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Diamond Painting Tips And Techniques

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Diamond Painting Tips and Techniques (1)

Diamond Painting Tips and Techniques (1)

Many people are familiar with the craft of diamond painting as it relaxes the mind and keeps you away from stress and anxiety. While it is a source of releasing tension for our non-crafty people, some people believe in that art. No matter what category you fall in, today we’ll highlight some of the tips and techniques you may not know about All Diamond Painting.

 Update Your Organization:

Keeping a good storage system is so underrated. Keeping all your diamonds tagged and separated with arms reach will cut down the time taken to search for certain colors and prevent you from losing tiny pieces. Here are some ways you can keep your diamonds organized neatly.

  • Use Egg Cartons: Egg cartons help you in separating the colors of your gems while you’re working on a masterpiece.

  • Use Labeled Bags: While regular bags are difficult to store, they’re overall great as they assist you in being picked up and pouring into your diamond tray.

  • Use Small Trays: Once you’ve checked out a few Custom Diamond Painting and decided that you like them, upgrade them to a small box. The best option is bead storage trays that include self-contained compartments that you can pull off from the main box easily.


Make Your Workspace Mobile:

While it’s comforting to have a permanent place to work like for example, a desk or a dining table. You will sometimes feel the need to move your workstation to another area. For this, you need to place your tools into a cutting board so you can take all your stuff anywhere you want.


Invest in a Multi-Diamond Applicator Tool:

Ignore the basic rhinestone applicator. There’s a new toolkit called the Magic Applicator that has a comfort grip, which enables you to work on your painting for hours at a time. The best thing about this equipment is that they show a double-sided head that either lets you pick up and apply one diamond at a time. And if you’re working on a huge area of the same color then you pick multiple rhinestones at once.


Create The Perfect Workspace:

Having a good workspace is essential especially when you are doing any kind of artwork. So you need to make sure to create a craft area that provides you with a flat surface and ample time. As a suggestion, you can consider investing in a light pad so you can see without having eye strain while working in a low-lit environment.


 Work in Small Sections:

Do not attempt to attack large sections at a time. You should peel off the protective plastic sheet in categories for about 2–3-inch squares so only a portion of your Diamond Painting is exposed.

As a result, it prevents you from getting sticky hands from the adhesive in other areas.


 Swap Out Your Wax:

The heart-shaped diamond wax is one of the best pieces of equipment, but if you feel like exploring multiple other options, you can switch to Blu-Tac for another reusable glue that you can easily find at any store. The staff also makes a great alternative if you have run out of wax and your local art store does not sell it.


Invest in The Best:

If you have tested diamond art supplies from different companies and have found that the canvas rolls, parts are missing or there’s an incorrect color key then you have got to update to a better-quality kit.


Start From The Top:

You should always start from the top of the canvas and pave your way to the bottom. This eases up your task to transport your artwork and you won’t be worried about the bottom being weighed down, causing rhinestones to drop or slip off.


Use Baby Wipes To Fix Damaged Canvases:

Have you accidentally dropped a piece of paper on your canvas? Not to worry about that because the solution is that you first dampen the area with baby wipes and swipe away the crud. Afterward, you wait for it to dry, and then you continue with your artwork without any stress.


Use the “Checkerboard Method” For Large Areas With The Same Color:

Are you going crazy over large spaces of the same color? The best possible solution is to mix things up (keep your rows straight) by using what we call the “checkerboard method”.

The technique is that you place a diamond in every other box and then go back and fill the spaces. You will successfully get a satisfying “click” when you fill in a blank space with a diamond.


Cover The Corners Of The Canvas:

Just to make sure that nothing sticks to the corners of the canvas, cover the corners with either tape or paper. This will make it look clean and organized. If you have chosen to use tape, it is highly recommended to use washi tape.


Get Rid Of Air Bubbles in The Canvas:

This tip is something to remember. To eradicate air bubbles in the canvas, which is an affliction to every diamond painter's life, simply take a small blade and make cuts on the surface of the canvas. Remember to always keep the pressure light so you don’t cut through the canvas. You will need to take extra care of yourself especially when you are handling with blades as it can be dangerous, and you can injure yourself during the process.


Start With Easier Paintings First:

Always remember, like any new hobby it is always best to take the procedure slow with rhinestone art. Start with beginner Diamond Painting Supplies or something even smaller like fewer complicated colors and patterns if you are just getting started. Gradually, with the help of the above tips and techniques, you will progress to large, beautiful canvases that you can flaunt for everyone to admire. Here’s to all the aspiring passionate diamond painters who want to create a beautiful aesthetic craft of Diamond Painting.







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