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Read inevitable tips on how to Choose the Right Carpet

Choose the Right Carpet

Choose The Right Carpet

With the many types of carpets and their similarities, choosing the right one for your home may seem difficult. If you're able to understand the differences in carpet types, you'll be able to choose the right one for your home.

Carpet provides warmth and helps to protect your delicate items from breaking when they fall. It's affordable and better than hard surfaces which produces sounds of footsteps. It also provides insulation and warmth in freezing environment.

Due to its ability to resist soil and stain, carpets are pretty easy to clean and maintain. When choosing the right carpet for your home, you should put the texture, color, density, stain resistance and how it suits your needs into consideration.

Tips to Consider

1. Construction

The process of making a carpet and the materials used are major determinants of how durable it will be. The price, durability and outlook of the carpet are usually influenced by how a carpet is made.

A carpet is made with a tufting machine which involves the use of numerous needles with loops of fiber that are inserted into the carpet during the process of creating the carpet. More than 90% of residential carpets are created as tufted carpet.

2. Density

How tightly packed a carpet is as well as the amount of the fibers used determines how dense it is. When the fibers are tightly packed together, the carpet becomes dense and lasts longer. When it's loose, the carpet becomes less dense and less durable.

To check if a carpet will last longer by checking its density, press your hands on the carpet fibers. If your hand can easily feel the back of the carpet, it will not last. If it's hard to reach, it will be more durable. The more you easily see the backing of the carpet, the less dense it becomes.

Choose the Right Carpet

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3. Stain resistance

Choose the Right Carpet

Carpet Fiber Types

The ability of the carpet to resist stain should also be considered when you're choosing a carpet for your home. Your kids, pets and how often you entertain visitors should be taken into account to ensure that you get the right type of carpet. When choosing a stain resistance carpet for your home, the type of fiber becomes important. Also, carpets with stain protection treatments also help to improve the durability of stain resistance carpets.

4. Dying Methods of the carpet

Another thing to take into account is the method of dying carpets. Two common methods are used for dying carpets namely continuous and solution dyed methods. These methods both give rise to nice colors.

The continuous dyed method is best used for woven carpets because it is used to get solid colors. It is usually completed after the tufting process. The solution dyed method on the other hand involves the dying of the carpet before it is woven. This method helps a carpet to resist stain and makes it stronger and durable. Also, carpets that are solution dyed do not fade easily because of the ability to resist strong bleaching agents.

5. Color

Another very important thing to consider when choosing a carpet for your home is the color. The color of your carpet needs to be in line with other decorations in your room. Choosing the wrong color may not give your room the luxurious or stylish look you desire. The color of your wall, windows and furniture are very important factors you should consider when choosing a carpet for your home.

Choose the Right Carpet

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Choosing the Right Type of Carpets

Since you need to put so many things into account when choosing the right carpet for your home, we've come up with different types and styles for you to pick from.

Carpet types differ in patterns, colors and styles depending on an individual's personal taste or choice.

1. Carpet Style Types

Carpets usually come in three different styles. It may be a cut pile, loop pile or a combination of both styles.

2. Loop Pile

A loop pile carpet is usually strong, smooth and casual. It is a carpet that has strands of yarn that forms a small loop. It is the best carpet for places with traffic because it conceals footprints.

Level Loop Pile

Multi-Level Loop Pile

Choose the Right Carpet

Carpet Wholesale

Choose the Right Carpet

Carpet Colors

3. Cut Pile

A cut pile carpet is more stylish with a touch of luxury and formality. The cut pile is created from the cutting of yarn loop to form an upright pile. The two types of cut pile are cut pile twist or cut pile plush. If you want a chunkier look, choose the former and for velvet look choose the latter.

Based on the number of twists and durability, the cut pile is divided into five basic types namely: cable, velvet, frieze, Saxony and shag.

  • SAG
Choose the Right Carpet

Carpet Styles

4. Combination of Both

The combination of both loop and cut pile has sculptural effects of both cut and loop yarn to create different shapes or patterns. Just like cut pile, it also helps to conceal footprints but in a much better way.

​Carpet Fiber Types

Based on the type of fiber used, carpets are divided into four main types.

1. Wool Carpet

Choose the Right Carpet

Carpet Fiber

Wool carpet is very natural and longer lasting when placed well. Its stain and soil resistance properties makes it a good choice for someone that needs a natural and beautiful carpet.

2. Nylon Carpet

Choose the Right Carpet

Carpet Types

The nylon carpet is perfect for those that have children visitors on regular basis. It's the most durable carpet with ability to resist stain. It's also great for use in the hallways and stairs.

3. Olefin

Choose the Right Carpet

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Olefin is another type of carpet that is very good piles highly cut or loop pile. It doesn't last long like the nylon carpet but it has good moisture and stain resistance ability.

4. Polyester

Choose the Right Carpet

Carpet Materials

Polyester is perfect for people that want to have a stylish and luxurious feel. It comes in different colors and styles and it's best for people that entertain visitors on a normal basis.

You could find out more useful information related to carpet at Floorscleaner.

In all, ensure you take all the aforementioned factors into consideration when choosing the right carpet for your home. Make a good choice and give your home the luxurious and stylish look it deserves.





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