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Top 6 Commercial Waste Disposal Mistakes To Avoid

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As a commercial business owner, your business is responsible for the waste it produces. A thrash services plan is essential for disposing of this waste safely and responsibly for every business. You can avoid fines and penalties by managing your commercial waste properly.

When it comes to commercial waste disposal, there are many dos and don’ts, which we can figure out in this blog post.

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What Should You Eliminate From Your Corporate Thrash?

Most people don’t concern themselves with what happens to their trash after the garbage truck takes it away. Over the past few years, the world has become increasingly committed to sustainability. And, everyone must understand how to get rid of their belongings in a manner that doesn’t harm the environment, especially the Corporate & Commercial businesses.

In 2018, approximately 300 million tons of waste got dumped into U.S. landfills. Any litter not sorted can severely damage the environment and increase climate change by wasting resources and energy needed to produce new items.

Disposing of materials properly lets them break down at different rates; for example, banana peels and plastic take weeks or hundreds of years to decompose fully. Making conscious decisions about our trash helps us and our planet remain healthy.


Waste Disposal Practices to Avoid

You can promote reuse, recycling, and resource recovery in your business. You can also limit the quantity of waste in a landfill. This technique can save your business money and help the environment.

Also, these simple measures can ensure that your business is managing its waste responsibly without hefty fines or fees. With the help of a certified thrash services company, you can rest assured that your business is saving money while minimizing carbon emissions.

So, you can quickly eliminate the common mistakes in your commercial waste disposal practice.


#1. Analyze business waste

For a comprehensive grasp of your organization’s waste output, gauge the amount of waste in the containers presented for collection just before the collection truck comes. Note down the sizes, how full they are, and the frequency when waste is disposed of.


#2. Don’t mix everything with your thrash

Although it may seem obvious, it happens all the time. Do not mix recyclables and non-recyclables in the garbage, as you can face costly fines. You should always consult your thrash services company before putting an item for disposal. Consult these service providers to protect your business from unwanted legal turmoils and penalties.


#3. Don’t try to dispose of hazardous thrash

Hazardous materials must be handled with care and caution, preferably by professionals with expertise in waste disposal. Inexperienced attempts to dispose of such waste can lead to dangerous situations, from minor injuries to accidents, environmental contamination, and health risks. With this in mind, leaving the job to those with the proper training and tools is best.


#4. Understanding the thrash services agreement

The key to a successful waste and recycling collection program is to gain an understanding of your arrangements. As a first step, contact your existing thrash services provider – a private operator or the local council. Once you know the available options, consider how they could affect your ability to recycle materials.

For example, if you have a regular disposal schedule of fortnightly pickups, consider switching to weekly pickups or increasing the size of your bin. Before signing anything, it’s worth seeking independent legal advice since contractual agreements are legally binding.


#5. Don’t forget to focus on the Recycling aspects

Hold on to every aluminum waste!

Materials such as aluminum cans, plastics, paper, glass, and cardboard can all be recycled. Ask your trash services for a recycling bin; they will collect it with your regular commercial garbage. Additionally, some states inside the USA even give you an incentive for it. Recycling is beneficial since it reduces waste going into landfills, and the need to find new materials and energy to create product gets eliminated when companies repurpose the material.


#6. Build a thrash collection system

The waste management needs of different businesses vary, meaning the bins used to collect material on-site may be different from those emptied into collection trucks.

It’s important that materials get separated at the designated source and that your staff, cleaners, and even customers know how to separate waste properly.

Depending on whether your business is located in a multi-story building or a shopping complex, you’ll need to have conversations with other business owners to ensure recycling guidelines are followed. Good signage is key to establishing an efficient thrash services system.



Every employee in your organization, from the front desk to the executive suite, must understand and obey these thrash services rules. Regardless of their position, everyone needs to know how to handle potentially dangerous information in a basic, practical way.

The first recommendation is to eliminate or minimize using paper as a storage medium. Not only will this help save the planet, but it also solves the disposal problem.

Before that, you need to shred all paper documents related to the company’s work, including envelopes.

If you plan to discard digital media (hard drives, flash drives), you must render them mechanically unusable or dispose of them in an electronics thrash services facility.

When snapping disks and flash drives, use pliers. When it comes to hard drives, electric drills or hammers are best. Also, every phone has a flash drive, and every computer has a hard drive. Before throwing out their data, ensure it is unreadable.

Likewise, remove and destroy labels with the recipient’s name and address before throwing away parcels or food delivery bags from your business premises!







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