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Complicated Injuries Among Obese People After A Car Accident – Here Is How To Handle Them

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Being obese has challenges of its own. Marietta is one of the most obese cities in the US. More and more people are losing track of their weight because of their eating habits and an overall unhealthy lifestyle. Now, we all know the dangers that a person might suffer from cardiac issues, joint issues, and mental health issues. However, accidents can also have a reasonably challenging impact on the overall health of an obese person. As a matter of fact, obese people have more health complications after an accident. For general awareness, we will discuss some health complications that obese people are more likely to contract than their healthier counterparts in a car accident.

Injuries after a Car Accident among Obese People

Here are some specific health complications that a person who weighs way above their healthy weight range may suffer from during a car accident:


Heart Attack

This may seem a little impossible in case of a minor accident but a really acceptable possibility in a significant accident. A person with weight issues can struggle with a heart attack or a stroke considering the shock of the accident is overbearing. During the accident, the adrenaline rush might not let you feel the pain. However, if your body cools down a bit and you still have symptoms of a heart attack, it is time to visit the ER. People with anxiety (which is common among obese people) have more chances of developing anxiety than people who don't.


Fractures from Joints

Obese people, especially in their 40, have severe joint health complications such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Your joints, especially knees, become brittle, and you ultimately lose fluid between your joint discs. With an acute joint condition already, your body is prone to fractures from an accident. If you fall as a projectile or on the road, even then, you can get fractures depending upon the intensity of the crash.


Spinal Cord Injuries

Your spine is under a lot of pressure already because of all that bodyweight. Being in an accident is the last thing you want your spine to experience. It will put more pressure on your spine and harm the nervous system too. Direct damage to the nervous system can hamper your organ functionality as well as body-to-mind coordination. On the other hand, spinal cord injuries are more common among people who already have spine health complications. The sad part is that there is no definitive treatment for spinal cord injuries.


Soft Tissue Injuries

Your body is not as flexible as someone with an average body mass. During an accident, it is normal for the muscles, ligaments, and tendons to pull beyond their capacity and tear. This wear and tear of muscles can result in pain, mobility issues, and chronic pain. This is actually one of the most common injuries reported at Marietta car accident clinics.


Importance of Medical Care after an Accident

Whether you have been in a major accident with multiple injuries or a minor with no visible scarring, medical attention should be your top priority. Many people avoid the initial symptoms of their injury, thinking the pain would just 'go away' after a couple of this. This is a logically wrong concept because accident injuries can develop into chronic problems.


Steps To Complete Recovery after an Accident

If you want to prevent your injuries from worsening over time, here are a few steps to take and a few tips to follow if you really want to recover from a car accident injury despite your weight.


Medical Examination

Visit an accident doctor immediately after the accident, even if you don't have any symptoms so far. The problem with most internal injuries is that the symptoms start appearing a few hours (even days) after the accident. There are multiple procedures to examine your injury and perform a correct diagnosis. Most doctors start by verbal and physical examination and lead to imaging and blood tests. They will only ensure the accuracy of your problem. After a thorough diagnosis, your doctor will recommend the best treatment plan for you. Trust their advice and follow each step as advised for success. Many people regret not following up with their doctor. So if your doctor asks you to come back after a couple of days, you are supposed to do that.


Therapy and Alternate Care

Other than your basic set of medications, you can visit alternate healthcare professionals who treat complicated accident injuries without any medicinal invasions. A chiropractor will help you remove spinal compressions, fix issues with the nervous system, and eventually reduce the intensity of pain. Many doctors refer their obese accident a patient to a chiropractor who helps them improve their mobility, functionality and helps them make better lifestyle decisions. Just make sure to visit your chiropractor every time they ask you to come back.


Dietary Changes

Many obese people suffer from eating disorders. Binge eating, bulimia, anorexia nervosa are some of the common examples. However, your body needs proper nutrition to recover from accident injury. If you have an eating disorder, talk to a psychologist and a nutritionist who can help you in maintaining a healthy food plan. Incorporate healthy protein for better healing and recovery. Carbs will give you the energy to fight lethargy and accident tiredness. Just make sure that you are picking unprocessed carbs. Healthy fats will promote healing while reducing post-accident symptoms such as high blood pressure. Lean meats, whole grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and water are the best choices if you want to get better.



There is a love-hate relationship between an obese person and exercise. If you are struggling with weight, you obviously are not that mobile throughout the day. However, low-impact exercises like yoga and stretches are important for your body to heal and recover from what you can consider as one of the most unexpectedly traumatic events of your life. Doctors suggest their patients a week of complete bed rest before starting low-impact mobility sessions like walking, meditation, or yoga. Other than this, if you exercise to recover, it will become a significant part of your lifestyle, which is only good for your health. Visit one of the best pain doctors in Marietta if you experience unusual pain due to exercise. Your regular doctor might even suggest one to you.


Lifestyle Changes

Being obese has many challenges throughout one's life. Even accidents can become hard. If you are obese and struggling with your weight, it's about time to make some healthy changes. Just by improving your eating habits and adding a bit of activity, you can start a journey towards fitness in no time.



Obese people may live a lower quality of life because of their weight. Even in car accidents, they are prone to developing serious injuries that people of a healthy weight in similar situations just won't. It is extremely important to take immediate medical assistance and properly follow your doctors' guidelines. If you want proper recovery, improve your diet, exercise a bit, and stay as much hydrated as you possibly can. Just by incorporating activity and a healthy diet in your life, you can save yourself from the dangers of getting seriously injured in a car accident.



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