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6 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home

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Types Of Chairs Suitable For Your Home

leather executive chair

leather executive chair

The decision of choosing chairs for your home is a personal one. Chairs can serve as fashion pieces or simply as a functional spot for you to get some relaxation. There are a number of different chairs to choose from. This article will look at the Side Chair, Slipper Chair, Klismos Chair, Wing Chair, Saucer Chair and the Club Chair.

The Fashionable Side Chair

When it comes to versatility and practicality, side chairs are among the best choices for your home. They are very portable and can fit in very tight spaces. Being extremely fashionable. A side chair can also serve as a decorative piece.

By design, side chairs usually do not have arms. Adding arms to a side chair would transform it to an armchair. A simple definition of a side chair is a single seat chair that is not completely upholstered. It may have small arms but not with a solid frame like the standard armchair. The side chair resembles what you would typically see in a dining room.


The Stylish Slipper Chair

The traditional slipper chair features short legs, a high back, an armless body and a compact shape. These characteristics make the slipper chair a lasting design. It is incredible for small spaces and appropriate for tight corners. The armless design is truly a trademark of the slipper chair. There are cases where small, sloping wings along with a curved back are added.  These chairs were originally used in women’s bedrooms; however, in the 21st century it is used in entryways and living rooms.

These stylish chairs received their name during what is called the Victorian era. They were typically used by women of high class while they were putting on footwear such as shoes or slippers. These chairs are not primarily used for that today but are utilized as accent pieces that also provides comfort.

The Classy Klismos Chair

No doubt, the Klismos Chair is a certified classic. What contributes to it being such a classic is that it was birthed from ancient Greece and Rome which are considered classical civilizations. Its presence in ancient Greece culture makes it a piece of considerable status. The simple design can be seen in many homes in the 21st century. The fundamental look and feel of Western art were established by the Greeks, and they decided to apply this to everything, including furniture. We can safely say that as long as Western art is vibrant and alive, the klismos chair will have a place among beautiful furniture and within beautiful homes.


The Bold Wing Chair

Wing chairs can be a great addition to your library or classy living room. They are deeply practical and stylish. They are also known as the “wingback chair.” This is an old-fashioned chair that is more fashion than it is old. It is a design that is worth revisiting over and over again. It makes such a powerful statement that it can be placed in many places in your home. You can put it next to your fireplace, neatly in your entryway, use it in place of standard dining chairs, use it to accent your bedroom, as a desk chair with flair, and you can use it as a reading zone.

The Striking Saucer Chair

The saucer chair, also known as the papasan chair, has a unique design. It is usually characterized by a large rounded bowl-shaped seat that is adjustable. This bowl is normally an upright frame and is made of rattan. On occasion, it is made of string wicker or wood. There are many saucer chair reviews that will help you to decide the best product.The cushion of a saucer chair or papasan chair is often thick velveteen filled with cotton. This is similar to a futon. The cushion is typically removable and replaceable. They are normally 35 to 60 inches in width and 35 inches in depth. An incredible addition to your home, the saucer chair became famous when veterans of World War II imported them from Asia.

The Classic Club Chair

The club chair is a form of armchair that is typically made with leather. It finds its origin in beautiful France. It was first called the fauteuil confortable or the “comfortable armchair”. The name “club chair” was given to it to distinguish it from the fauteuil de style. The fauteuil de style has much straighter lines and is less encircling.

Neither the originators of this design nor the originator of its name are known. It is possible that the word “club” was selected from the concept of the gentlemen’s club. This chair is, without debate, a classic piece of French interior world. While it is classic it is still very relevant and stylish today.

All six of the above chairs will make great additions to your home. Whichever chair you decide to add to your home space, be sure that it suits your personality and the flavour of the space in which you will place it.



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