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7 Best Safety Tricks To Childproof Your Home

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Having your bundle of joy is all fun and exciting until there start to crawl and cruise around.

Constant fear grips your heart, especially with your home full of table corners, slippery floors, easy-to-climb chairs, or pets. Childproofing your home can ease your mind instead of letting worries keep you away from the fun.

From the age of six months to four years old, your kids will need you to keep them safe though they love exploring everything. Children at this age are a ball of energy, and you need to keep up with them to avoid accidents.

Do not let toddlers trick you into even thinking that they understand what your long strings of don’ts. Despite warnings, they will end up doing the things you asked them not to. Unintentional household injury is one of the most common accidents in the U.S.

Here are some childproofing tips to help you ease your mind a bit.

Locked Cabinets

It’s more than just preventing kids from reaching harmful chemicals, expensive heavy tools, or your china tea set. We can’t let their soft tiny fingers getting mercilessly caught in the drawers and cabinets. Aside from their shrieking cries, it could lead to serious injury.

You can buy safety locks to keep them away from your knives, lighters, medicines, and cleaners. Even if the bottles or containers are said to be with child-resistant packaging, it is still best to keep them locked away.

Use locks that adults can easily attach and use but strong enough to survive pulls from children.


Install Safety Gates

One fear you will continuously experience if your home has a staircase is the possibility that your kids will slip down on it. Even seeing your toddler going down slowly will make you jumpy.

One way to prevent staircase related accidents is to install safety gates. You can use this to limit your kids’ access to stairways.

You can also use the safety gate to keep your children from entering the kitchen while you are busy cooking. You might want a safety gate on top and at the stairways’ bottom.

Never install your safety gate in any part of the stairs. It is still best to install it directly to your wall to make it more sturdy.


Babyproofing the Kitchen

As mentioned above, you can use safety gates to keep your kids from walking in the kitchen while preparing meals. While it is easy to tell them not to be near the stove, toddlers will not comprehend its danger. Build a play area with their favorite toys.

Despite available locks, you can never be too careful around kids. They learn quickly, and if they see how the cabinet locks work, there is no unlearning with them. Remember that they are naturally curious and can quickly memorize simple locks.

One thing you can do is to put your bleach, pesticides, and other cleaning products in higher cabinets that kids cannot reach. Pay special attention to detergent pods. Children are attracted to this detergent type and might also eat these.

It is also advisable to switch your harmful chemicals to safer ones—chlorine bleach and ammonia cleaning solution for glass are incredibly harmful. Instead, you can use non-chlorine bleach, baking soda, and vinegar.

Vitamins and medicine must be kept in childproof bottles. These bottles do not open with a simple twist or turn. You need to apply pressure on the cap before twisting it.


Right Cribs and Mattress

First-time parents can easily fall in love with cribs based on design and colors. A crib is more than an aesthetic design. In fact, between 2012 to 2013, authorities have revealed that cribs and mattresses are responsible for an average of 36 deaths.

In 2015, around 12,000 children below 5 years old had injuries related to cribs and crib mattresses.

Most crib and crib mattress related injuries are preventable. Parents must be aware of looking for the right crib based on the children’s height. There is an appropriate crib-rail height used to know which crib to buy. Yes, you will need an adjustable crib.

When kids are newborn, you can put them in the crib and adjust it to its greatest height.

As they grow and start to discover their upper body’s strength and the fun of climbing anything, you need to change the crib height at its lowest.

This way, you can sleep well at night knowing that your child won't climb and fall off the crib.


Put Stickers on Glassdoors

Whether you live in a condo like the alpha grandview condominium or your house veranda in the second floor, you need to put stickers on the glass doors. There are times when kids are so energetic they run through the doors thinking it is close. To let them know that the glass door is closed, put some fun stickers.

You can buy those glass stickers through online selling Philippines. You can also let them put on the stickers for an extra fun time.

Kids love to explore and it is heartbreaking to stop their fun just because you are too worried. Getting hurt every now and then is part of everyone's childhood but we can minimize it.

Childproofing can be overwhelming at first but as parents, it is one of your responsibilities. Accidents and injuries can happen at home but the little time you spent on childproofing can spare your kids from tears and scrapes.



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