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Best Tips To Get Rid Of Mice & Rats In Your Garden

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rat pest

rat pest

No one likes seeing mice or rats in their garden or home. However, if you have a cat it is likely that you have needed to deal with this issue before. The truth is that rodents are everywhere, they outnumber the human population. But, they generally stay out of the way of humans. When you start seeing them in your garden you have an infestation and you are going to need to take decisive action.

Don’t forget, rodents are known to carry a wide variety of diseases. While they may not bite you, the more there are in your garden the more likely it is you will come into contact with disease by inadvertently touching their feces or urine.

1. Get Professional Help

You can click here to contact your local pest control specialist. They will be aware of what rodents are in the area and how best to deal with them. Reputable exterminators have the experience and the tools needed to deal with any infestation quickly and effectively.


2. Peppermint Oil

The first thing to consider is using peppermint oil around your garden. Rodents, and rats, in particular, hate peppermint oil. You can simply sprinkle a few drops of the peppermint oil around entry points to your home and this will keep the rodents outside.

In addition, sprinkle the oil in strategic spots around your garden and it will help to keep them out of the garden.


3. Catnip

You may be surprised to discover that rodents don’t like catnip. It is unknown whether it is the aroma or the fact that it attracts cats. However, whatever the reason, rodents will stay away.

The fact that you may attract cats is a different issue. They will kill rodents but they may also be an unwelcome addition to your garden.


4. Remove Food Waste

One of the biggest reasons for rodents to come to your garden is because they are attracted to the food and drink that you have made available for them. To prevent this you should eliminate all sources of standing water and make sure that any food waste and rubbish disposed of is placed inside a sealed outside bin. This will prevent them from being able to get to it. 


5. Keep The Garden Tidy

Alongside keeping your food waste out of the way, you should also consider the state of your yard. Rats and mice like to hide, which means a cluttered garden is much more attractive to them as there are plenty of hiding spots.

It isn’t just clutter caused by discarded plant pots, wood, and boxes. Garden cuttings left on the lawn can make a suitable hiding spot for rodents. 

By keeping your garden tidy you will reduce the likelihood of rats and mice being able to hide, they will head to a different garden instead. In short, being vigilant means you can identify any potential issue early and deal with it before it becomes a major problem.