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Best Toilet Seat Material

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There are plenty of materials that are used to make toilet seats, but which one is the best? Traditionally, porcelain and wood have dominated the market, but in the last few decades, plastic has started to take over. Does that mean it’s right for you, or just the most inexpensive option?

Wooden toilet Seats

Wooden seats are definitely a less popular choice but can be the perfect addition to your home if you are not planning on putting it through the paces. These seats have a sturdy, heavy construction, however, can quickly become chipped, scratched, and worn if mistreated. As more of a style preference, these seats are impractical for many homes with children, but if you plan to be gentle, can complement other wooden surfaces in your restroom nicely.


Plastic toilet Seats

As we previously stated, plastic seats are on the rise, mainly because they are inexpensive and built for a beating. The type of plastic used in toilet seats, Polypropylene, is inexpensive, scratch-resistant, and hard to stain, making it ideal for family homes and anyone who wants a basic seat. This material is also lighter, which helps with slamming lids and busted parts. Plastic toilet seats make a smart, basic choice for roughly-used restrooms, especially ones used frequently by children.


Porcelain Seats

Porcelain has been the most popular seat material for years, and the majority of older toilet seats out there are constructed using this type of clay. Porcelain toilet seats are the preference of many due to their sturdy construction and easy cleaning, but they do have a tendency to slam. That might not be an issue if everyone in the house is careful, but that’s not always the case. These seats have a clay base, but a non-porous enamel that makes bacteria growth more difficult. While they are more expensive than plastic and wood, they are sure to complement your bowl nicely.


Bidet Seats

With such little difference between the other options, the real question is what can the seat do for you? This question is answered promptly when you look at the Swash 1400 by Brondell. With high-performance features and durable construction, this seat leaves traditional “open or closed” seats in the past.  It doesn’t matter if your old-fashioned seat is wood or porcelain because it probably lacks heated seating, luxurious wash settings, and all the other amenities offered by bidets. These seats are more expensive, but have evolved past the issues of traditional seats, like slamming lids and even being left up! These systems are designed to make life easier.