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Does PEMF Help Fibromyalgia?

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become healthy

A pain-free life is the best life. Who could agree more than a fibromyalgia patient struggling with body pain? Besides drug dependence, the long-term use of painkillers leads to several health hazards. A time comes when your body stops responding to these. You try another combination of drugs or heavy medicines that also start losing their efficacy gradually. The medical world now acknowledges the healing miracles of PEMF therapy which is safe. Not only does it cure the symptoms but it treats your body systematically. 

What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia (excessive pain sensitivity) is a condition that causes whole-body pain with a plethora of issues. The common symptoms include

  •       Sleep disturbances
  •       Mental stress, depression, and anxiety
  •       Fatigue
  •       Irritable bowel syndrome
  •       Poor memory and concentration
  •       Headaches
  •       Body stiffness

 Apart from physical symptoms, the condition adversely influences your emotional health and quality of life. Medications, aerobic exercise, stress management techniques, and cognitive behavioral therapy are the common treatment approaches. 

PEMF devices are amazing rehabilitation gadgets and your pain-relieving partners. PEMF mats are particularly efficient for fibro patients. Getting your equipment helps you to take regular therapeutic sessions to boost permanent healing from pain. You can visit Healthylineoutlet for multiple options available. This is how the therapy works for treating fibromyalgia.


1. PEMF Improves Your Blood Circulation

Fibromyalgia patients suffer largely due to poor blood flow. That’s why they feel fatigued most of the time. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation boosts blood flow that helps to maintain optimal blood oxygen levels. It also stimulates your lymphatic system to work efficiently. The blood vessels supply oxygen to the cells and remove the wastes. Poor oxygenation causes the tissue to die. PEMF stimulates blood vessels to carry plentiful oxygen to the cells. It results in a reduction in pain, inflammation, and swelling. However, it is better to use the therapy consistently to reap the maximum benefits.


2. PEMF and Cell Healing

The pulsed radiation is amazingly beneficial for stimulating cells’ healing ability. The cells’ normal charge is responsible for their healing capacity. Any imbalance in maintaining the normal charge increases the intensity of the pain sensations. In fibromyalgia patients, this normal charge is hardly maintained enough to deal with pain. Inducing the therapy delivers charge to body cells that in turn boosts the nervous system.


3. PEMF and Mental Wellbeing

People with fibromyalgia are in constant agony. How can you be happy when your body hurts? You cannot even enjoy a sound sleep. That’s why fibromyalgia patients frequently complain about sleep, anxiety, and mood disturbances. Fibromyalgia is a constant condition that does not give enough healing time to your nervous system. It puts the body in fight or flight mode. It results in increased cortisone (stress hormone) production. It causes more inflammation and worsening of the condition. 

The electromagnetic induction helps in treating sleep and mood disturbances in fibromyalgia. The therapy offers neuroprotective quality as it targets your overall neurological system to improve cell longevity.


4. PEMF Helps To Fight Fatigue

In fibromyalgia, people feel less energetic and are fatigued most of the time. This is mainly due to the low production of mitochondrial energy. Low nitric oxide level in the blood contributes to poor blood circulation. Low nitric oxide level is due to this mitochondrial damage. How can PEMF help? The therapy is highly effective in reducing hypoxic damage and improving mitochondrial repair. It leads to an improvement in the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood and an elevated energy level in patients. 



PEMF addresses the symptoms and the underlying causes as well. So you can rightly call it a perfect adjunct approach for treating fibromyalgia. The patients must be encouraged to use the safest technique to improve their life quality. 







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