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7 DIY Cleaning Tips For Your Shed

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Sheds are a necessity for all sorts of storage. Whether you want a safe place to keep vehicles from potentially-damaging weather elements or just need extra space for work tools, sheds can help keep the house and yard well-organized. Like most household buildings over time, both sheds and carports must be cleaned to maintain health, sanitary conditions.

1.) Organize. 

The first step to cleaning a shed is to organize what’s already inside. By removing all items that are no longer needed, you can have a clear assessment of what is necessary to keep or remove. Old bicycles that have not been recently used or repaired may not be necessary. While it’s tempting to save potential projects for a rainy day, if they have been left in the shed for a sustained amount of time, removing them from the shed can free up space for new items as well as create an easier process for cleaning. If there are many items that have been stored over a number of years, it is often easiest to clear everything out of the shed before deciding what goes where.


2.) Wipe down walls first. 

After a shed has been cleared out, wiping down the interior walls is the first step. Using a specific spray cleaner for windows is recommended to create a clear glass with no streaks. There are many varieties of cleaning solutions designed for the interior walls of a shed. Depending on the type of material that was used to construct the building, a proper cleaning spray can be found in many drug or grocery stores. Once you have started cleaning the walls, you may notice grime flowing downward toward the floor. This is why the floors are cleaned last.


3.) Look for cobwebs. 

Cobwebs accumulate in any space over time regardless of the weather or indoor temperature of the building. Usually, cobwebs can be found in corners or over doors. Check any window panes that exist as well as in the lower corners that may be easy to miss. Cobwebs do not need to be sprayed for removal and can be easily removed with either a sanitary wipe or a paper towel dabbed in water.


4.) Clean up rust spots. 

Rust stains generally occur on metal. For metal framing or piping, rust stains can end up becoming hard and difficult to get rid of. Specialized rust cleaner is usually not necessary for many rust spots found in the shed. For an easy, at-home solution, mix baking soda and water until it becomes the consistency of paste. Once properly mixed, apply the paste to rusted object or stain and let it sit for approximately one hour.


5.) Clean the exterior. 

For plastic sheds, the exterior covering does not require much in the way of cleaning supplies. Basic supplies for a thorough, outside-cleaning, include a bucket, light detergent, white vinegar, and a soft scrubbing brush. First mix warm water with the light cleaning detergent in a bucket. After stirring for a minute, add 2 cups of white vinegar. By using a soft brush, the plastic siding will not be damaged or scratched from harder bristles. Going over the exterior of the shed, even just once, can make a huge difference to the appearance.


6.) Power wash. 

For vinyl siding, using a power wash can cut time when cleaning a shed. Setting the hose close to full-spray can help you reach heights you may not be able to get to when simply scrubbing an exterior. High power hosing can also remove grime that may be difficult to manually extricate by hand.


7.) Sweep. 

Before reorganizing items that will be potentially returned to the shed, dust and sweep the floors to remove any unwanted dirt or grime. Grass clippings and mud are frequently found in sheds that haven’t been cleaned on a regular basis. Clearing debris from the shed will also help items stay clean and protected.



Depending on the shed, some structures may be easier to clean than others. Regardless of your storage needs, the size of a carport and shed can make a difference when it comes to proper cleaning. Gladstone Carports provides a range of sheds with different options for windows, material, and size. Check it out for more cleaning tips.



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