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Common Mistakes Made When Building A Custom Home And What To Avoid

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When it comes to building a home, there are an array of steps involved in the process — from the early planning stages to the final lightbulb installed in the front entrance. Just as many things can go right in this process, many things can go wrong — and it’s important to know what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

From not having a clear budget in place to not finding a trusted window supplier and installation specialist, there are several types of mistakes builders and their clients make when designing custom homes. In this article, we’ll break down some of the most common themes so you know what to avoid as you embark on your new project.

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Lack of Proper Planning

The early stages of the building process are the most important — since the decisions you make now will impact the rest of the project and its success.

Too often, custom home projects are rushed in favor of meeting certain deadlines. This can lead to cutting corners and often overspending for convenience. Instead, take your time with your project. Think about what you want this home to represent and what type of designs and features are most important. Having a clear vision in place will ensure you’re meeting your budget and your aesthetic goals without worrying about major setbacks.


Ignoring the Budget

Setting a clear and concise budget is one of the most important steps in designing and building a custom home. Like in everyday life, a budget is essential to ensure you’re spending within your means. The same goes for large-scale projects like building a home.

Before you start calling suppliers and buying materials, make sure you’ve sat down and looked over your finances and lender approvals to ensure you know how much you’re able to spend on your project. Make a spreadsheet with all of your financial details and keep track of how much your supplies and materials will cost you so you can be sure you’re not going over budget.

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Not Considering Future Resale Value

In most cases, homeowners don’t live in one home forever. Even if they do, someone will one day purchase the home when they’re no longer living there. When designing your custom home, think about how the home will age and what features are important for potential resale — what type of square footage and room designs will appeal to a broader range of buyers? 

While you want to design for personal preference, you also want to ensure your home isn’t so niche that it becomes too challenging to sell down the road.


Neglecting Energy Efficiency

When it comes to today’s homes, energy efficiency is a word you’ll find on the tip of many homeowners’ tongues. Building a home from the ground up means you have the resources and flexibility to look at how your home can function in a more sustainable way and ensure your designs work to accommodate those needs.

Think of common elements of a home. Will your chosen windows protect from UV rays and keep drafts from entering the home? Are the appliances and lighting features you’ve chosen certified energy-efficient? These simple yet key features are often overlooked when designing a custom home, but they have many environmental and fiscal benefits.







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