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Cleaning Up Sewage Backup

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When we say sewage, a bad image pops up in our mind: a foul-smelling pipe or basement sewage. We don’t even know what happens in a sewage treatment plant, how things go because who wants to talk about sewage, but mishaps are bound to happen. If there is a sewage spill at your home and you don’t know what to do? So here today we will talk about sewage and necessary things to be done for sewage damage cleanup if there is a sewage spill at your home.

What is sewage backup?

Sewage backup refers to a situation in which there is a blockage in the pipes due to certain reasons and as a result leakage or spilling of untreated waste occurs. If a sewage backup occurs at home, it can pass a very noxious smell.



  • Blockages caused due to trees- sometimes the roots of trees can block the smooth flow of untreated waste in the pipes.
  • Flooding in the basement- if there is excess water the pipe can get overflowed with water, and as a result, spillage can occur through toilets.
  • Accumulation of grease oils and fats-This is a major cause for sewage backup. These three are the major things that cause blockage in pipes. Therefore it is advisable not to spill oil and grease through sinks.
  • Get rid of illegal plumbing connections- these connections are usually of low quality and not government-approved, so it is necessary to call your plumber and get them replaced.
  • People often use sewage cleaners to clean the spill, but it worsens the situation, and as a result, it has become a cause of sewage backup.


Effects on health due to sewage backup

Sewage is an untreated waste. It includes human excreta, kitchen waste. All of these things produce a rancid smell that can cause nausea, headache and breathlessness.

Increased exposure to this smell makes the air polluted and breathing this air for a long time can cause chronic diseases also. Continuous exposure to polluted air can have a serious effect on the lungs. It is harmful to your mental health, too, the rotting smell causes irritation and mood swings.


Necessary Steps and precautions to be taken immediately in case of a sewage backup

  • If you are cleaning the sewer backup yourself, then don’t forget to cover your whole body with protective equipment like rubber gloves, eyewear that protects the eye and boots.
  • Open the windows and doors of your home to facilitate cross ventilation. The rotting smell can cause breathing problems, and it can be quite suffocating, so it’s important to keep good ventilation.
  • Disinfect the whole area first to remove the bacteria.
  • Keep all the important documents and belongings away and somewhere safe.
  • If the sewage backup is severe, then call a plumber, and all the people need to move out of the house.


What should be done?

  • The first and the most vital thing to do is to clean the sewage spill and dry it out completely. Use of a wet vacuum can prove to be helpful if it is available.
  • After the area is cleaned, try to pump and get all the waste matter out of it.
  • If there is still blockage, use an auger, it is a snake-like instrument that helps to clog the drain.
  • If the problem persists, call a plumber.

One thing that can be done for prevention is to get a sewage insurance policy done in case something happens, and it can be covered under the insurance policy.

Professional help should be called if the spill is too severe.

It looks difficult and messy from the outside, but once you clean your sewage backup yourself, it is easy. Adhere to the instructions cautiously and take the necessary precautions.



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