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Top 9 Awesome Camping in the Rain Hacks & Tips For All Campers

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Camping in the Rain Hacks Tips To Enjoy Your Adventure

Camping in the Rain Hacks

Camping Tips

 The day for your camping trip is here but the rain isn’t stopping just yet. What is the best way to go about it? Camping in the rain is not easy. With that said, there are people who still love to camp in the rain. 

In case you are among these guys that want an adrenaline rush in their camping trip, then try camping in the rain. In this post, I round up some of the Top 5 Awesome Tips for Camping in the Rain just for you.

It can be done but you must come prepared. Let’s dig in and see what I have in store for you in the next rainy camping trip. If you decide you are going to camping in rain you can read this article The North Face Wawona 6 Tent Review


Use Heavy/ Big Tarps Camping in the Rain Hacks

Tarps can be used to cover your camping accessories. For guys who use open trucks to carry their camping gear, protecting your gear from rain is vital. A heavy tarp can be used to cover the back of the truck so that your accessories remain dry.

More importantly, tarps will do a better job when you use them to cover your tent. Tarps can go up first to shelter your tent in case it rains. It sounds simple but will provide so much help for you.


Don’t Use Cotton

Cotton clothes aren’t for camping in the rain. Even if it won’t kill you, it will feel really clingy, clammy, and pretty much uncomfortable in the rain. The best clothes to go with are synthetic underwear or lightweight nylon. Personally, I prefer woolen clads as they often keep me safe and comfortable.

Even so, it is also wise to bring a raincoat. A raincoat will keep your clothes dry when you have to withstand the drizzle to boil your eggs. Look for longer raincoats. In addition to that bring the following:

Don’t Use a Ground Cloth

Some campers believe that putting ground cloths before pitching the tent is good. That it will provide the best waterproofing and prevent any moisture or wetness from seeping through. Well, I am here to clarify this point.

DO NOT USE A GROUND CLOTH. Thank me later. Using a ground cloth under the tent leads to water retention under the floor. This causes dampness and also damages the tent floor. The best thing is to make a makeshift tub floor for the water to flow out.


Find Rain Proof Tents

Choose a site with some elevation which is not beside a river or lake so that water has place to flow down and you are not wet. It isn't fun to wake up in four inches of water during a downpour. Even better, if your tent faces the morning sun, it’ll be easier to coax yourself out of your sleeping bag on drizzly mornings. Get more waterproof camping tents

How to Repair a Tent on the Field [Click]

Never set up tents under any tree. Even long after the rain has stopped, raindrops will keep dripping on you and falling branches could injure you if the wind picks up overnight. Get rain proof tents from here.


Use Gas or Stoves

Cooking in the rain means you need the type of flame that never goes out. A good source for such flame is gas or propane stove. With these two options, your fire won’t go out. It will make it easy for you to have something to bite later on in the day.

Propane camping stoves can be somewhat pricey. However, they are the most reliable if you have to go camping when it rains. They are also super cool for road side cooking and will save you so much time unlike campfire cooking in the rain.


Find the Right Games

The bad thing about camping in the rain is that you never get the time to enjoy the serenity of the outdoors. Most of the times, you will stay indoors. Since this is the case, you need to device some of the best games to keep your morale high. Without such a game, the days will be dull and boring.

Some of the games that you can play include the following:


Use Any Bivy Bag

When the ground is wet and cold, use bivy bag to stay warm. This extra layer of insulation will help protect your sleeping bag from moisture, and another advantage is that it can help retain a little heat!

Top 8 Best Selling Bivy Bags | View Selected Lists

Last update on 2023-12-01 at 19:57 PST - Details


Additional Tips

Here are other tips that will prove to be quite helpful in case you want to camp in the rain any day.


Bring a Tub Floor Tent

Yes, this is also very important. Tents that use the tub floor technology will easily drain the water away. The tent floors will remain dry and you won’t feet the wetness at all. Such tents also enjoy single stitching from one piece of material. The seams are double-stitched and will keep the water away.


Bring Canned Foods

It is not every day that you will find it easy to cook in the rain. For once, the rain could be heavy. Sometimes the weather isn’t the type that you want to rush into. Well, here is the thing, pack some foods and bring them along. Canned food will be okay. However, seasoned beef and roasted meat can be cool too.

Camping in the Rain Hacks

Camping Tents



If you ask me, I will probably advice you not to the camp in the rain. Have you considered RV Camping? The challenges are many and most first-time campers won’t like it at all. Nonetheless, if you are the adventurous guy, you can hit the road and try it out and use these top 5 awesome tips for camping in the rain.






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