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Creating The Rustic Great Room Of Your Dreams

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rustic room decor

rustic room decor

Have you been looking to turn your traditional living room into a rustic, homey space?

To transform your current living space into a beautiful rustic great room, there are many things you can add to develop this look and achieve the aesthetic you have been dreaming of.

Rustic basically refers to anything made plain and simple in style, bringing in warmth to the room. The goal when creating a rustic themed room usually involves creating a natural, comforting theme, utilizing wood, stone, earth tones and unique pieces to decorate.

Furniture should be distressed or weathered in appearance while decor should be effortless, typically in earth tones or designed with geometric shapes. Simplicity is key.

If you have been dreaming of creating a rustic theme for your living space, there are plenty of details you can add to the interior of your home to achieve the aesthetic you are going for. You will create a warm, homey and comforting space perfect for family time and hosting guests in a unique yet cozy setting.

Re-Paint Walls

To begin the transformation of your living space, one of the first things you can do is re-paint the walls if they are not cohesive with the rustic theme you are going for.

Any simple earth tone or natural color will work for the walls, including beige, creme, a warm-toned brown, or a natural green. These colors will add to the room without overwhelming it with color, there will be plenty of other details and accents to bring in different tones and warmth regardless of what color you decide on for the walls.

Wood Flooring

Adding wood flooring to your living space can elevate the entire look of the room and bring it together. Once you tie in furniture and decorations, the wood flooring will add a nice accent against the tones and warmth of the other details in your space.

Wood floors are durable and low maintenance, they are made for wear and tear and will hold up over time. The older look is nice too, even if they get a bit scuffed up or worn, it will add to the rustic theme you are creating.

Wood Beams

If you have the help of a contractor, adding wooden beams to the lengths of your ceiling can be a unique addition using the wood's earthy color and texture to help decorate. You should note that the wood should have its grain and natural color, almost as if it just came from a tree, to maintain the rustic aesthetic within your great room.

Adding this touch of wood can elevate the aesthetic in your space, and remember the more natural and woodsy the beams look, the better.

Build A Fireplace

rustic room decor fireplace

rustic room decor fireplace

A fireplace can be the focal point of your living space, covered in stone it can be a key element in developing the rustic aesthetic. This brings a sense of comfort and warmth to any room and helps to complete the cozy vibe of your space. This can be a big addition to any room, but it can add just the right touch of simplicity to complete the theme you are going for.

In a rustic living space, there is typically not a television or big screen, but a fireplace to sit around and gather with friends or family. A fireplace can be versatile and can of course be used to keep warm in the winter months, adding to the cozy feeling your great room will now have.

Add A Wood Mantle

If you already have a fireplace but are looking to spruce it up in some way, adding a wooden mantle over the top of it can be a great addition. This will add another material to the mix of textures in your room and create a space for you to add decorations on top of your fireplace.

While adding a mantle may seem simple, it can be the detail that really adds to the overall look of your fireplace, the focal point of the room. The decor that you place on the mantle can add to the rustic theme of the room and the hominess it creates, including simple decor that you enjoy in your space.

Wooden Furniture 

An important detail you can include in your great room is any type of wooden furniture that looks more worn or has an antique sort of style to it. Typically, if you are wanting to create a rustic theme you will utilize an earthy wood tone for your coffee table, dining set, or side tables around the couch.

Having your furniture custom made can help to achieve the look you are going for, making sure that it is completely styled how you want it. Antique stores can also be helpful when finding this style of furniture and keeping the rustic look alive in your living room. The more worn and weathered look, the better the furniture will fit your theme.

Leather or Soft Textured Sofa

Now that you have chosen your wooden furniture, it is time to decide what type of sofa you want to include in your great room. When you are creating a rustic look, including a simple leather sofa or a soft textured light-colored sofa can work best in your living space.

Having a large couch will add to the warm, homey vibe you want the room to give off and make a space for you to spend time with family or guests. The sofa is usually placed close to the fireplace where you can sit around, creating a space for family time and memories to be made.

Add A Woven Rug

If you are looking for a finishing touch to add to the area where your couch and coffee table set, adding a woven or antique rug can complete the aesthetic of your space. Ensure that the rug you choose is an earth tone or handmade, adding to the color and theme of the room. This will create a more cozy and inviting warmth along with the other details you include.

Add Bits Of Decor

To really complete the look of your great room, adding bits of decor to the space can be the finishing touch you need to tie every detail in the room together and accomplish the overall aesthetic you are going for.

  • Throw Pillows

By incorporating the simple touch of throw pillows to your sofa, you can bring in other earth tones or geometric patterns that are popular when creating a rustic living space. This can be a solid-colored pillow that matches other details in the room or a simple pattern that will add to the plain couch you already have in the space.

  • Antlers

When creating a rustic theme, a popular trend is to include faux antlers in the room in some way. Some people use them as a light fixture, others have them as decor hanging on the walls, while some have gotten creative and made candle holders with them.

Regardless of the style you choose, these details can be included and can add to the overall woodsy, rustic theme of the entire room.

  • Floral Accents

Another great decor piece to add is any sort of floral accent that can illuminate the earthy tones you have already added and create a splash of brighter color where necessary. Utilizing simple glass jars or more unique galvanized containers you can display your flowers in a rustic way while keeping it easy. This is even something you can DIY at home if you're feeling inspired and creative. Flowers can be a beautiful addition to any room and will complete the rustic aesthetic in your space.

Simple And Plain, Yet Beautiful

clear bottle decor

clear bottle decor

By adding in these details, you can create the rustic great room that you have been dreaming of. You can create a living space that you enjoy being in and are satisfied with aesthetically. You can add in your own touches and really make the room your own, while still keeping the rustic theme you are going for.

You can create a space that feels warm and welcoming, for friends and family to gather, where memories can be made. You can delve into your decorating skills and put some do-it-yourself projects to the test, as you create the living space you have always wanted. The options are endless as you create natural, rustic beauty within your living room.

Remember to keep your space simple and plain, yet homey and comforting simultaneously. The rustic aesthetic will shine through in all the details you create, adding a unique beauty to the most important room in your home.

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