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Can Roof Repairs Be Done In Winter? (Experts Weigh In)

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Most of us plan our home renovation and repair projects by season. However, some things can’t be planned for or scheduled, and a roof emergency is one of those things. You never know when a branch might fall through or a storm might rip off shingles. Even more unpredictably, old roofs can reach their limit and cave in.

Roof emergencies are a hassle anytime they happen, but they can be especially difficult to deal with in the winter. If you live in a snowy or icy climate and end up with a roof problem, you might be concerned about the temperature of your home, your family’s safety, and whether or not roof repair can even be done in the winter. Visit website for additional resources related to roofing services.

Do Roofers Work in the Winter?

Your ability to have a roof repair done in winter will depend largely on your area and its climate. If you live in a southern state and rarely or never get snow and ice, the weather will likely be much less of a concern than it is for those in northern states.

The good news is that roofers do work year-round, so you most likely will not have to wait months for your roof repair to be completed. However, there are some safety concerns to be mindful of when it comes to wintertime repairs.


Is Roof Repair Safe in the Winter?

Generally, the primary concern when performing winter roofing repairs is ice. The risk of slipping and falling from a roof is a very real one, and it’s why you should not try to go up and check things out yourself.

If you suspect that you may have a roof problem in the winter, call a local roofing company for an inspection. They have the training and equipment to safely navigate the roof. If you have roof repairs scheduled in the winter and your area suddenly gets a large amount of snow or ice, the roofers may need to push the repairs back a few days to keep the repair process as safe as possible. However, depending on the conditions, they may be able to use their equipment to remove the snow before getting on the roof.


Winter Roof Emergencies and How to Handle Them

Those who live in colder climates are at risk for additional wear and tear on their roofs during the winter, as well as some “worst-case scenarios.”

One such worst-case scenario is if a branch falls on your roof and causes severe damage or even a hole. This can happen more often in the winter after heavy snows, which may sit so heavily on a tree that it can break off and fall onto the roof. 

Icicles are another potential wintertime roof problem. As beautiful as they may appear, icicles can damage your gutters and your roof due to their weight. They can pull on your roof and loosen the shingles, or if one section of your roof hangs above another, they may fall and cause damage as well.


Can My Roof Problem Wait For Warmer Weather?

Some roof problems are emergencies and need to be fixed immediately, but others can wait for warmer weather. You may need to have a “band-aid fix” of some type, like a tarp, applied to the roof if you are waiting for the weather to warm up before your roof repair, but you should not have to wait to complete most roof repair projects.

Projects such as full roof replacements or sealing may have to wait for a window of warmer weather- generally over 40 degrees Fahrenheit. These warm days can happen in the middle of winter, but during particularly cold years, there may not be a window of several 40+ degree days until the spring. It is wise to have full roof replacements done in the spring or summer anyways- during the winter, there’s a possibility that your roof replacement could start, then get delayed midway through due to snow. In the meantime, your home wouldn’t have the most efficient cover on it and you may end up losing money in heating bills.


The Cost of Wintertime Roof Repairs

If you have a roofing problem in the winter, you may fear a higher repair cost. After all, being up on a roof is riskier when there is snow and ice, so do roofers charge more in the winter to account for that risk?

In most cases, roofers will not raise their prices in winter- in fact, the costs may be lower. Summer and spring are busy seasons for roofers, while their businesses tend to experience a slump or a “slow season” in the winter. They may lower their prices to attract more customers, so financially, it may be smart to plan some of your repairs for the winter! Just keep in mind that weather may limit or push back your repairs.


How to Prevent Winter Roof Problems

Even though roofers work in the winter and you will not have to go until spring with a roof problem, there are still a few steps that you can take to prevent wintertime roof issues in the first place.

First, be sure to have your gutters cleaned in the fall. Buildup of leaves and other debris can cause excess water to gather in the gutters, which can then freeze and subsequently cause a buildup of ice.

Never ignore loose or broken shingles when you spot them. Have them fixed as quickly as possible before winter hits so that your roof is as strong as possible before the cold weather. Leaving broken or loose shingles to deal with once warmer weather comes means leaving your roof vulnerable to the wind and colder weather, which can cause even more shingles to break and before you know it, you have an even bigger problem on your hands come spring.

The bottom line is, no matter what season it is, you should always call a roof repair service as soon as possible if you notice or suspect a problem with your roof. Roof repair companies are experts and will likely be able to help you with almost any roof problem you are experiencing.







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