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5 Causes Of Industrial Hot Water Tank Failure

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green water tanks on your property

green water tanks on your property

There are many ways that an industrial hot water tank might fail and you must be able to recognize the potential causes to ensure that the problem can be fixed as soon as possible. In this blog post, we will have a look at industrial hot water tanks and explore some of the most common causes that contribute to the failure of these tanks. We will also discuss some effective steps that can be taken to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place including inadequate insulation and poor maintenance.

Water leaks

One common problem that arises when you have been using an industrial hot water tank for several years is leakage. When this problem occurs, you must act fast and tighten the bolts that are around the surrounding gaskets. You also need to then get the pressure valves checked out afterward. You must keep in mind that wear and tear can easily produce common malfunctions such as water leaks so pay close attention to these. If you have water leaks, your tank will not be fully functional and if it cannot be repaired by tightening the bolts, you might have to prepare yourself for the purchase of a brand new hot water tank. You cannot ignore water leaks because they will cause the exterior to rust which will eventually lead to rust infecting the inside of the tank which will infect the water.

Inadequate insulation

The reason why you need proper insulation for your industrial hot water tank is that insulation significantly reduces the amount of heat lost which makes your tank work more efficiently as well as cheaper. If your tank feels hot, it means that it is losing heat to external air which is a call for insulation even though most modern tanks do not need extra insulation. An effective way to insulate an industrial hot water tank is to wrap a blanket around it and lower the water heater temperature. If the tank is supported by the floor, it is recommended that you have a wooden board underneath the tank to prevent heat loss into your floor.

Improper installation of the heating element

Another thing that needs to be considered when your hot water tank is not working properly is whether or not it was installed correctly. Sometimes you will find your tank wasn’t installed correctly but before checking, you must ensure the power is turned off and that you have shut off the water supply. You must also pay attention to the tank's heating mechanism because this is what heats the water in the tank. Electric tanks and gas tanks have two different heating elements and will need to be maintained accordingly and failure to do this will result in heater failure. Heater failure manifests as corrosion and scale or sediment to name a few. You should always look for safety and warning labels before installation to make sure you’re doing the right thing while protecting yourself from injuries.

Insufficient venting

Some industrial water tanks are electric however, the ones that burn liquid propane or natural gas, need to have a venting system because when the gas burns, combustion happens which creates heat, highly poisonous exhaust gas, and moisture. There are many venting options available for your gas water tank including the following:
Standard atmospheric vent: This is the most common venting system that uses an upward sloping metal duct vent that exhausts out of your home.
Power vent: This venting system comes in the form of an electric blower fan that is installed on top of the unit.
Power direct vent: this vent is required for water tanks that are installed in a space with not enough air for combustion and like the standard venting, power direct exhausts air out of your home.
Direct vent: This vent brings in air from outside for the combustion process instead of using air inside your home.

Poor maintenance and cleaning practice

By far the best way to keep something working optimally is to take care of it with routine maintenance and cleaning practices. You must flush your water heater every 6 months and if you leave town, you must switch your heater to vacation settings. Regular cleaning is also necessary to remove lime and scale build-up. Even in places like Winnipeg, it can be difficult to find quality service and repairs. Consult a plumbing Winnipeg service if you’re experiencing problems or when you need regular maintenance.