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Building A Home On Your Own Land: Key Considerations

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building home wooden foundation

building home wooden foundation

Building a home costs around $100-200 per square foot, on average. Although building your own home is typically more expensive than buying one, it also comes with plenty of perks, such as living in your ideal location and choosing your dream design. When planning your home’s construction, it’s important to carefully think through all aspects so you know what to expect and don’t encounter any unwanted surprises.

Choosing land

When choosing land to build on, there’s a host of considerations to make. If you’re unfamiliar with the area you’re looking to move to, renting a home there first is a great way to get a first-hand feel for the location. For example, Hill Country in Texas is a diverse region with an abundance of beautiful natural scenery, as well as bustling towns and cities. There’s plenty of Hill Country land for sale to suit different needs and budgets. Also check with the local authorities about zoning requirements. You need to be sure you’re able to build the kind of home you want before you purchase the land.


Everyday practicalities

If you want to build in a remote area, keep in mind you may find it difficult to get skilled craftsmen to travel to and from your location regularly. Craftsmen who do agree to the job will likely charge higher fees to account for the commute. Additionally, moving building materials and delivery fees will be more expensive compared to building a home in an urban location. You’ll also need to think about everyday errands like grocery shopping. In a rural location, you won’t be able to quickly pop into town, and longer trips will need to be planned for.


Budgeting for unexpected costs

You’ll likely know that building your own home involves installing utilities, gas, water and electricity. However, it can also involve extra costs you don’t necessarily expect. For example, you’ll need to prepare your land for building, which may involve removing vegetation, large rocks, and trees. Slopes may also need to be leveled. If you’re able to complete some of this work yourself, you’ll be able to reduce your costs somewhat. Additionally, you’ll also need to budget for laying down your own driveway — this costs $4,444 on average, depending on your chosen material and dimensions.

Building your own home is a huge commitment. By taking your time to choose the right land, considering practicalities, and budgeting for all costs, you can ensure your project is a success.