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Debunking 6 Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

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vaccuum carpet floor

vaccuum carpet floor

Carpets enhance the look, feel, and function of your house, but they are prone to serious damage due to high foot traffic, excessive use, spills, and other factors. As a result, professional cleaning is required regularly. Misconceptions about carpet cleaning, on the other hand, cause carpet owners to avoid hiring a professional carpet cleaner. While delaying professional carpet cleaning now may appear to be easier and less expensive, it may bring you more problems in the future. Despite the prevalent misconceptions about carpet cleaning, it is a worthwhile investment. In this blog we are going to debunk 6 carpet cleaning misconceptions:

1. Carpets should be cleaned only when they appear dirty

Fact: While your carpet may appear to be clean to the human eye, millions of dirt particles and dust mites may be hiding among the strands. It's nearly hard to get rid of bacteria and filth only by cleaning once a week. They dwell in your air and irritate allergies, even if you don't notice them at first. They also fade the color of your carpet and might create a musty odor. Pet dander, allergies, and hazardous germs and viruses are thoroughly eradicated with expert cleaning, keeping your family safe and your carpet looking new. Even though your carpet seems clean and neat, thorough cleaning it at least twice a year is recommended for the best care.


2. Carpet cleaning will result in carpet shrinkage.

Fact: When specialists clean carpets, the operation is done swiftly and the carpets dry rapidly. Carpets only shrink if they are wet for an extended period. Cleaning firms are properly educated and equipped with high suction capacity dehumidifiers that soak up the moisture to provide you with freshly cleaned, dry carpets as soon as possible. So there's no need to be concerned about fabric shrinking after expert carpet cleaning Melbourne.


3. Shop brought cleaners are as effective as solutions professionals use

Fact: Toxic chemicals and acidic components may be included in store-bought cleansers, causing more harm than good. While store-bought carpet cleaners may appear to be less expensive than a professional cleaning, they can cause your carpet to discolor or get damaged, and repairing your carpet is far more expensive in the long run. To thoroughly clean carpets without causing the fibers to break, professionals use biodegradable, non-toxic surfactants certified by the IICRC. Keep in mind that carpets are an expensive yet fragile commodity that should be handled and maintained with care.


4. Steam cleaning leads to mold development

Fact: Although steam cleaning uses a lot of water, the results are fantastic when done by professionals. Moisture is the fundamental cause of all microbial development, but when professionals use a dryer to dry the cloth, even the tiniest amount of humidity is taken into account to avoid future mold formation. When carpet owners attempt steam cleaning, a problem emerges. Low-powered steamers and vacuum cleaners are used at home, resulting in a sloppy, wet carpet. Professional steam cleaning helps to kill germs, leaving you with a clean, sanitized carpet after treatment.


5. The more detergent you use the cleaner the carpet will be

Fact: Because the more detergent you use for cleaning, the more water you'll need to rinse the carpets, this fallacy frequently leads to carpet disintegration. This causes over-wetting and, as a result, dry rot in carpets. Any type of detergent should be used in small amounts, as advised by experts. For the solution to soak better, carpet owners should vacuum their carpets before applying surfactants.


6. Professional treatment can only eliminate dirt & debris

Fact: More than just filth removal is done by a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne. Many hidden pollutants, such as dust, mold spores, pollens, pet hair, staining chemicals, food particles, trash, and even bugs, accumulate on your carpet and eventually degrade the fabric. Only professional cleaning treatments can remove these contaminants and impurities. Carpets may be rejuvenated effectively by experts who have access to high-quality resources.

With all of these misconceptions busted, it's evident that getting your carpets professionally cleaned is the greatest method to ensure their cleanliness and excellent condition in the long run. Vacuuming at regular intervals is vital, but depending only on it might be detrimental. In terms of professional care, it is recommended that it be vacuumed at least twice a year for effective carpet maintenance.







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