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disabled friendly home

disabled friendly home

Traditional homeowners always build their houses without any thoughts of adding the wheelchair ramp or holders for disable people. Many people still think that they are completely safe from accidents or harmful diseases that could lead to disability. But the truth is, disability can occur at any time, anywhere, whether it is a severe disease like cancer or a minor accident. Not only the accidents but aging people is another factor that increases the importance of making your home disabled-friendly. Everyone has old pals in their homes who are aging quickly. The disability significantly impacts one's life and increases the hassle for them.

Disability increases the cumbersome obstacles and often results in hazardous elements. Narrow-doorways, stairs, and out-of-reach cupboards raise the risks of more accidents to disabled people. In this case, turning your home into a handicapped-accessible house becomes exceptionally crucial for the safety of your loved ones. The handicap-accessible house must focus on converting your house architecture according to the needs of disabled people. Every homeowner must consider turning their space for maneuver mobility for the people who use wheelchairs or walking canes. Let's discuss some tips to convert your traditional home into a disable friendly home.


One of the most crucial conversions to make the disabled-friendly home is by replacing stairs with ramps. Stairs have always been the number one cause of accidents among disabled people. Especially older people are more prone to accidents related to the stairs. You can easily install a ramp on the stairs to make their mobility a lot easier. You can install these ramps on the doorways of the houses where there are one or two stairs.

You can also find portable ramps that can quickly lay a ramp for the people with wheelchairs. However, these ramps can only get placed on small or 2-3 stairs like on doorways and halls. These ramps ensure the safe mobility of the people who use wheelchairs. You can also increase the efficiency of movement by considering mobility scooters, which you can find here  https://www.scootersnchairs.com/blogs/blog/the-best-power-wheelchairs-of-2020 



Since ramps are only limited to small stairs, the long stairs are still a problem for the disabled people. Installing ramps on these long stairs is never a good idea for maintaining your loved ones' safety. In this case, you can install a stairlift to ensure your loved ones' mobility from higher to lower floors. Stairlifts considerably increase the movement efficiency of the disabled people who cannot use stairs.

Especially the senior community always prefers the lift accessibility to move in the multi-level houses. A survey states that 90% of the people with age over 65 always tend to live in their own homes. For this, the importance of their accessibility to living in the house also increases. It gives rise to the means of converting to a disabled-friendly home. Installing these chair lifts can assist the disabled people to combat against the fears of falling.



With disability and age, the risk for falls and accidents also paradoxically increases. Homeowners must always look out for different features that can assist the disabled people. One of the disabled-friendly features can be grab bars in the bathrooms. Disabled people are at higher risk for falls and slips in bathrooms than any other place in the house. According to research, one-third of the disabled people get injured every year because of falls.

According to professionals, every homeowner needs to install grab bars for disabled people. The safety grab bars will ease the disabled people to use the bathrooms without asking help from others. You should always install these grab bars where the disabled people are most likely to fall. For instance, a toilet riser can assist the people who cannot bend or stand up after using the toilet.



Doorknobs are another hassle for disabled people to grip them firmly. You can replace the doorknobs with pull bars to ease the disabled for opening the doors. Pull bars on the doors significantly increases the accessibility. You can easily install these pull bars on both indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, you can also install automatic doors to enable disabled people to open or close the doors with just a button. The primary purpose of these doors is to increase the entrances' accessibility without stressing the disabled people.



When it comes to the safety of disabled people, lighting is never an exception. Reduced lighting can increase the trouble for disabled people and can lead to injury. It is always advisable to provide adequate lighting to the house to assist your disabled member. On the other side, these lighting must get installed in such a way they can help the people for navigation.



It might indeed seem challenging recreating your home to make it disabled-friendly. But it is a wise decision to maintain the safety of your family. Adding these elements to your house helps keep a safe side from accidents while increasing accessibility for the disabled.







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