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Buying Guides Of Best Of Craigslist Yoga Mat

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If you are thinking of getting started in yoga and meditation, or you have tried it and you are hooked, perhaps you have in mind to get a good craigslist yoga mat. Today, we are going to give you a complete guide on how to buy the best craigslist yoga mat?

How to choose the best of craigslist yoga mat?

The first thing you should look at when choosing a craigslist yoga mat is its thickness. Focus your options on mats between 2 mm and 6mm, wider is ideal for Pilates. The strip will facilitate balance and stability in different asanas.

Another detail to take into account is your bone structure. If you choose a very thin mat your bones can get stuck in the ground which will be very uncomfortable. Find the balance between body cushioning and stability.

A good craigslist yoga mat should be non-slip. Assessing this aspect in the store or online shopping is complicated but it will help you to know that the best materials in this regard are cork, rubber, and polyurethane.

Thinking about adherence is essential if you choose to practice a more dynamic yoga. It is not so much in more relaxed practices.

If you are wondering what is the perfect measurement, keep in mind that this will depend on your height. In savasana (lying on your back) you must have a mat left over both your head and your feet.

Use tea tree essential oil to clean and disinfect it and allow it to dry well before rolling up and storing it.


Buying guides of best of craigslist yoga mat:

Here are the criteria for choosing the best of craigslist yoga mat.

The thickness of the mat:

From 1.5 to 2 mm are for traveling, it does not take up much space in a suitcase. But we do not recommend it for regular practice.

3-4mm is a standard thickness of the yoga mat.

5 mm, it is a thickness more adapted to dynamic yoga that includes vinyasas and jumps, they cushion jumps. For ashtanga yoga, it may be an option, but in balance postures, you may need to come off the mat to find better stability.

More than 5mm, we find it quite thick. Be careful, it is not a gym or Pilates mat.


The texture of the yoga mat:

The texture is the feel of the material, it can be more or less rough, smooth, or with a texture created inside the material. But the important thing is that it is non-slip.

Avoid foam mats, if the pressure of your hand leaves an imprint on the mat, it is lacking in density. and it is a mat to be comfortable stretched to do gymnastics, pilates, and stretching exercises, but not yoga.



It is the most important criterion for your comfort. You don't want to have your foot or hands slip while in a pose. It can be uncomfortable or dangerous because you will put more tension to hold the pose.



The length of a yoga mat is usually approx 170-180cm. If you do a plank your hands and feet should be on top of the yoga mat.

There are longer XL mats of 1.90 or 2m, but with a normal one, you can practice without a problem. The width is standard, it is usually 60-65cm but new wider measurements are coming out.


The weight of the mat:

The weight varies according to the material, denser, heavier, and in principle better quality (not always). If you take your yoga mat everywhere, it is better to choose one that does not weigh too much. But leave it in your usual study on a cover.


Maintenance and cleaning of your yoga mat:

Many brands indicate that they can be put in the washing machine. We have never tried it. We prefer to wash them regularly with soap and water. In some centers, they leave a spray and wipes to wash the mats. But do not hesitate to take it home every x months to wash it. Especially if you do not use a towel.


The price of the mat varies:

It is a very personal criterion but keeps in mind that a good quality mat will last longer and consider it as an investment. There are from $20 to $110, it depends on the brand, the material, and the quality.

If you start practicing yoga perhaps better to choose an average price and make sure you like its touch before investing in the “luxury” version.

Avoid the very cheap mat because its quality will live up to the price and you will end up unsatisfied. Because it will spoil quickly or because it will not have been created and designed by yogis and yoga.


Why you should need the best of craigslist yoga mat?

One of the best things about craigslist yoga mat is that it is made of natural rubber. That helps your hands and feet to stay secure, comfortable, and safe. Also, they are durable.

Also, if you practice in a yoga studio and they lend you theirs, we recommend having your mat. First, because it is more hygienic and second because it is best practiced with an accessory that suits you. Because you have chosen and tested it. It's like any other discipline, better to play tennis with your racket or run with your sneakers, right?


Top features of a best of craigslist yoga mat:

- Longevity and Durability: The ability of a yoga mat to withstand even the harshest practice over time.

- Sufficient cushioning for the joints: It can reduce discomfort in knee postures.

- Portability: The size and weight of a mat will determine whether or not it can be loaded. Most users walk or bike to class, an easy-to-carry yoga mat is an important feature.

- Sufficient size: Your craigslist yoga mat should cover the width and length of your entire body. Also, ensure the measurements before you buy.

- Stability: A dense and firm mat can help you feel stable in balancing and standing postures.







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