’s also relatively quiet, which means you won’t be scaring your pets with the noise.

It’s important to remark that this battery powered rotary tool isn’t a kit. It comes with less than 10 accessories and all of them were made to grind or sand, which means you won’t be finding much variety here.


  • Great for detailed and delicate work
  • Cordless
  • Quiet for a rotary tool


  • Very short battery life. In fact, the battery technology used for this machine isn’t at all popular.
  • Not particularly powerful
  • Takes a while to charge

Consider the Dremel 7300 if you’re looking for a low speed tool for grinding and sanding delicate materials or trimming your pet’s nails.Friendly advice: The battery technology used in this model is different to lithium.

What you need to do to make it last as long as possible is to recharge only when the battery is dry. Recharging while there’s still juice in the battery will make it last less.

Final Verdict

Having the right rotary tool is quite necessary to improve your pace whenever you are tackling various jobs on the field. Since this device can work on different materials, it became a handy and versatile tool for many professional contractors. If you are interested DIYer, woodworker, craftsman, or artisan, getting this power tool is certainly beneficial.

Among the options that we featured, it is the Dremel 3000-2/28 is the best rotary tool for us. If you want an upgrade option, you better try the Dremel 4000-3/34. Both of these power tools exhibited optimal performance when we tested them. They work well with different materials and has the enough power to last long in the field. Their construction made them durable and comfortable to use, too. Because of these features, these two rotary tools have been quite popular in the community.

But of course, the final decision remains in your hands. That's the reason why you need to check each of these options to see which one of them will meet your requirements and intended applications.

Did you learn from this article? Feel free to drop your comments, questions, and suggestions in the box below. We will be waiting!

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