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3 Disasters A Gas Monitor Can Help You Prevent

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gas monitor

gas monitor

Being able to detect the presence of certain types of gases in the air can prevent disasters. Fortunately, there are gas monitors that can identify many types of dangerous gases at even low levels. It is important for businesses at risk of these gases to maintain proper detection to ensure safety for everyone on the property or in the vicinity.

Oxygen Deficiency

There are some gases that may seem to be inert but can cause an oxygen deficiency that can lead to illness or even death. Unfortunately, these types of gases may be colorless and odorless making it impossible to notice until it is too late. A Gas Monitor for rent may be a great option for businesses at risk.

Although most companies that utilize various gases or are susceptible to certain issues utilize gas monitors regularly, there are times when other monitors may be needed. Power outages or other situations may render regular equipment inoperable. There may even be times when the risks of these types of gases are higher and monitoring equipment is necessary.

Gases, such as carbon monoxide, can replace the usable oxygen in the facility. Breathing in this gas could cause sudden illness or even death. This makes it important to maintain proper monitoring and ventilation when using equipment that may produce carbon monoxide or other such gases.


Toxicity and Illnesses

There are a variety of gases that can cause toxic poisoning for those who breathe even small amounts. Hydrogen sulfide is one such gas. Although this gas has a rotten egg odor, this odor is only detectable at low levels. Larger amounts may cause serious respiratory distress before a person has the chance to vacate the area.

When working in areas where hydrogen sulfide or other such gases may be present, it is important to provide personal monitoring equipment for employees. This, in conjunction with proper personal protection equipment, can prevent serious or even fatal consequences.



Another serious disaster waiting to happen is an explosion. There are many types of gas that are highly combustible. Allowing these gases to accumulate, especially in an enclosed area, could lead to a serious disaster. All it would take is a small spark to ignite the gas and destroy the property, putting everyone in or around the facility at great risk.

Natural gas is one such gas that is highly combustible. Although this gas is normally colorless and odorless, chemicals are often added to create a smell to allow easier detection. Unfortunately, if the gas has not been treated or is from a natural source, it may not be noticed until it is too late.

When working with any combustible gas or in an area where there is drilling or digging, it is important to have a detection system to monitor for these types of leaks. The right equipment will alert those in the area of the gas and allow proper action to be taken that can help prevent an explosion.

Although many types of gases are necessary for many necessary processes and daily life, just accepting such risks is not an option. There are methods for safely using and working around various gases that can reduce or even eliminate the risks involved. Ensuring the right protection equipment and monitors are available will help to maintain safety for the business, employees, and those in the vicinity.







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