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3 Common Roof Cleaning Questions Answered

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roof cleaning

roof cleaning

As a homeowner, you should maintain your home's appearance, including the roof. Unlike other parts of your house, dirt, debris, and harsh weather elements can quickly deteriorate the state of your roof. This is why regular cleaning to keep your roof clean is important. Below are the best responses to some commonly asked questions about roof cleaning by homeowners.

1.  What Is the Best Way to Clean a Roof?

If the roof’s surface appears discolored and dark, you might presume that it is mold growth. However, commonly appearing black streaks are colonies of algae, while moss appears as thick, green patches.

Animals and wind easily spread algae and moss spores from one rooftop to another. This is why your entire neighborhood might be affected. Even though moss and algae can't damage your roof, it affects its aesthetic appeal. Regardless of the prevailing roof problem, knowing the best way to clean your roof is important. Below are roof cleaning tips for reference.

Use a garden hose sprayer with a cleaning agent made of equal parts of water and chlorine bleach. This is the best solution to use on your roof, especially asphalt shingles. Allow the chlorine and water mixture to settle on the surface for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.

  • Don't clean your roof using a pressure washer. The excess pressure can loosen, dislocate or damage the roof

  • Don't schedule roof cleaning on extremely hot and sunny days, as the chlorine and water solution will evaporate quickly, reducing its cleaning ability. Choose a calm and cloudy day to clean your roof, as there are no threats of heavy precipitation

  • You should adhere to safety precautions when cleaning your roof. This includes using gloves, a face mask, and shoes with a good grip

  • Take note of any surrounding plants. Your landscape and surrounding plants may be affected by chlorine. Instead, wet them with plain water and cover them with plastic before using the cleaning solution to clean your roof

  • Don't assume that the cleaning solution will immediately remove dirt and debris from your roof. You should be patient, especially with concentrated algae and moss growth. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, moss and algae growth will loosen with time and eventually wash away.

  • Take action immediately when you notice moss and algae growth. Waiting until your roof is fully covered makes the cleaning process difficult. You should also maintain a clean roof by regularly trimming overhanging branches and clearing debris.


2.  Why is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

Improving your curb appeal is the most obvious reason for cleaning your roof. However, you should also clean your roof to prolong the life of your roofing materials. While moss and algae cannot harm your roof directly, moss curls the edges of asphalt shingles, increasing the chances of being blown off by strong winds. Generally, cleaning protects your roof, eliminating the risks of expensive repairs.


3.  How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost?

Like most roofing projects, roof cleaning is best done by professionals. However, you should have a detailed budget before hiring professionals. Generally, roof cleaning by professionals costs between $350 and $600. However, several factors will determine the overall cost of the project, including the following:


  • The Size of Your Home

The size of your roof is the biggest determiner of your roof cleaning cost. Large roofs will take longer to clean and will be more costly, especially if professionals work on hourly rates. You can easily estimate the size of your roof based on your house's square footage. A simple formula to estimate the size of your roof is:

Square footage of your home X 1.5 = square footage of the roof

You can then multiply this estimate by the national average of $0.41/square foot to determine the approximate cost of roof cleaning.


  • Cleaning Method Employed

Professionals can use various methods to clean your roof, each having different costs. The choice of cleaning method depends on roof material and type of debris to be removed. For instance, different cleaning methods are required for cleaning asphalt shingles and flat rubber roofs. Roofs with thick moss and algae buildup will require more intense cleaning than roofs with dirt and leaves. Common cleaning methods and their costs include:

  • Chemical wash – This is the best and affordable choice for roofs with algae, moss, and lichen growth. The chemicals used kill all living growth in your roof. Cleaning professionals charge between $0.20 and $0.30/square foot for a chemical wash.

  • High-pressure wash – Power washing makes use of a standard pressure washer. It is cheaper and not complicated like other methods. Besides, the powerful steam eliminates dirt and muck expertly. Pressure washing costs between $0.20 and $0.70/square foot.

  • Low-pressure wash – This is the intermediary between chemical and pressure wash. However, it is more expensive, costing between $0.30 and $0.70/square foot.

  • Soft wash – This method combines chemical washing and high-pressure washing. However, it uses a gentler stream and special chemical mixtures to remove moss, algae, bacteria, and other stains. Soft wash typically costs between $0.30 and $0.75/square foot.


  • Type of Roof

You should use different cleaning materials for different roofing materials. For instance, tar and gravel roofs can't handle a high-pressure wash. The best choice for these roofs is a chemical wash. Other roofing materials, such as tiles, wood shakes, and shingles, can handle gentle pressure wash, but high-intensity pressure can damage them. On the other hand, a standard pressure-wash can't damage metal roofs. Cleaning experts can help you determine the best cleaning method for your type of roof.



Proper roof cleaning maintains the aesthetic appearance of your roof and protects it by extending its lifespan. While you might be tempted to clean your roof by yourself, it is best to hire a professional roof cleaning Seattle company. A reputable cleaning company uses the best cleaning method and environmentally friendly cleaning solution.







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