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Choosing The Most Energy Efficient Roof For Your Home

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Nowadays, making a home more energy efficient is among the trending topics for home upgrades. Typically, using an energy-efficient roofing system can earn you plenty of benefits. For instance, it can help you stay warm during winter and cooler during the hot summer periods. At the same time, lower your home's energy bills.

Usually, most people concentrate on replacing the windows, heating systems, and doors to make their homes more energy-efficient. But, that doesn't always seem to work as anticipated. The secret lies behind the roof of your house. It is a crucial consideration you need to make as it receives the sun's heat energy each day. And, an energy-efficient roof is the only solution for bringing a difference to your home.

Are you still looking for the most energy-efficient roof for your home without a catch? If so, we have identified and explained several considerations you need to make.

1. Type Of Roof

Generally, you can consider a varied number of roof types for your new home or replacement purposes. With the following various types of roofing, you can select one that suits your needs and budget. The good thing is that they are durable, reliable, and convenient and will help you reduce energy bills for your home.


  • Metal Roofing

The metal roofing system is one of the excellent options for making your home highly energy efficient. You will find most of them budget-friendly and entirely effortless to install. Moreover, they have shown to last for up to 50 years with proper installation methods and maintenance. With their unique interlocking panels, metal roofs give excellent resistance to wind and severe weather.

Besides that, their lightweight relieves your building's support for additional weight. The best thing is that metal roofs are resistant to fire, making them even best during hot weather or arid conditions. More importantly, they are highly energy-efficient, reducing energy costs in your home. Plus, you will find them in different elegant colors and designs to suit a variety of needs.


  • Tile Roofing

As an incredible roofing system used in most homes today, tile roofing offers certain exclusive benefits. Firstly, it comes as a fantastic heat insulator, reducing excess heat energy hence exceptionally energy efficient. Secondly, they allow for easy circulation of air underneath the tiles, conserving energy during warm and cold weather.

Other than that, they are incredibly resistant to fire or damage in case of intense hail and storms. The best part is, tile roofing can last for a much extended period making it a perfect saving opportunity for many homeowners. What's more, they come in multiple colors, sizes, and styles to choose your best. Therefore, you can install it on nearly all structures and still give elegance.


  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing System

Some kinds of asphalt shingle roofs are not energy efficient. So, it would help if you were very careful to get the right unit for your home. In other words, asphalt shingle roofs that are energy efficient have exclusive granules which allow them lower heat absorption. And that's what makes them different from standard shingles.

Amusingly, asphalt shingle roofing systems are one of the most cost-efficient roofing options in the market. Plus, they are very straightforward to set them on your house and require less maintenance. Their robust construction offers excellent protection against wind, rain, and even fire. Interestingly, you can apply a unique layer of coating to the shingles, making them remarkably resistant to impacts.


Other Types Of Energy-Efficient Shingles

  • Slate Roofing This is an impressive energy-efficient roofing option that can last for a very long time. Their high densities insulate your home. Hence they are very eco-friendly.


  • Shake Shingles With these fantastic roofing systems, they are super durable. As a result, they can withstand harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and abrupt storms. Moreover, these shingles have an impressive look at giving your home an adorable style.

Have you decided on the best roofing solution to use for your home? If yes, consider choosing reliable and qualified expert roofing companies in Cincinnati.


2. The Color

The color of a roofing system plays a huge role when it comes to energy efficiency. It determines how much heat can enter your home. Usually, roofs with dark color paintings tend to absorb plenty of light and heat, directing it to the inner parts of your home.

On the other hand, lighter-colored roofs reflect away the heat and light towards the outer parts of your home. So, you should consider one with lighter and shiny colors to help make your home energy efficient.


3. Insulated Roofs

One common problem is that most homes don't have sufficient insulation in their attic. Therefore, the only way out of such a situation is to add a layer of insulation underneath the roof. This will help limit the penetration of heat into your home's interior parts that would otherwise raise your energy bills.

More importantly, you should choose a well-insulated roof as it can help maintain your home's temperature. This is with the exception of the conditions on the outer side of your home.


4. Well-Ventilated

The ability of air to flow in and out of your home is essential. It helps to maintain a high energy efficiency of your home's roofing system. Typically, a well-ventilated roof lets air circulate through the attic space in your home. Therefore, consider adding vents to allow air to circulate into the attic and exit.

During colder winters, the vents let cool air naturally circulate into the roof space to keep the conditions cooler and lower ice damming chances that may otherwise cause roof leaks. Even if your home has the most energy-efficient roof, the chances are that there may still be some heat escaping into the roof space. Therefore, a premium quality ventilation system to get rid of any hot air out of the attic. You may also use a programmable active ventilation system with a fan to turn on at a particular temperature. As a result, the fan will always switch on when needed.


5. Cooling

A cool roof is ultimately designed with highly reflective materials, paintings, or coverings, which reflect away sunlight in plenty. At the same time, they enhance the absorption of less heat than a typical roof. Often, cooling roofs have a specific reflective paint, a sheet covering, highly reflective shingles or tiles. Before asking a roofing company such as Tip Top Roofs, be sure to consider climatic conditions and other factors.


Bottom Line

Are you making a new home or intending to replace the roofs on your house? Well, this is the perfect time to try something that is highly energy-efficient for your home. What you need to do is to choose the apt roofing material that suits your budget and can help you save on your monthly energy bills. With the above factors, you can rest assured to increase your home's energy efficiency regardless of what the time of the year is. If you face challenges finding the right roof for this purpose, you may ask experts for further direction.

While there are plenty of roofing companies, you can easily find a suitable one for your needs. The best part is, you will find most of them providing a varied range of services. Therefore, your concerns or issues about anything to do with roofing can easily get addressed.



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