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Best Vacuum for Tile Floors – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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When choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your house, there are a variety of factors you need to take into consideration. Certain vacuum cleaner can do more than just clean up carpet, but you have to know what kind of surfaces you plan on vacuuming. One of the recent trends within the industry is to have a vacuum cleaner which is versatile enough to clean more than one surface. This way, you can have just the one machine to clean multiple floor surfaces, rather than needing to have and store multiple devices.However, you need to be wary of what a vacuum says it will do, and what it will actually do.

When it comes to tile floors, there are certain specifications you should keep in mind; within this article, we will highlight what these specifications are.

We’ll also show you a comparison chart of some of the highest rated vacuum cleaners out in the market, as well as offer reviews of each of the products.With all of this in mind, let’s get started!

Comparison Char

With this chart, you can easily compare four of the best vacuum cleaners in the market to find the best one for you and your needs.

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What Characteristics should you look when using a Vacuum for a Tile Floor?

  • Anyone can tell by looking at a floor surface what kind of material it is. No one will ever mistake carpet for tile, and vice versa. However, a vacuum cleaner has a much harder time telling the difference between the two.
  • One of the first things you want to check on with any vacuum cleaner is whether or not it has different settings available to clean multiple surfaces. If there is only one setting with any vacuum cleaner, then it will not be good for any surface but carpet. Even if the vacuum has multiple settings, you need to see what those settings actually are. If the settings are just for height, then this will not work either. The height of the vacuum does matter to a certain extent, but it is not the main characteristic you should look for when attempting to find a vacuum that will work on a tile floor.
  • The biggest reason a vacuum will fail on a tile floor is due to the brush system it uses to pick up dirt, dust and any other foreign object on the ground. If the main action of the vacuum cleaner is a brush system, you will need to see what the brushes actually look like before determining if it will work or not. The harder the bristles, the less effective it will be on tile. The hard bristles have a place on carpet, as they beat the carpet in order to loosen up any dirt or trash which might be embedded within the carpet. However, on a tile surface, you do not need to beat the tile floor to pick up any dirt or dust. In fact, the hard bristles may actually damage the tile floor, leaving brush marks throughout the floor which are very hard to repair.
  • Since you now know that you want to stay away from hard bristles, the main way that companies combat this is by having an attachment come with your vacuum. The attachment will typically attach to the end of the hose, and is made up of lighter and softer bristles. This way, you can clean up the tile floor without damaging it. In addition, the softer bristles will do a better job of sucking up the dirt and dust compared to the harder bristles. The harder the bristle, the more likely that your vacuum will just move the dirt and dust around on the floor, rather than pick it up. No one wants to spend time just moving dirt and dust around, so you need to make sure that you have the right kind of bristles or the right attachment for your vacuum.
  • When it comes to finding the right vacuum for your tile floor, the bristles are the key. All of the other features and benefits of a vacuum can be centralized around your carpeted areas, as well as your stairs if you have any. When it comes to tile, it’s all about the bristles – the softer they, the better it will perform on tile.


Here are the reviews of four of the highest rated vacuums for tile floors within the marketplace today.

The brushes along the bottom of this Hoover Vacuum cleaner are soft so you can feel confident that they will not damage your floors while in use. In addition to this, the brushes and motor are powerful enough to help get the dirt, dust and grime off of any harder surface, including tile, wood and vinyl. This vacuum actually has two different tanks, which will ensure you never put down any dirty water onto the floor. The clean water system will allow you to have some water to help bring up the items which are hard on the surface in a non-damaging method. The tank can be used during the wash mode; however, there is a dry mode with this vacuum as well. You can easily go back and forth between the different modes to allow you to easily clean any surface within your living space.


  • Only weighs 14 pounds
  • Dual Tank system for when you need to use clean water to help clean the floor
  • Control buttons to allow you to use extra detergent when needed
  • Will not damage your hard surface floors


  • The water tanks don’t always have the most secure seal
  • If there are any dips in the floor, the brushes have a hard time getting any dirt out of that area

The suction device on this vacuum is in a V-Shape, which allows you to get closer to the edges of each room while also directing any bigger pieces into the center of the suction power. This design will also allow you to get around legs of any furniture you might have in your living space, including tables, couches, chairs and entertainment centers. The wipers along the bottom of the vacuum are made out of a rubber material, meaning they will attract more pet hair than normal vacuums are capable of just based off of suction power.


  • Only weighs just over 7 pounds
  • V-Shape design allows you to easily vacuum under furniture
  • Swivel head allows you to easily maneuver the vacuum as needed
  • Priced very well within the market


  • Very few attachments
  • Vacuuming with a V-Shaped head can take some time to get used to

If you want a machine that can vacuum your hard surface areas while you are not home, then this is the machine for you. This robotic floor cleaner has a round design, and will be able to clean in every nook and cranny within the house.

The side arms on this vacuum will ensure you can get any debris that might be in the corner, so you can feel confident every time this machine comes out to clean. There is a cliff sensor with this vacuum, so it will not fall down any stairs. There is also an anti-fall protection with this vacuum, meaning it will not go anywhere if it senses the distance is greater than 2”


  • Soft Brushes work great on Tile, Wood, Granite and Marble Floors
  • Can vacuum during designated times
  • Will easily get any dirt or dust that is underneath furniture
  • Has digital displays that show you important aspects concerning this vacuum


  • Very few attachments
  • Vacuuming with a V-Shaped head can take some time to get used to

This vacuum cleaner will work on six different surfaces, which will allow you to have an all-in-one solution for your vacuuming needs. Whether you need to vacuum carpet, or scrub down some tile, there are attachments available for this vacuum cleaner which are easily interchangeable. The motor is 9.5 amps, which is powerful enough to pick up even the most stubborn of dirt and dust particles.

The vacuum comes equipped with a bagless system, allowing you to easily dump out the dirt after each use. Lastly, the hose on the vacuum can extend out to 8 feet, so you can reach any part of your house.


  • Has digital displays that show you important aspects concerning this vacuum


  • Vacuuming with a V-Shaped head can take some time to get used to





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