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Best Tools Used By Commercial Roofers To Complete Their Tasks | Uses of nailer guns, roofing knives, ladder, Shovels.

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Essential Tools for Roofing on Sale | Handpicked Tools By PROs

​There is nothing worse than just showing up at roofing area and realizing that you don’t have the proper equipment and tools with you. Good tools will always make roofing a lot easier and productive and even more fun than usual. The experts have hours to research and find out more about the best roofing tools the commercial experts got to use in 2019. These roofer tools are the ones you can rely on for making jobs a lot easier and will increase the productivity of your work. Whether you are playing the role of a roofer offering Commercial roofing saint Louis, DIY roofing enthusiasts or even a professional contractor, you got to have these tools right in your pocket now.

It is vital to go through all the tools in the final roofing tool list, coming up with recommendations, top features, pros and cons, before you finally invest some time in making the right choice.

Heading towards the roofing nailers:

A nailer gun is always a mandatory tool for the roofers out there in the market. This item is precise, fast, and clean and will definitely get the job done in an efficient and quick manner. The right choice in this regard has to be the coil roofing nailers.

  • You can always get along with the nailer gun from Hitachi, known for its light in weight, faster working service and durability. This gun is powered by air and will be rather easy to use.
  • Then you have another option from Bostitchm, which is also air powered like the Hitachi one and will weigh just around 5.8lbs.
  • If these two options are not your cup of tea, you can head towards Max for the right choice. Yes, this item is a bit pricey but worth every single penny you have spent.
  • Then you have the PowRyte Elite version, which is known for its affordability. This is a gauge based nailer, which is air powered and comes with 20 nails magazine hold.
  • Another example is the WEN version, which works just amazingly based on the price. It is best suitable for the smaller projects as these items are not likely to last long.

Nail guns are known to be light in weight, fast in its service and easy to use. A standardized coil roofing gun is here to drive around 100 nails per minute and in the exact depth.

Moving towards the roofing knives:

One of the reliable roofing hand tools that have to be the one in the roofer’s toolbox is the utility or the roofing knife. It is vital or cutting shingles and for anything that is in need of a cut. It is always vital to choose durable heavy duty based utility knife, which will last you for a long time. For doing your job right, you need one retractable knife as you might be using it more often than what you have imagined. Make sure to get one that comes with replaceable razor blades. So, here you will just have to change blades and not the knife when needed.

  • You can try heading towards the Stanley retractable knife, which is a popular one and great to cut shingles. The items are easier to hold because of their rubber grip. The items are rather cheap and will do the job right for their lower rates.
  • In case, you are looking for something sharp and durable, then try heading towards the hook blades and match those with the heavy duty knife. But, always be sure to handle these knives carefully as simple mistakes can hurt you big time!

You cannot move forward with roofing requirements without ladder:

roofing tools

roofing tools

For accessing the roof safely, you need standardized extension ladder. It provides the best stability for choosing heavy duty one. However, the ladder must comply with the standards of OSHA. Always be sure to set the item up correctly and extend it enough above the gutter. You might have it tied too to the roof as extra security means.

  • Whenever you are picking up a ladder for roofing use, be sure to check for the load capacity and even the length of extension over here.
  • You cannot just go any wrong with ladder, which is otherwise made out of fiberglass. It is always safe to use these items around electricity and mostly constructed for covering heavy duty jobs for extra stability.
  • These ladders are a bit heavier to just carry around. So, it might be a bit hard to move with it in a safe manner. Remember to get someone with you to help in this regard.
  • An easier way in which you can transform standard ladder into roof is that you can use it for climbing the roof by using the ladder hooks.
  • It is often stated to be one ideal way to secure top of ladder safely to rooftop. These hooks must have rubberized wheels to just roll ladder up to top without even damaging shingles.
  • Once you have got up right in your desired place, you can just turn ladder on other side and use hook to secure the same option.

Shovels to remove shingles:

While installing a new roof, you have to get yourself a clean surface to work with and without pieces of any old shingle, nails or similar other materials. For that, you need roofing shovel to tear the existing shingles and push them out of your working way. A roofing shovel is important to remove the older shingles to make room for newer ones. These shovels will always help in removing nails easily and pulling and ripping shingles off roof. As it is noted to be a hand tool, the item has to be light in weight, easy to use and should have that comfortable grip in handle.

Just try to chalk down a list of items that you definitely need before heading towards commercial roofing help. You can further choose some of the best options placed under every product.

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