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DIY Bike Care Tips – How To Take Care Of Your Dirt Bike?

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Dirt bikes, by their design, get very messy due to their exposure to dirt, mud, and water during your adventures. Taking care of your dirt bike is of paramount importance to keep it in working condition. What should you keep in mind while determining the need for your bike servicing?

The frequency of usage is the prime criterion that will help decide when you should get your bike serviced. However, having specific knowledge will help you understand how riding habits can impact the servicing requirements. 


How Much Maintenance Is Apt for Dirt Bikes?

New riders have a concern regarding the high maintenance of the dirt bikes. Contrary to popular belief, these bikes are not that difficult to maintain. All you need are basic regular maintenance schedules to support the proper functioning of your bike.

It is essential to understand the various dirt bike parts. This approach will help ascertain the aspects that need your attention and require regular maintenance after every ride. Your knowledge of the dirt bike parts can help have simple service practices. The following list has all the fundamental requisites: 

  • Washing your bike after every ride
  • Lubricating your bike chains and checking the tension
  • Checking the tire pressure
  • Cleaning or changing the air filter after every ride
  • Refilling or changing the engine oil 
  • Inspecting the vehicle after cleaning to check for any necessary replacements

It is crucial to mention, the above list is not an exhaustive one and can include other aspects depending on your requirement. However, this list can improve your maintenance schedule and help you identify any preliminary concerns your dirt bike has after every ride.


How Do You Take Care of Dirt Bikes?

Frequent servicing is key to achieving a better outcome for your dirt bike maintenance. It can ensure better performance and long-lasting shelf life of the dirt bike parts.


Air Filter

Cleaning or changing the air filter after every ride is a good practice that will help avoid any dirt or mud getting stuck in them. Ensuring the proper enveloping of the air filters in oil will help to increase their longevity. This approach will also help you with contaminants that can deteriorate the air filter’s condition.


Brake Pads

Brake pads are critical for your safety. You must have a proper maintenance schedule in place to check them regularly. The wear and tear of your brake pads can be detrimental to your biking adventures.

The over-exposure to muddy and wet conditions will aggravate the erosion of the plates. You should consider replacing the plates once the thickness is below acceptable levels.


Engine Oil

Engine oil is one of the most crucial elements of a bike. You can consider two aspects for maintaining them. You must know when is the right time to review your oil and when you should replace the oil.

Most dirt bikes have indicators in the form of a sight glass that can give you the reading of your engine oil level. It should be around the halfway mark of the glass to maintain adequate oil for the engine. You can refer to the owner’s manual to get the required numbers.


Chain Tension

The chain tension should not get overlooked during the maintenance process of your bike. The energy the bike engine generates passes on to the wheels through the chains. You have to maintain the right balance to ensure the proper functioning of the chains, as they can break or become loose otherwise.



Wheels are a direct point of contact with the ground and have to endure a lot of pressure during every ride. Regular inspection of your viewers can help you have a proper maintenance routine. You can check the wheel spokes for tightness and torque to ensure they are within permissible levels.



Dirt bikes have to go through a lot of mud, sand, water, and dirt. It becomes challenging for new riders to undertake the proper maintenance schedule to keep their bikes in good working condition.

It is worth mentioning that such an aspect often keeps them away from the sport. However, taking care of the above points can help you move in the right direction concerning bike maintenance.

Ensuring regular maintenance and checkups can help cover most of the necessary details that impact your bike’s performance. However, knowing about the dirt bike parts and seeking advice from the experts from time to time can help alleviate any concerns relating to the bike’s functionality.







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