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The 5 Most Common Places a House Fire Starts | Essential fire safety one should know

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What is the #1 cause of house fires?

As per the National Fire Protection Association report, there are about 400,000 residential fire cases every year in the United States.

This fire can be due to various factors: open flames, heating equipment, cooking, smoking, and many more. Therefore, understanding the common areas and causes of fire helps in preventing the fire.

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it’s better to know the common places where the fire starts in your home than using fire damage restoration methods to safeguard your home.

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Fire safety

Fire safety


Where Fire Originates in Your Home

Some areas in your home are more prone to house fires than others. Here are the most common places where the fire begins in your home.

Cause of house fires

Cause of house fires

1. Kitchen

American Red Cross states that the kitchen of a house is the most common place where the fire starts than any other room. This is the place where you do cooking; therefore, it is more prone to fire. Kitchen fires can be easily prevented as they are normally man-made.

Fire safety Prevention Tip: You need to keep combustible items away from the stove and keep an eye on the oven, and hence, you can prevent kitchen fires with the help of kitchen hood fire suppression systems. We suggest to use electric cooktop to prevent this issue. 


2. Bedroom

Another place that is a common source for fires in the house is your bedroom. Many people who smoke in bed, do not extinguish cigarettes properly, or they fall asleep, which leads to fires on beds.

If the cigarettes came in contact with any flammable material in your bedroom like furniture, then it can cause a massive fire.

Fire safety Prevention Tip: Smoke outside your house or place cigarette butts in your bedroom to avoid fire issues.

Another cause of fire in the bedroom is the candles. Candles smell lovely, and they are famous home decor materials, but they can also cause severe fire hazards.

Fire safety Prevention Tip: Do not leave burning candles unnoticed for a longer time and place them out before going to bed.

House Fire

House Fire

3. Laundry Room

Dryer lint is the major cause of fire in the laundry room.  Also, if the vents and filters of the dryer are not cleaned properly, then heat can cause lint to fire.  Therefore, try not to run the dryer or washer when you are not at home, as excessive heating can cause a fire.

Fire safety Prevention Tip: Replace damaged or frayed parts of the dryer before it catches fire.


4. Chimney

The chimney needs regular cleaning like any other thing in your house. According to the research, 6 percent of all house fires are caused because people ignore to have their chimneys serviced regularly.

Fire safety Prevention Tip: Test your chimney if it needs to be cleaned professionally by a scape test. Open the flue, wear safety glasses, and shine up the chimney with a flashlight. Scratch the sides with something sharp. If the residue thickness is 1/8 inches thick, then clean your chimney using DIY methods, and if thickness goes above ¼ inches, call professional to clean it.


5. Living room

The living rooms of the house contain candles, electronic and electrical equipment, heating equipment and many more. Therefore they are also at a major risk of fire hazards.

Fire safety Prevention Tip: Regularly check for faulty wirings in electrical appliances of the room and replace frayed cords of an electrical appliance to avoid firing issues.

Carelessness is the major cause of house fires. It is reported that negligence causes 5.8 percent of house fire problems. Therefore, be very careful when working in these areas. Turn off all appliances in the kitchen after use, blow out all candles, and keep ready a fire escape plan to save lives.

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