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Buy cheap Walnut wood serving trays | Best uses of walnut wood | Janka Hardness Test

What is Walnut Wood?

You might have coffee table, Bed, sofas and many other furniture including chest, cupboard and more, but have you ever tried to find out which wood is used for most of those furniture? From the desk you work at to the core structure of your house or office, everything is made out of wood! This makes it very important to take some time to learn about the various varieties of wood. The Walnut wood color mostly varies based on how long the wood was dried. Walnut is a sturdy, beautiful, versatile wood. It comes from a tree  which is very moderate size and can grow up to 100 feet tall, with a trunk which can be up to 60″ in diameter.

Walnut wood is lumber cut from the trees of the Juglans genus. This wood has been popular in the creation of furniture for its strength, coloring and its ability to be shaped into elaborate curves. As was discovered during World War I, Walnut wood is also excellent material to use in the construction of firearm stocks and grips.
Whether you are looking for a new wooden tray or are planning to redo your kitchen, in order to make a wise and informed decision, it is important to know all about the kind of wood that might be used.

Can I use Walnut Wooden furniture Outside?

Walnut And Cherry Are Great Exterior Woods. Some woods last longer outside than others. I knew this​ before, but only from reading it. Now, after all of my “wood cutting” and many collection, I know it from watching it happen. Some woods go fast, but some never seem to go. And, they are not necessarily the first ones to come to mind.

Walnut wood are extremely durable, but no one ever thinks to use outside – two of my best friends – walnut and cherry. These two just don’t rot. I should say the heartwood doesn’t rot. It might have cracks in it from the log drying out or bug holes from sitting too long, but the heartwood will be just as solid as the day it was cut down.

Species like ash and maple, which have a lot of sapwood, need to be milled sooner than the rest. They (especially maple) will quickly stain, spalt and then rot, while others will be fine. I often use this rotting process as a gauge to decide which log to mill next. I like all of the logs I bring in, and I don’t want any of them to turn into dirt before they get turned into lumber.

​Is walnut wood expensive?

Walnut is more expensive because they are rarer to find due to many natural limitations. Ash, Maple, and Cherry are more abundant as they grow larger but have highly sought after aesthetics in the grain which make them less expensive than Walnut but more expensive than some hardwoods. So yes, Walnut wood are expensive but do not worry, our serving trays made of walnut wood are not expensive still very beautiful and long lasting.

Is walnut wood considered hard wood?

First understand, hard wood is milled from solid wood and comes unfinished, so you can apply your own stain, or ​already finished for one less step and an easier installation or construction and extensively used for flooring and many more. Walnut wood is a straight-grained hardwood that ranges from chocolate brown (when it's from the center of the tree) to yellow (from the outer portion of the tree). Walnut is a fine-grained hardwood that is dense and shock resistant.

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​Walnut Wood FAQ and types of walnut wood

Below are 7 famous types of Walnut Wood.

1. English Walnut Wood.

Walnut Wood Serving Tray

Walnut wood

English walnut wood comes from the trees that are the most common source of edible walnuts! Many serving trays are made of this type of walnut wood. The heartwood color for English walnut wood can range from a pale brown to a dark chocolate brown and sapwood is nearly white.

2. Caribbean Walnut

Caribbean Walnut is a variegated medium to dark brown wood, which can have reddish to purplish highlights. It is a species whose beauty is best seen when viewing an expanse of the wood installed rather than just a few samples. Most of the flooring material use this wood.

3. Claro Walnut Wood

Also known as California Black walnut, claro walnut wood is most closely related to Black walnut wood. It is generally found in California and Oregon. The trees are usually 9 – 18m tall and 1 – 1.5m wide.

4. Black Walnut Wood, North American Walnut

Black walnut is primarily a pioneer species similar to red and silver maple and black cherry. Because of this, black walnut is a common weed tree found along roadsides, fields, and forest edges in the eastern US. It will grow in closed forests, but is classified as shade intolerant, this means it requires full sun for optimal growth and nut production. Black walnut wood is extremely popular among the woodworkers all around the US. It is not only strong and easy to work with but it also has excellent dimensional stability and shock resistance. Black walnut wood is obtained from trees that are widely distributed in the eastern United States. They can grow up to 37 m in length. However, the trunk diameter is only about 0.6 to 1m thick. These wood are used for construction of various types of furniture, like a walnut wood serving tray​ and many more.

5. Bastogne Walnut

Bastogne walnut is a result of cross-pollination of English walnut and claro walnut which in that sense a hybrid type. The ​cross mix process resulted in a ​better new breed​ which is named Bastogne. It grows faster than both of its parent and provides stronger lumber, but the quality and quantity of its walnuts is nowhere near the once produced by claro or English walnut. So if you find very cheap wooden materials, they might be made of Bastogne walnut wood. Hopes now this helps you do consider spending time finding out actual type os walnut wood used in the serving trays you are buying.

6. White Walnut Wood

​These wood are also known as Butternut, as the name suggests, white walnut wood is generally lighter than Black walnut. However, that’s not the only difference. Butternut is also considerably soft as compared to other types. Cute looking small gadgets, furniture, decor items are made of White Walnut Wood including famous wooden Serving trays which we are going to discuss in detail.

7. Peruvian Walnut Wood

These trees are distributed through southern Mexico and central and southern America. The trees are usually 9 -18m tall and 0.6 – 1m wide. Also known as Tropical walnut and Nogal, Peruvian walnut is fairly famous among hardwood dealers and woodworkers.

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What are the Common Uses of Walnut Wood?

Walnut Wood

Walnut Wood Serving Tray

Walnut wood is commonly used for various woodwork including serving trays, knickknacks, carvings, and gun stocks, as well as for cabinets, flooring, furniture, and wood veneers. Find these eye pleasing sturdy wooden trays made of walnut wood.

All images below shows best Walnut Wood Serving Trays.

Walnut Wood Serving Tray

Uses of wooden serving tray

Walnut Wood Serving Tray

Wooden Tray Use

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How Dense/Hard is Walnut Wood?

Hickory is the hardest wood according to janka chart [given in wikidepia]. Those who are worried about durability of wood may also use the term “hardness,” though this refers to the Janka hardness test. During this test, a steel ball is placed on a block of wood and force is applied until the ball is embedded halfway. The force is measured in pounds-force (lbf) or represented as a number followed by the word “Janka.” Wood types may receive a rating based on their “side hardness” which involves a test run perpendicular to the grain, or may be tested on their “end hardness.”

Walnut wood rates 1,010 lbf or 1,010 Janka. For comparison, cherry is 995 Janka, and hard maple is 1,450 Janka, while white oak is 1,360 Janka and red oak is 1,290 Janka.
So Yes, Walnut trees are pretty hard and strong hence durable. That is why many strong serving trays have been by this company using walnut wood.

What to Look for When Purchasing Walnut wood serving tray?

The biggest mistake people make when buying walnut wood serving tray online is purchasing one that isn’t actually made of walnut wood. Many retailers label their products as “walnut” simply because the color mimics that of natural walnut wood. If you’re looking for real walnut wood furniture, walnut wood serving tray, here are ​7 important points to look out for:

Correct Type: Which walnut wood is used if its really used?
Are they certified: certified sustainably grown walnut wood?
Authenticity: Is it real, natural walnut wood?
Craftsmanship: Is it well-crafted using best-in-class techniques?
Quality: Does it come with a lifetime guarantee?
Care: What type of finish is used and what type of maintenance is required?
Eco-Friendliness: Is the wood locally and sustainably harvested?

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Walnut Wood Serving Tray

Best Serving Tray

How to Care for Walnut wood serving trays & furniture

The care of your furniture depends largely upon what type of wood finish is used to seal the wood. While all pieces benefit from regular dusting, it’s generally best to avoid commercial cleaners as they can sometimes leave residue on pieces with a lacquer finish or damage wax and oil finishes. Pieces with an oil finish generally do best if a natural Danish linseed oil is applied at least once per year, though those in warmer climates may need to do this more often.

Where to Buy Walnut Wood serving tray Online

Walnut Wood Serving Tray

Walnut wood space organizer

For those who want to purchase authentic walnut wood furniture made by expert craftsmen and topped off with a lifetime quality guarantee, Vermont Woods Studios is the place to shop. Pieces are typically made to order and can be customized to suit. With a wealth of positive reviews and testimonials, ethical practices such as sustainable local harvesting, creating earth-friendly products, and American craftsmanship, it’s easy to order with confidence.

Different shapes of Walnut Wood serving Trays

  1. Rectangular
  2. Square
  3. Circle
  4. Paddle
Walnut Wood Serving Tray

Walnut Wood Ottoman

Different Collection of Walnut Wood serving Trays

  1. Cutting Boards
  2. Cheese Boards
  3. Serving Trays
  4. Handle Boards
  5. Gift Ideas
  6. Chef Knives
Walnut Wood Serving Tray


Different Occasion of Walnut Wood Serving Tray

  1. Holidays
  2. Everyday
  3. Thanksgiving Days
  4. BBQ and Picnic
  5. Entertaining [Click here if you do not believe!]

​Awesome features of Walnut Wood serving tray which are hard to ignore.

1. They are food safe
The tray is double-finished with two layers of food safe polish to give you an attractive dark brown tray that is both functional and a pretty decor piece.

2. They are very easy to carry
With easy-to-carry 4 inch cutout handles, you can bring the tray from countertop to living room, from kitchen to bedroom, office to outdoor patio… anywhere you’d like!

3. Use these cute wooden serving trays to gift your near and dear ones.
Classically beautiful wooden trays like this make a fantastic gift for the holidays, weddings, bridal showers, anniversary, housewarming parties, birthdays.

4. They are very strong & durable.
Each tray side is joined together with naturally interlocking dovetail joints, making it more heavy duty than mortise and tenon structures. It will hold under heavy pressure and won’t pull apart.

What are Walnut Wood serving tray Useful for?

1. Coffee Table styling
The walnut tray gives a rustic touch, while its rich chocolate brown color makes it an elegant addition to style any coffee table or ottoman.

2. Organizing cup, plates tightly
Tidy up your vanity and organize your toiletries, perfume and jewelry with a beautiful tray that you'll be proud to have sitting out on display.

3. These trays can be used to carry
Use the tray as a portable workstation or a desktop organizer to keep all your office accessories tidy and within arms reach.

About Walnut Wood Serving Tray & its Use.

When you purchase Walnut Wood Serving Tray online, make sure they are certified sustainably grown walnut wood.
The one I have seen here will make a stylish and beautiful addition to your home. Use them as a decorative focal point for your living room by resting it on a couch, coffee table or ottoman. Serve cocktails, appetizers, tea, coffee or little finger foods. Surprise your loved one with breakfast in bed. Or give it as an unforgettable gift for a wedding, housewarming, anniversary, birthday or just cause!

How to Serve in Walnut Wood Tray!

Consider this as just any regular tray. If its clean, you can serve appetizers or simple finger foods on the beautiful chocolate brown backdrop of this platter for breakfast, use as organizer, put on top of coffee table, ottoman or countertop in any room. These are made with responsibly sourced walnut wood,so simply use the tray as an eye-catching centerpiece for your living room, coffee table, ottoman or countertop. This tray also makes for a wonderful gift to give at weddings, birthdays, housewarming parties, anniversaries and more!


Walnut wood are quality wood if they are real. These Walnut Wooden Trays are long lasting, beautiful and not very expensive considering walnut wood are pretty expensive for that matter. Your purchase of genuine Walnut Wooden Trays shall be worth it. Show Off a Classic, Rustic Style at Your Next Party! I believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice beauty for function. That’s why these Walnut Wood serving trays are local product made with the highest quality lumber and manufactured with the utmost integrity.

Each tray is made with first-classification, sustainably sourced walnut wood that's been carefully crafted with interlocking dovetail joints to give it a robust durability and to help it withstand heavy duty use. After all, the tray is meant to be a workhorse as must as it's meant to be an elegant presentation piece.

So whether you're hosting a gathering for afternoon tea & coffee, cocktails and finger foods, wine and cheese or simply a relaxing breakfast in bed, you will love this serving tray and understand why our products are a top choice for those looking for rustic decorative pieces.


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