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How To Design Interior With Frameless Wall Mirrors?

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Frameless Wall Mirrors For Interior Design

Mirrors have a knack for sprucing up a room, illuminating it and creating an illusion of more space. They are the ultimate décor item for both small and large spaces. With a little creativity, a frameless wall mirror can transform an otherwise boring room into a breathtaking space. Here are some ideas on how to interior design with frameless wall mirrors.

Where to Hang a Frameless Wall Mirror

The way you hang your mirror can determine whether it will serve its décor purpose or not. You should actually think of how you intend to hang the mirror before you even purchase it. For instance, some mirrors are not meant to be hanged so you may want to avoid those if your goal is to decorate your walls. Here are some ideas to get you started.

 Frameless Wall Mirrors

wall mirror

  • In the entryway

The problem with the first impressions is that you never get a second chance to make one. And the first impression that the visitors get of your home will be based on how you decorate your foyer.  Placing mirrors in the entryway adds a welcoming feel to your house while at the same time giving your visitors an impression of an aesthetically appealing house. It also gives them a perfect opportunity to have a final glance before they step out of the house.

  • On the door

The door is another awesome place to position a frameless wall mirror. A full-length mirror that takes up as much of the door as possible would be perfect for this scenario. However, you should only consider this décor idea if you have a solid core door that can allow you to fasten hardware without any problems. this is because you will probably need mirror clips to hold the mirror.

  • In the bathroom

For the most part, bathroom sinks come with a frameless wall mirror already mounted on the wall with an adhesive. But you can replace the small mirror with a larger one to make the room appear larger. Alternatively, you can position a second mirror on the opposite wall to create a jaw-dropping cascading effect.

  • Over the mantel

You can position the frameless mirror 5 inches over the mantel. Frameless wall mirrors are a perfect choice for this because unlike the framed ones, you do not have to worry about the thick frame casting a shadow on your décor. 

  • In the living room

Adding a frameless wall mirror in the living room not only accentuates your space but also gives you a chance to take advantage of the cozy afternoon light. Just place the mirror on the wall facing the window and it will reflect the light all over the room.

 Frameless Wall Mirrors


  • Over a difficult surface

Even though most wall mirrors are hung on drywall, you can also make use of difficult surfaces. However, you will need to get a drill bit that is specially made for concrete, glass, tile and other surfaces. Once you have the right drill bit, you can go ahead and hang your mirror just like you would do it on drywall.

  • The dining room

The dining room is the most ideal area for placing dramatic wall mirrors. The mirrors in the dining rooms reflect your beautiful chandelier and make it look even more appealing. However, a chandelier that has an exposed bulb might attract too glaring a reflection so consider that when installing the frameless wall mirror.

Frameless mirrors styling ideas

The reason mirrors are a must-have décor item is the fact that you can play around with the mirror to have all manner of décor effects. Mirrors also easily complement almost any décor theme and ideas you have in your space. Here are some interesting ideas on how you can use a frameless wall mirror to make your décor stand out.

1. Decorate boring walls

Placing a mirror on any wall will instantly transform the boring wall into an attractive center of attraction. From the hallway and living room to the bedroom and bathroom, wall mirrors add panache to the room and give it a simple and yet sophisticated look. The secret to decorating the walls with mirrors is knowing how to position them and how to select the best mirror for your décor theme. For instance, if you position a mirror opposite a window, it will reflect the light back into the room and depending on how much light you want, you can position the mirror at different angles.

 Frameless Wall Mirrors

fab glass and mirror

2. Puzzle mirror

A puzzle mirror can create an alluring focal point in the space. Puzzle mirrors are perfect for the bathroom but you can also use them in the living room. In order to create a puzzle mirror effect, place the mirror directly opposite a wall hanging that looks like a mirror. This creates a nice brain teaser because one won’t be sure if the image is real or the mirror is a transparent glass with the wall-hanging somewhere behind it.   

3. Geometric statement

The beauty of using frameless mirrors for your décor is that you don’t have to be limited to the traditional rectangular or circular shapes. You can make a bold geometric statement by using creative and custom shapes. There are lots of mirrors that have stunning geometric patterns that have an alluring effect. These unconventional wall mirrors will make the room look exquisite even without any other décor item.

4. Brighten up the space

Using a full-length frameless wall mirror can help you to brighten up the room and make it even roomier, add more light and ultimately create the illusion of more space. You can use it in your closet or bedroom and it can also be a functional mirror for dressing in addition to the décor function. Even though using full-length mirrors in the living room may not be feasible, you can still use oversized mirrors to achieve the same effect of opening up your space.

5. Gallery wall

Everyone loves a nice photo gallery – and you can also create a wall gallery of mirrors. But this doesn’t mean you put lots of mirrors on one wall. On the contrary, create a gallery using framed wall-hangings, e.g. of photos of your family and then at the center of the gallery, add a frameless wall mirror. When arranged properly, the mirror will sort of bring everything together by breaking the monotony while at the same time creating a focal point.

 Frameless Wall Mirrors

mirror above basin

6. Hall of mirrors

Conventionally, one mirror is sufficient for one room. But for décor purposes, you often have to forget the convention and make a bold statement. For instance, you can line up several mirrors in the hallway to create a “hall of mirrors.” To make your hall of mirrors more aesthetically appealing, use different shapes and different sizes and you can also combine frameless wall mirrors with a couple of framed ones just to create some contrast.

Important tips to remember

  •       Movement – Do not be too hasty about installing a mirror on the material or object that is likely to be moved a lot. For instance, if you are installing the mirrors on the back of your door, make sure the door is sturdy enough and ask for help from a professional to have it fixed securely.  The same is true when installing mirrors in other risky areas like above your bed.
  •       Use vertical mirrors for tall rooms – If you are installing mirrors in a tall room, vertical mirrors will come out better than any other shape. On the flip side, long rooms and hallways do better with horizontal mirrors (rectangular mirrors that are horizontally set).
  •       Grouping mirrors – In some cases, the grouping of several mirrors on the wall helps to add character to the wall and to the space. For best results, ensure you do a proportional work e.g. maintaining the same distance between the different mirrors.
  •       Stick to your décor – When picking mirrors for your house or office, make sure to stick with your overall décor theme. For instance, adding metal framed mirrors in a room that is rustic or wood-themed, will make the mirror look out of place. And this is where frameless wall mirrors win – they can blend with almost any theme of décor.
  •       Don’t be too careful – Be willing to experiment and try out new things. The fact that you have never installed a mirror in a kitchen doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. And the fact that you always used framed mirrors doesn’t mean that frameless ones will not look good. Just try out different things and see how it comes out.


Adding a frameless wall mirror will make your wall and your space more aesthetically appealing and make your décor pop. Using frameless mirrors is an easy choice for any décor theme because these mirrors can fit in any theme. That’s because when using framed mirrors, you have to pay lots of attention to how the frame will affect the look and feel of the room in relation to the rest of the décor. On the flip side, frameless mirrors are much likely to blend in seamlessly. And the best part is, you can get awesome pieces from Fab Glass and Mirror at pocket-friendly rates.






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