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Choosing The Right Apparel For The Hunt – Do’s And Don’ts

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man gun hunt

man gun hunt


Camel safari suit, with a top hat, long shoes, and big mustache, is the image that comes to mind when the word hunter is thrown around. This get-up was made popular for early British hunters, but modern hunting has changed all of it. Merino wool clothes are widely considered to be the perfect fabric for hunters and taking care of it as important as the equipment. Merino Wool Care Guide can not only help in deciding the right fit but also on how to take care of it. Having said that, the following are some extra do's and don'ts of choosing the right apparel for the hunt.

1. Weather Conditions:

Weather conditions primarily determine what kind of outfit is best for the hunt.


  1. Before going on a hunt always check the forecast of the area in advance, preferably a week before going for it.
  2. Choose apparel depending on the temperature, for example, for dry and humid conditions consider a Khaki color, and preferably shorts. The light color will reflect the sunlight keeping your body cool. Similarly, for damp and rainy conditions, consider waterproof and camouflaged apparel. Remember, you might have to wait a long time for your prey to show up and a proper outfit will increase your efficiency in hunting.
  3. Always keep an extra outfit in case of any emergencies.



  1. Never try and decide on the outfit on the day of the hunt as the weather might drastically change in a couple of hours.
  2. Don't compromise on the quality of the fabric, the right fabric will make the hunt an enjoyable experience.
  3. Type of Clothes:

Type of cloth helps keep the hunter comfortable during the hunt:


2. Type of Clothes:

Type of cloth helps keep the hunter comfortable during the hunt:


  1. Choose clothes that don't make you warm or cold depending on the weather conditions. Always choose, breathable, thin, and waterproof.
  2. Wear an orange fluorescent hat and a shirt so that other hunters can easily recognize you.
  3. Add layers so you can easily peel off as you go on your hunting trip. Layering not only keeps you warm in winters but also makes it rather convenient in summers.



  1. Don’t wear clothes that are not waterproof. Waterproof clothes keep you dry from the inside and prevent any fungal diseases.
  2. Color and Smell:

Color and smell play a major part in a successful hunt.


3. Color and Smell:

Color and smell play a major part in a successful hunt.


  1. Always choose a color that blends in with the surrounding. For example, camouflaged apparel is a perfect one for hunting in the jungle.
  2. Choose a fabric that locks your scent. Animal have an excellent sense of smell and hunting makes you a bit smelly. If they can pick up your scent they will simply vanish from the area.



  1. Don’t ever hunt wearing a flashy color other than orange. If you are easy to spot, then the whole point of the hunt is gone.
  2. Don’t wear clothes that can’t dry your sweating. Sweating means odor and if it’s picked up by the animal, they will make you wait for the final shot.

The choice of your apparel will add significantly to the hunting experience. If you want to enjoy your trip and not worry about your clothes all the time, make sure to follow this guide of dos and don’ts. You can visit Texas Fowlers you will find quality gear at competitive prices. 







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