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Tips You Should Know Before You Buy Your First AV Receiver

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Buy AV Receiver Tips

Buy AV Receiver

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If you are a home theatre owner or planning to become one soon, you surely must know how important an AV receiver is for your whole home theatre experience. It is where you begin.

But, the complete process of purchasing an AV receiver that wholly complements your home theatre set-up can be a bit infuriating. You can find the best AV receiver under 500 that has more than 4 HDMI ports, etc. But improper will lead to a gruesomely tiring work.

The AV receiver you are going to buy requires a lot of attention from your part. It may be wearying, but all you need to know are a few tips. So, read the following few points and get the receiver of your dreams.

 Buy AV Receiver Steps

Know your Budget

There is no point in planning to buy a new appliance or gadget if you do not have a fixed budget in mind. Gadgets and appliances range from extensive ranks in quality, state, features, and also the cost. The same is the case when purchasing AV receivers.

Therefore, keep in mind to have a fixed budget range. The features you get, the channels, quality, compatibility with your sound system, wireless, and wired connections all fall under what you are willing to pay. You can either restrict your choices and options to fall in your budget range, or you can extend them if you want your options to be a bit more flexible.


Input Range

A variation of the budget tip, but the main point is that you get what you pay for. Just imagine that you cut short a few bucks and realize later on that by not doing so, you could have gotten a few more HDMI ports or inputs. If you can not completely enjoy your AV receiver, buying it is not going to be worth it.

But that does not mean that you have to push your budget to extremes. Research extensively, and you will soon find an AV receiver that will match all your needs more or less perfectly.



In the age of the Internet, it is only okay if your products are smart. Internet connectivity is something you are surely going to check in your AV receiver. But while doing so, remember a few more key points.

Your connection to the Internet can be both wireless and wired. It depends on your preferences to choose one of those. If you prefer a more tangle-free setup, you can go for wireless with your receiver. Also, if your router is not situated in the same room as your home theatre, then too wireless is the best choice. But, if this does not concern you, you can choose either of the options. Also, there are several streaming options available now, if you want to use them, opt for a receiver fulfilling those conditions.

Buy AV Receiver

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What could be worse than bringing home a receiver that works neither with your TV and nor with your speakers? So, another point to keep in mind while browsing for AV receiver is that you should always check and thoroughly investigate if the brands of all your products are compatible with each other. Doing this will only require some patience, and you will be saved from all the fiasco that comes after. Also, know that there will be more than one thing that you will want your receiver to connect to. Consider all the things that you will most likely want to connect and check their compatibility.


Multi-room Feature

Smart receivers do more than one task at a time, in more than one room. If this is your goal, make sure that you look for a receiver that can do multiple tasks in multiple rooms.

You can get features like surround sound, music, etc. in different rooms at a time! Therefore buy accordingly.

When you patiently go through all these tips to buy an AV receiver, you will understand that it really is not that difficult a task. Revise these before you buy your first AV receiver, and soon you will be shopping like a pro!


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