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Creating A Target Audience Avatar As The First Step To A Successful Business On Instagram

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It's no secret that business on social networks requires constant testing, search for successful strategies, and strengthening of working algorithms. Practicing online entrepreneurs use a set of tools: from the opportunity to buy Instagram likes, set up advertisements, collaborate with bloggers to creating a content plan and a sales funnel. In this article, we will consider creating the customer avatar as a starting point for any promotion strategy and an opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of other tools.

Why do you need to create a customer avatar?

The approach to promoting on social media should always be strategically considered. Creating a client's avatar is one of the basic marketing tools that any entrepreneur should have. You can strengthen your work and increase conversion. Marketing is not about how everyone likes it; marketing is about being specific and hitting the target. If you know how to like your target audience,  understand it, then persons become more disposed towards you.

An avatar is an image of the ideal representative of your target audience with specific descriptions and characteristics. An avatar can solve many problems. You will be able to create more effective advertisements and fine-tune targeting. The content will be more engaging, interesting, and selling as it is completely built on the pains, tasks, concerns of a potential client.

With a detailed portrait of your target audience, you can create a more personalized offer. It will be easier for you to create a unique proposal, find a trigger and prepare a selling text.


Why is it important to segment an audience?

Audience segmentation is a key task in building marketing strategies and a foundation for a profitable sales funnel. Lack of knowledge of your audience leads to the loss of customers, low sales within the funnel, as well as the loss of the advertising budget at the stage of attracting an audience.

Most businesses have a heterogeneous target audience. Consequently, buyers have different motivations, selection processes, and needs.

There are several steps to understand your audience: segment it according to the key criterion for your business, make the most detailed description of each segment, create an avatar for each.
There is no universal segmentation that fits all types of businesses. The most popular types of segmentation are geographic, demographic, social, and behavioral. This way you can make more personalized offers and advertisements. Each post, advertising banner, article in a blog, or video material will work for a specific audience request, warm it up, increase the desire to interact with you, and turn people into regular and loyal customers. This will help increase conversions and average checks.

Taking into account the constant changes in the world, segmentation should be done at least once a year. Values that were relevant very recently, not the fact that they will be actual to the audience today. It is important to rethink your strategies for relevance and make sure they are on target.


How to compose a target audience portrait?

All marketing is built on solving client problems or relieving pains and fears. The correct and honest approach is to use this knowledge to help a person and not to manipulate him.

To compose an audience portrait, several characteristics are used: the main range of activities, how much your clients earn, what education, the greatest dissatisfaction in the client's life.

Identify your client's biggest challenge or dream. If pain is what he wants to get rid of, then tasks are what he wants to acquire, for example, high sales revenue.

Find out the biggest customer concerns about buying a product and the factors that stop him. There are classic objections: expensive goods, fear of contacting a non-professional, possibility to return. Every business has its objections, you need to know them and build a content strategy in such a way to prevent clients' fears. For example, in case you don't have a well-known brand, you can build trust using social proof and publish customer reviews, successful cases. An effective trigger is a high activity in your profile, so buy real Instagram likes, comments, and other metrics to increase involvement and create an impression of demand. If your services are too expensive, justify such a cost, provide a guarantee and describe advantages.

Identify what annoys clients and makes them unhappy, for example, a manifestation of non-professionalism. These are the things you need to know to avoid.
Consider where the client gets information from. Find out specific opinion leaders he is watching, Telegram channels. This provides a lot of valuable information through which you can interact with potential customers.


Competitor analysis as a method for identifying the target audience

Competitor accounts can give you maximum information to build the content plan, for the formation of advertisements and show how your target audience behaves. You can see which themes are the most interesting, which ones cause discussion, gratitude, or negativity.

Analyze the popular posts to understand what the audience is reacting to the most. Choose the most unpopular posts to find out themes not worth wasting time. Determine the posts with the greatest number of comments to understand what stimulates the discussion and how to engage the audience.

Analyze the selling posts and see what reactions they get from the audience, how many people are ready to buy. Analyze the submission of such posts and make patterns for yourself. Different formats will work for different audiences, as there are emotional buyers and analysts.

Evaluate competitor social media practices and determine what will work for you. Moreover, you can create a list of loyal customers of competitors and show them your advertisement.

To sum up, before creating a content strategy or setting up advertising campaigns, create a specific portrait of your target audience. Work it out in as much detail as possible to understand the client's pain points, form more specific decisions, close objections, and effectively use the advertising budget.  This approach allows not only to increase the company's profits but also to satisfy the needs of potential consumers to the maximum.







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