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The more projects you work on in and around the house, the more diverse of problems you will encounter. Although a basic wrench set will take care of most issues which come up, there will be times where a normal wrench will not be able to complete the project you are working on. When this occurs, there is a tool you need to have in your repertoire; this tool is the Torque Wrench.



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Tekton TRQ21101 review


72 tooth



Capri Tools 31103 review


250 tooth



Tekton 24335 review


24 tooth



Snap-on Industrial Brand CDI Torque 2503MFRPH review




What attributes should you look for in picking out a Torque Wrench?

Picking out a Torque Wrench

When picking out a torque wrench, you need to know what kind of application you are going to be using the torque wrench for. There are three basic levels of torque wrenches, and although it never hurts to get a wrench which is more powerful than what you need, you could be disappointed if you purchase a wrench that does not perform to the level you expect.

1. Slipper Torque Wrench

This kind of torque wrench comes with an adjustable spring loaded head. The head has a cam which is attached to it, along with a roller which helps push the cam so the head can lock into place when the desired torque level is met. This kind of torque wrench is designed to ensure you cannot over tighten a fastner, and if the required force is more than what this kind of wrench can handle, the wrench will literally slip, and the torque which has been built up will be lost.

2. Beam Torque Wrench

When you think of a Torque Wrench, this is more than likely the model of torque wrench you are accustomed to seeing. This wrench comes with a basic lever, which also acts as the handle to this wrench. You have a very basic form of measurement towards the handle, along what is called the second beam, so you can easily read the current torque being applied. This basic version of the tool is still popular today, as it is very easy to use, and remarkably accurate

3. Deflecting Beam Torque Wrench

This torque wrench is very similar to the Beam Torque Wrench, but with an added feature of being able to add extra torque by deflecting pressure onto a beam, rather than a coil spring. This means the tool should have a longer life span compared to a Beam Torque Wrench while providing you with a safer tool to use, and one which should provide you with even more consistent results with each use.

4. Click Torque Wrench

Instead of using a Coil Spring within this type of Torque Wrench, you have a calibrated mechanism which can be preset to the torque level you desire. This mechanism means the wrench will start clicking when it is close to the preset amount of torque set; so, instead of slipping and possibly causing an injury, the clicking noise will alert you to know you are close.

There are many variations of this kind of wrench, but the most important thing to remember is that it will click when it is close, and once it clicks, you need to be careful to not over exert the wrench so you don’t risk breaking the wrench.

5. Electronic Torque Wrench

Instead of having an analog display to be concerned about, and having to deal with needles which may fall out of calibration, you will have an electronic display which accurately displays your torque strength in a variety of measurements for you to choose from. Not only this, but this type of torque wrench will also store all of the different jobs you have done with it, so you can easily recall the strength needed for any job by looking thru the history. Lastly, you can also print off any readings you desire, so you have a paper copy of each job as needed.

Best Torque Wrenche 2016 – 2017

1. Tekton TRQ21101

Tekton TRQ21101 review

This torque wrench comes with a spring loaded and adjustable collar, which locks into place automatically once it has reached the desired level of torque. This particular torque wrench has a reversible ratchet, so you can use it to help loosen up or tighten up any nuts or bolts you need to within your project.


  • Allows you to set the torque needed to meet the specifications given to you by the manufacturer.
  • The wrench gives off a clicking sound every time it reaches a new level, letting you know you are getting closer to your desired level.
  • The ratchet comes with 72 different teeth, and those teeth go in both a clockwise and counterclockwise direction.
  • The accuracy level of this torque wrench is 4% when going in a clockwise direction.
  • Once the wrench reaches the desired level, it will lock in place, so you won’t lose the torque in case you have to leave the wrench for a short time.


  • The accuracy level drops down to 6% when moving in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • This torque wrench can only go up to 150 pounds.
  • The wrench is only 8 13/16 inches long

2. Capri Tools 31103

Capri Tools 31103 review

This torque wrench from Capri Tools has a dual range of 30-250 ft./lbs., as well as 54.2-325.4 Nm. This wrench comes with a storage case, so you can ensure the wrench is always well taken care of while in storage. The actual use of the torque is a very smooth and free flowing process, which is aided by the ergonomic handle.


  • Can torque up to 250 foot pounds.
  • Comes with a Spring Loaded Pull, and has a lock mechanism to help ensure the torque stays at the level you need it at.
  • Comes with a Calibration Certificate, so you can see the exact calibration your torque can be set to.
  • Has a Custom Storage case, which is also high impact, to ensure your wrench stays protected while in storage.
  • This wrench is 26” long.– A standard 1-Year warranty is included with this wrench.


  • Only comes in a Metric Measurement system.
  • Made out of Aluminum, which is not as durable of a material.

3. Tekton 24335

Tekton 24335 review

Within this Torque Wrench set, you will receive one Torque Wrench and four different adapters and reducers, so you can own a torque wrench that you can use for a multitude of projects. Instead of needing to have a Torque Wrench for every size possible, the ability to go up and down in size will give you the necessary versatility when you are in a pinch. Not only this, but the single beam torque wrench means the lever acts as a handle, allowing you to leverage as much force as needed to reach the necessary torque level.


  • Adapter and reducer set means you have a versatile tool for multiple job applications.
  • Has a dual-range scale, and is in a high-contrast material so it is easy to read, even in darker areas.
  • Comes with a secure latch socket, made out of spring-loaded detent balls, so the socket will stay on your fastener securely and easily.
  • Can be used to apply as little as ft./lb. torque.
  • Adapter and reducer set are made out of a chrome vanadium steel, with a black oxide finish.
  • Comes with a case so it will stay protected while in Storage


  • Can only go up to 150 ft./lb. torque strength.
  • This tool is only 18.5 inches long.

4. Snap-on Industrial Brand CDI Torque 2503MFRPH

Snap-on Industrial Brand CDI Torque 2503MFRPH review

Snap-on has this CDI model of Torque Wrench for you, which can come in various sizes of 3/8” up to 1/2” in size, depending upon your need. This wrench has a dual scale which is very east and fast to set, and the accuracy level is within 4%.


  • Has a Torque Range up to 250 ft./lb. capability
  • Colmes with a lock ring which is spring loaded, allowing you to easily set the wrench upon the fastener you are working with.
  • When purchased, you will receive a calibration certificate.
  • Torque level can be adjusted in ½ ft./lbs.
  • This wrench comes with a case.
  • This wrench is 21.25” in length.


  • Starting torque level is at 30 ft./lb.
  • Only comes with a Limited Warranty from CDI, which is a sub company of Snap-on.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Adding a Torque Wrench into your tool set is a vital step towards rounding out your tool collection. Although it is not a necessary tool, there will be many applications you will be able to utilize this tool. Once you use a torque wrench the first time, you will find more projects where you can use this tool.Based upon the four products which are reviewed above, we would recommend the Tekton 24335 ½ Drive Click Torque Wrench with 4-Piece Adapter and Reducer Set. Despite having a lower Torque range compared to a couple of others, the ability to adjust the size of the torque head you are using is a great feature which is not duplicated among the other wrenches on the list. This is a great torque wrench to start with, and as you use it more often no doubt you will see this is a great value and a high performing wrench.

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