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Common Property Damage Risks In Florida

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broken house

Florida’s closeness to the ocean, is both a positive and a negative. As a benefit, Floridians can enjoy miles of coastline and that we know that living near the waters is nice for you – it promotes a sense of peace and calmness. Moreover, the active nature of those who live near the beach or the waters means better health. On the other hand, Florida, especially Southern Florida, is extremely susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms. And this implies property damage claims.

Because of this, Florida’s people need strong home insurance policy, as well as flood insurance or hurricane insurance policy.

Here we have tried to illustrate the most common property damage risks which Florida’s people face.

Hurricane and Wind Damage

In Florida, it’s not an astonishing matter that wind and hurricanes account for a few of the most catastrophic damages to homes. While there are measures to prepare for the hurricane season, sometimes these aren’t enough. To limit insurers’ exposure to loss, Florida insurance companies sell homeowner’s insurance policies that have a percentage deductible for storm damage instead of a customary fixed deductible that applies to other losses. 

As hurricanes typically cause widespread destruction, they result in thousands of related claims, overwhelming both insurance companies and contractors with damage that cost billions. This may cause bad faith claims and unfair settlement offers because the mass of claims gives insurance companies a robust financial incentive to cut back payouts.


Water damage

In Florida, water damage is typically attributed to rain, flooding, interior plumbing accidents or malfunctions, and melting ice (though ice is much less common in Florida). Freezing damage on the other hand is mainly caused by snow, and thankfully, it hasn’t snowed since Tampa received half an inch of snow in 1977. Regardless, most home insurance policies provide adequate coverage against these various forms of water damage. Flooding can be a common reason behind water damage in Florida. And, flooding normally happens from a hurricane or tropical storm, rapid rainfall, and clogged or inefficient drainage systems. Plumbing failures are normally a common reason for water damage in Florida. Kitchen sinks, dishwashers, leaky faucets and water lines that have come loose are generally guilty for this. Water that leaks inside the house can cause serious and extensive water damage, particularly if it goes unnoticed for an extended period.


Theft and vandalism

Theft and vandalism sometimes surge during natural disaster periods. People, who have to evacuate, are subject to thieves who have remained within the area during the storm and have sought out the numerous empty houses as ways to achieve valuables and cash that they wouldn’t otherwise have such quick access to. Theft and vandalism claims account for roughly six percent of property damage claims. Though your home insurance policy will likely cover certain items within the house, you have to check your policy on a regular basis to grasp exactly what's covered and what's not.

Further, it's preferable that homeowners conduct a list of their valuables on a regular basis. Photo and video contents of your home and private property will create a record of the materials in your home which can be with your insurance firm if needed. Irrespective of where you reside, homeowners are advised to secure their home by investing in a very good security system. Also, always lock doors and windows. Don't leave the garage door open, even after you are home as this provides a chance for thieves to examine what you've got by roaming in front of your home.

Additionally, be cautious about posting on social media when you are traveling and away from home. Today’s digitally-savvy criminals will learn that your house is unoccupied by following your social media pages, which makes your home an ideal target.


Fire damage

One of the worst insurance claims is a house fire damage. It’s not only a matter of replacing your roof or siding; in many cases, a fire can cause 100% devastation. And whether or not a portion of your house is repairable, during the repair and rebuild process, it is likely to require you to move out, live for a short period of your time in  somewhere else. This comes with additional living costs too. To avoid a house fire and also the damage and destruction that always comes with it, you'll have to keep your chimney secured and frequently get it cleaned by an expert chimney sweeper. Furthermore, be alert for fire risks around your home, like space heaters, overloaded or damaged extension cords, and negligent smoking behaviors.


Service line breakages

You may not know about this damage. And truthfully, that’s because most folks don’t spend any time examining the integrity and sturdiness of in-ground pipes (such as those for water and gas). This being said, if you experience a water or gas pipe damage, your regular lifestyle will get largely disrupted until it's repaired. To stall this sort of damage, have regular sewer check up to make sure the pipes stay clean. Get on the lookout for any water leakage in your yard as this can be a sign that there's something wrong with your water lines. It's always advised to consult with your adjuster to confirm you’re properly covered for the event of a disaster like this, as line repairs are financially extensive.

There are also some other types of property damages, particularly in Southern Florida, Some of them are damage from falling trees, termites, falling objects, toxic mold, sinkholes, lightning, smoke, mildew etc.



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