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DIY Pest Repellent Ideas To Drive Out Summer Pests

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Summer is the time of juices and ice creams, and pests too. Most of the pests who were hibernating during the winter season come out in the summer and  party at your space. During summer season, you will not be dealing with one or two, but with many types of pests of all shapes and sizes. You may be thinking that not one solution holds good to drive all of the pests away. Well, there are many such solutions other than the harmful synthetic pesticides. Here are some simple DIY pest control measures you can take and the DIY pest repellent you can make. Most of these ideas are safe and natural, and above all, very effective. Read all of them in this blog to have the easiest pest control solution during this summer.

1. For The Rats

Rats and mice are the tiny mammals that breed at a very fast rate. These pests love visiting your gardens and homes and make them their breeding places. Rats normally look out for damp places that are close to food and water supply. They can enter your homes through the windows and also through the drains by swimming through the water in the chamber. The infections they spread are more harmful than their bites.

Getting rid of rats is very simple. Rats hate the fragrance of peppermint oil. You can get a good spray that has a natural composition of peppermint oil and spray it everywhere in the rat infestation areas. They will go away by themselves to never return until the fragrance lingers. 


2. For The Roaches



Roaches in your kitchen are quick breeders too. They wait for the lights to go off and then drool in the entire space. Roaches are scavengers and can eat anything. Hide the food, and they can still survive on old paper, cabinet wood and even the dirty leftover food in the sink.

Since the roaches can eat on anything and everything, prepare a bait for them. Instead of discarding the potato peel, dry them completely and powder them using the mixer. This fine powder can be sprinkled across the chambers, in the cabinets, and in all the places that roaches hide or visit. The roaches will eat it and their intestines will bloat. Eventually, they will all die.


3. For The Mosquitoes

 Good lullaby, or a pleasant song can put you to sleep but a mosquito singing in your ears is very annoying. Their bites are itchy and even dangerous when these tiny blood suckers carry disease causing germs in them. Mosquitoes need stagnant water bodies to breed in and your kitchen and bathrooms become the most ideal place for them to breed.

Getting rid of mosquitoes does not need a synthetic liquid vapour plug in repellent. You can use a blend of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil in the oil diffuser to keep them away from your space. The other alternative to keep mosquitoes is to have mosquito repellent plants in your space. Basil and catnip are few such plants you can buy to get rid of mosquitoes.


4. For The Bed Bugs

bed bug

bed bug

Another blood sucker you could find in your homes as a pest is the bed bug. These bugs do not just live on your bed, but also on the furniture, curtain, and holes in the walls. Bed bugs have a very hard exoskeleton and it will be very hard for you to smack them. However, smashing them leaves behind an unpleasant smell and it is obvious that you cannot kill all the bed bugs overnight.

The bed bug control treatment that is pocket pinching is not the only solution to get rid of these pests. You can get a spray that has lavender oil composition in it. The fragrance of lavender irritates the air passage of the bed bugs and they go away. You can also place some fresh lavenders in the wooden part of your furniture to see them go. Bed bugs can also be repelled using a good peppermint spray.


5. For The Ticks

If you have dogs and cats at home, it is very sure that you will have ticks at home too. While people think that ticks and fleas live and breed on dogs and cats, these blood suckers only live on your pets to drink blood. Once they are done having their meal, they will walk away into their hideouts and breeding spaces. These ticks can multiply and you will see them on your walls and ceilings too. You could also get infected with lyme disease and tick fever. 

The best way to keep ticks away is to make sure that the places where your dog sleeps and plays is cleaned and fumigated well. Always use a stainless tick repellent spray that has a natural composition on your dog, and use the same spray on its mat and in the kennel too. Cat ticks are also very common during summer, and if you have a cat at home, make sure that you fumigate its bedding and your mattress too.


6. For The Flies

The open juice, fresh fruits and anything available for you to eat on the table and in the kitchen is first visited by house flies and fruit flies. While these house flies and fruit flies do not give you a sting and are generally considered to be harmless, the infections they cause and the germs that they carry can be fatal to you. 

It is very hard to keep the flies away especially during summer season. Ensure that you keep the windows and doors closed whenever necessary. Along with this, get good covers from your fruit baskets and meal plates. You can see a lot of fruit flies seated on the kitchen walls close to the sink and even on the bathroom walls. The easiest way to get rid of them is with the help of some good pest repellent pouches that are natural, safe, and long lasting. Remember to never use a synthetic pest control product in the kitchen and dining room areas.

These are some of the right hacks that are very effective on the most common summer pests that you can encounter in summer. Along with this, get a good home pest spray that has a good odor, leaves no stain, is completely natural and is very safe for kids, adults and pets. Plan your summer days that have no interference from pests.