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Important Factors To Consider When Buying Your Garage Drip Mat

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Buying Your Garage Drip Mat

If you spend significant time in your garage, you’ll know there’s pride in keeping your work area neat and tidy. You also know it has to be safe and there are no excuses for leaving a hazard like an oil spill or slippery mud. Mats are multifunctional by their very nature, but in a garage their main function is to protect so when it’s time to choose the best garage mat for your garage, your projects and your budget, it could be a surprise to find out that there are more things to think about than how great it will look.

There’s an enormous range of Buying Your Garage Drip Mat on the market and that makes choosing the right one a bit of a problem. Having information about your budget constraint and educating yourself about different materials will go a long way towards finding the best garage mat. Here are a few pointers that will help you come to the best buying decision.

Buying Your Garage Drip Mat


Buying Your Garage Drip Mat Steps

Consider the Purpose of Your Mat

Since there are so many different kinds of garage mat, a useful starting point for deciding which is the best to purchase is to decide what you need for most. With a specific single purpose in mind, you will be able to start your search just for mats of a specific material or design such as one that aids parking. 

Even if you're looking for a simple garage drip mat, there are still many designs to choose from garage mats that absorb water splashes to those that safely deal with oil and fuel leaks and sticky mud. There are even mats that insulate to help you feel more comfortable when you are working in your garage. The right garage mat will do more than cover the cold concrete floor but first, it has to do what you are buying it for so, take your time as you look. 


Consider the Size

Selecting the right size is critical and has a direct impact on yours costs for installing a garage containment mat. People have different requirements so there are also many size options. For a containment or drip mat, the usual and most practical for many, is one that covers the area of a car. Of course, there are smaller portable mats too, just as there are large Buying Your Garage Drip Mat that can cover the entire garage floor.


Pay Attention to the Materials

Picking the right material for your garage mat is just as important as choosing the right size because it will have an impact its durability.

In case you're looking for a mat to deal with light oil spills, you may want to put your money on synthetic fabrics. They are resistant to most staining and can stand being hosed off now and then to get rid of dust, grit and grime. One consideration about synthetic materials is that they come with a limited lifespan; however, you can overcome this issue by buying from a quality supplier and paying more attention to have it installed properly can surely help you get a better value for your money.

It is worth mentioning that some people may also consider going for mats made from high-density EVA foam. It works as a great option mainly because of its anti-skid surface and the fact that it contains zero toxic phthalates. It is water resistant as well, so durability won't be a great issue.

If you’re more concerned about durability, you may want to buy vinyl mats. Mats made of vinyl polymers have the potential to last forever, and not far behind are mats made of rubber and PVC. Another good thing about PVC and rubber mats is that they don't absorb moisture, which means spills won't cause any harm and you will be able to mop or wipe it away with utmost ease.


Other Important Considerations

Along with considering the materials, size, and purpose of your garage mat, you should also answer a few other questions to make a good buying decision. For instance:


Are You Taking it as a Long-Term Investment?

It is important to decide beforehand because it will help shortlist a few options. There's no need to put your money on a heavy-duty mat if you know you'll soon be packing up and relocating.  If you relocate quite often, you may benefit from interlocking tiles that are quite lightweight and serve quite like a high quality garage drip mat. They're also capable of managing serious spillage. And above all, you can take them apart easily and install anywhere you want.


Do You Have Many Nooks and Crannies in Your Garage?

It means that not all garage mats are going to work well if your garage is not squarely shaped. Certain materials are not designed to cut, so they should be out of your list. You may consider buying rolled vinyl flooring here in case of a garage with nooks and crannies.


What are Your Budget Constraints?

People who are tight on the purse strings may consider buying foam or vinyl mats. They're durable and perform quite well. However, you may opt for garage floor tiles, epoxy floor coverings, or other premium quality mats if you don't mind splashing the cash.



Buying a garage mat should be simple and on the whole it is. Let's face it; all you want is a rug that can deal with spills for your cold garage floor. It gets a little trickier when there are so many good choices. Even so, one thing is for sure. With so many materials and designs, each garage mat comes with its own kind of garage based elegance and style. After all, when you are protecting your garage floor from leaks and spills, it’s much better to fall head over heels with the perfect garage mat, than to fall head over heels onto the hard floor.  So, keep aforementioned points in mind and you will be able to find the right mat to keep your garage space clean, tidy, and of course, safe too.



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