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Best Watches For The Outdoor Junkies In 2020

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watches on sale

watches on sale

Are you the sort of guy who would instead enjoy his days camping in the mountains than sitting out at home? If so, you're going to need a wristwatch that's durable, versatile and athletic.

Fortunately, we know the perfect timepieces for your daring lifestyle. From extremely technological to incredibly wise, these stylish digital watches will carry you everywhere you choose to go.

Urban outdoor watches are powerful tech packages. The right outdoor watch is fitted with more durable sensors than a conventional iPhone, in a tiny box, and with improved battery life to match.

Many common examples have developed into almost invulnerable time-telling instruments that look as nice as you use. And in the end, there's plenty of suitable variants. Here are some of the latest outdoor and activity watches for active individuals.

Suunto 7

The Suunto 7 is a little different relative to past outdoor watches, seeking to combine the daily versatility of a smartwatch with the efficient navigation and monitoring of a' true' outdoor watch (Suunto 7 supports GPS, Glonass and Galileo).

The challenging thing here is to maintain the Suunto 7 battery life. Up to 12 hours in GPS configuration and 48 hours in the smartwatch function. The advantages are quite high: you get a lot of smartwatch apps, Google Fit, Google Assistant, and alerts, as well as offline outdoor maps and more than 60 sports modes.

The outcome is a device that can maintain up with your workweek, monitor your everyday exercise schedule, and then be prepared for the major weekend adventures–all while looking fairly cool–a convincing combination.


Omega Speedmaster

If we’re talking outdoor watches, this one went way beyond the outdoors you’re thinking of. Dubbed by many as the ‘Moonwatch’, the Speedmaster was the first watch ever to reach the moon in 1970 worn by the astronauts of Apollo 8.

It's one of the biggest iconic watches ever made, and it's claimed to be a standard in every watch lover's set. While the mechanism of older models is not exclusively in-house but focused on the Lemania system, it has proved to be an extremely accurate watch and chronograph for almost 40 years and is a masterpiece in its own.


Garmin Fenix 6

The Garmin brand has already been in the market for a while now, although not as long as the Speedmaster series, and his new move is amazing. We're saying that because the variety of models of Fenix 6 is wide–there are 3 case size choices, downloadable audio, maps and wifi, sapphire screen, and even solar choices. It is more like a new vehicle than a watch. In simple terms, the Fenix 6 designs do not include maps, internet connectivity, or music players;

Nevertheless, after you've conquered the design barrier, the Fenix 6 Pro Solar is a watch giant, providing so much versatility that you'll require a week off to do it all. Including preloaded ski charts to exercise instruction, golf course maps, and submerged HR-based tracking; this device has everything.


TomTom Adventurer GPS Hiking Watch

Amongst the best sports watch for people, this dual-sport gadget will bring more flavor to your escapades. TomTom Adventure will monitor your workouts and training to help you enhance your results. Around the same period, the routines should even be personalized to improve the exercise.

A plus for us that none of the other watches have is an incorporated media player. It helps your workouts more fun when you dance to your favorite songs as you're exercising. Additionally, others find it the perfect day-to-day wearable.

Any activities you do like racing, walking, climbing, biking, or snowboarding, this watch keeps you amused. Also, it has an integrated pedometer to monitor your wellness, particularly during heavy-performance activities. Be cautious when holding this watch, though, as certain pieces appear to crack quickly.


Elliot Brown Canford: Mountain Rescue Edition

Often, outdoor watches only need to show the time and look pleasant, and the Elliot Brown Canford: Mountain Rescue Version does just that. Purchasing one always donates £37 to Search and rescue England & Northern Ireland, and there's a very slight ghosted matt on the shiny MREW emblem in the lower half of the dial as a node in that path.

An amazingly tough case with double-sealed 6 mm chamfered crowns would laugh at something short of a ship and tidy yet clear colored SuperLuminova painted indexes and hands render this a fairly dumb proof time-telling device.

There is a calendar tag and dual belts–a realistic EPDM thick rubber band for weekday mornings in the workplace and a modified black rigid nylon straps brace to visit the mountains over the weekends. Often, simplicity is enough.



Choosing the right watch can be a bit confusing considering the plethora of options available. However, you can go wrong by choosing whichever we recommended on this list. It'll all come down to your preference and which watch appeals to you feature-wise.







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