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Choosing The Right Wall Murals

wall mural

wall mural

Images are the most powerful media used to make lasting statements in your home, office, or business premise. They communicate to your guests in an extraordinary way that text cannot achieve. The wall, being the most important structure in your home structurally and aesthetically, can be covered in murals besides the usual colour themes. Wall murals are artworks applied directly to walls making them vibrant and dynamic.

Murals have been around since prehistoric days as a form of valuable testimony of life from primeval times to date. From the cave paintings at Lascaux Grottoes, France to the modern street art, wall murals have left significant marks of humanity’s existence in every corner of the world. It is because of the earliest scratching, carvings, and paintings from our predecessors that murals have developed to hold great significance for humanity.

Role of Murals in Modern Times

Over the course of time, murals have been used to cover the exterior and interiors of buildings and spread onto the streets and more recently, they have been used in paintings. Today, they are mighty tools of emancipation, expression, and social activism. Staying true to their roles, murals have been incorporated in paintings bearing different designs to express religious and political beliefs.

In many communities across the world wall murals are used to represent the aesthetic elements that can be integrated into people’s interior environments turning as true cultural artefacts and monumental works. Besides their defined meanings, murals are being adopted with other purposes including advertising. Multinational brands collaborate with mural artists to create promotional campaigns. In offices, wall murals set the right mood for employees and customers while in homes, they create a relaxed environment away from life’s hustles and bustles.


Tips to Help You Select the Right Wall Murals

Sometimes, choosing the right wall murals for your home can be a challenge due to the various options available for each space. While the scale will be right, the mural might not match with the décor in your home. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right wall mural for your house.

  • Consider the Scale

The scale of the design is usually the first thing you will consider when choosing your wall murals. The dimension of the room will be the focal point since smaller spaces tend to look smaller with the introduction of a dark wallpaper mural. Go for lighter designs on one wall as compared to having all the walls covered in different designs. Lighter and simpler murals will work for smaller spaces while busy bigger patterns will match with bigger spaces.


  • The Right Size

Unlike other wall artworks, you will get to specify the size of a wall mural that you need from your preferred company. In establishing the right size of mural to order or custom design, you should remember that whatever the size of the mural, it should provide the greatest impact on the interior design. Partial wall murals provide a theme to the walls while adding colour, texture, and interest. On the other hand, full wall murals provide similar benefits but ass extraordinary drama to transform boring plain colours with some art.


  • Match Your Style

Wallpaper murals should go with the interior decoration styles in the rest of the house. To minimize the time and cost of wall murals, the theme and idea in your home act as a guide for the right pieces. If you live in a modern minimalist house, larger and ornate murals will stick out to make a statement. Lean and temporary murals tend to work best in modern spaces while a field of flowers works well in shabby chic environments. Whichever company you chose to purchase your murals from, be sure to select the right image from the galleries.


  • Where Will it Go?

Before purchasing a wall mural, it is important to consider the spaces into which each piece goes into. Depending on where placed, wall murals will have different meanings hence the need to select the right mural for each space. A wall mural for the children’s room will ignite their imagination with the things of their interest. A mural in your hallway and living room will help give your guests a sense of warmth while in your home.  It is said that if your guests were able to see the design of the hallway or the living room, they have seen the whole house. In your bedroom, a wall mural will help you relax from the stresses encountered the entire day. While choosing the right mural for each space will take time, go for pieces that make you feel excited, uplifted, and happy whenever you walk into each room.


The right wall art will set the tone for your space keeping it inviting and communicating your personality. Whether your focus is on a colour, theme, or inspirational pieces, choosing your wall art does not have to be a difficult task. Have fun selecting your wall murals.



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