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Dealing With a Pest Infestation – What to Expect From a Pest Control Service

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A pest infestation can cause physical damage to your property and emotional stress for you, your family, or your employees. Taking proactive steps to prevent pests is the best way to protect your health and livelihood.

Your pest control specialist will need unobstructed access to the areas of your home they need to treat. This includes areas such as the garage, attic, and kitchen.

Pre-Service Requirements

Identifying the type of pests and their locations helps determine the best treatment plan. In addition, the inspector may be able to give you helpful prevention tips.

Before the service begins, a walk-through ensures that no new situations have arisen that would prevent the proper application of treatment. It also allows the technician to double-check that the homeowner has followed pre-treatment suggestions, such as storing food in airtight containers and moving items away from countertops.

Ventilation is critical to ensuring that any airborne chemicals are dispersed. It’s essential that the technicians have ample room to work, and removing barriers (such as clutter) allows them to do so. Cleaning during or immediately after treatment should be avoided as it can reduce its effectiveness, and the technician will give you specific instructions on when it is safe to clean. After the treatment, a written report should be provided detailing what was done and any warranties or guarantees.


A Professional Termite and Ant Control in Cincinnati Ohio, specialist will comprehensively inspect your house, looking for easy access points. They should also look around the property for possible sources of pest infestation, such as overhanging trees or moisture problems.

You must be home for the inspection so they can better understand what’s going on in your house. They may ask you what type of pests you’ve seen, where the droppings have been found, and any other signs of a problem. They will also do a walk-around of the exterior to inspect gutters, points of entry, and any AC hoses or lines in your house.

Once they’ve finished their inspection, they should have a brief conversation with you about what will be done during the treatment. They will let you know if they have noticed anything that could disrupt the treatment, and they’ll double-check that you followed their pre-treatment instructions (such as food being put away or pets being relocated). They’ll also provide you with recommendations for after the service.

Pest Control Service
Pest Control Service


After thoroughly inspecting the property and home, the pest control professional will create an action plan to eliminate the infestation. They may use traps or baits, spraying, and other treatment methods.

Before your pest professional arrives, it is best to mop floors and remove any food items from countertops or kitchen surfaces. Also, it’s a good idea to leave appliances pulled out (except for stoves and refrigerators) so the pest professional can thoroughly inspect under and around them.

Once the pest control service is completed, they will inform you when moving your furniture back into place is safe. They will also tell you how to prevent pests from returning. This includes sealing cracks and crevices, removing garbage regularly, and fixing leaky pipes.

If you see one or two pests after your treatment, don’t panic. It doesn’t necessarily mean the service didn’t work; it could have been that a single pest could sneak in while the rest were being eliminated.


Once a pest control treatment has been completed, a detailed service report must be provided along with any aftercare instructions and warranty (if applicable). The report should cover everything done and include a list of the recommended follow-up services.

It is common for a home to experience increased pest activity after treatment, particularly ants and cockroaches, as they are flushed out of their hiding spots. This is normal and should subside within a week or two.

Rodent prevention treatments usually involve setting bait stations around the home or shed to prevent a future infestation. These are monitored annually with a general pest control treatment, providing peace of mind that the home is protected. It’s also a good idea to regularly clean drains, basins, and rubbish bins to avoid stagnant water, which can be an attractant to certain pests. Keeping lawns well-maintained and clear of debris will also limit hiding places for pests.





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