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4 Do’s And Don’ts Of Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning In Vancouver

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Removing unwanted components from an item, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities in the cleaning process can be a daunting task to do. The act of cleaning can take place in a vast number of environments and utilize a broad range of methods. Many people worldwide are employed in the cleaning industry.

The term ‘cleaning services’ refers to a wide variety of services, including but not limited to floor cleaning, vacuuming, furniture cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other services of similar nature. Customers in the commercial and residential sectors alike take advantage of these services. These customers in the business sector include places like offices, schools, and hospitals. Because of people’s increasingly hectic schedules, there has been a rise in the popularity of these services.

When it comes to anything you spend your money on, taking better care of them will ensure that they’ll serve you for a long time. Your furniture, for instance, will last much longer with proper care. It’s also true with your furniture’s upholstery. And if you take extra care of it, like cleaning and conditioning it. And their useful life will be extended to your advantage.

Some people like furniture pieces but don’t like the upholstery that sometimes comes with them. It’s because of the task of caring for those coverings. However, most would always choose to have well-upholstered furniture for their homes and offices. It helps bring more color and personality to their furnishings.

Upholsteries are the materials that provide soft coverings for chairs, couches, and other pieces of furniture. Some of its materials include fabric, springs padding, and webbing. And sometimes, these upholstery pieces are made into elegant upholstery decors. Depending on the need and preferences of the owner as to color, style, and materials, upholstery products have become more artistic and intricate than they used to be.

The more they’re intricately made, the pricier. And the higher the cost or price, the more challenging it is to clean because the cleaner needs to primarily take care that no damage will likely occur in an item.

Also falling under the furniture and fixtures category is your carpet. Carpets are home pieces that add comfort, style, and value to the home. And it may have originated from the Middle East. In the old days, people used these timepieces to cover the ground they sat on. Having them in their homes and caravans was a necessity.

Today, having carpets and upholsteries at home may increase the owner’s net worth. Still, it also increases the need for professional cleaning and maintenance services for these assets. Others may clean it independently, but having the experts do the job will save you time, effort, and money.

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These professionals have the expertise to assess the kind and make of your carpet and upholstery. They will be able to provide suitable cleaning materials for it. They can also offer the most effective methods for adequately caring for your carpets and furniture upholsteries while simultaneously cleaning them.

These services help minimize odors and other scents in your home, which gives you safer and cleaner air. It’ll also protect and increase your upholsteries’ comfort level and usability.

As you engage these professional cleaning services for your car and home upholstery, you may need to be aware of these services’ beneficial and harmful practices. This feedback is necessary as you hire these professionals to clean and maintain your car and home upholstery, carpets, and other fabric-based fittings.

Thus, it’s good to know some do’s and don’ts of carpet and upholstery cleaning in Vancouver:


1. Do Hire Professional Cleaning Services

Do hire professional cleaning services. The knowledge of stains and the processes necessary to remove them that professionals possess is superior. Incorrect application of certain cleaning chemicals might make the stains appear even more severe. The science of eliminating stains is something that professionals are trained to do. They will know which cleaning approach to employ so that your carpet is not damaged.


  • Help Avoid Unnecessary Purchases Or Rentals

You need not worry about renting or purchasing carpet cleaning equipment anymore. These devices will just be additional equipment in your storage that may become unserviceable for being unused for long periods. Also, carpet or upholstery cleaning machines available in stores and outlets are typically not as effective as those used by professional cleaners.


  • Help Avoid Chemical Hazards

Sanitizing solutions are not typically included in retail carpet cleaning products. Some of these chemicals are harmful to the fabrics of upholstery and carpets. That’s why cleaning companies use low moisture cleaning equipment when cleaning and maintaining upholstery and carpets. These devices effectively remove dirt and other particles without the buildup of molds and rotten smells due to trapped moisture.


  • Help Avoid Mold And Germs Build Up

Mold and germs can sometimes begin to grow inside the foams of your upholstery or in your carpets if there is excessive water or moisture. However, the germs and dust mites that find their way into your carpet can be best eliminated with the use of professional cleaning processes. These experts will assist you in maintaining a clean home by lowering the number of allergens in your home’s carpets and upholstered furniture.


2. Do Use Safe Cleaning Materials Don’t Use Cleaning Materials That Are Harmful

Maintaining your carpeting and upholstered furniture and fixtures is not an easy job. Removing sticker residue, stain, and other discoloration, for example, takes more time and effort. The objective is always about preserving and extending your home furnishings’ useful life. You’re especially careful if you’re one of those who love trendy and bold colors for your carpet or upholstery.

Those bold and lively couch colors need particular care to avoid color fading and other damage. Aside from damaging your fixtures, numerous cleaning supplies and household goods might prove hazardous to your health. They may cause eye or throat irritation, headaches, and other health issues, including cancer.

Some chemicals, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), give off potentially hazardous substances. Ammonia and chlorine bleach are two of the more dangerous components of local cleaning materials which you need to ensure that your professional cleaners don’t use.

Also, carpet cleaners release toxic gases, the primary component of which is naphthalene, which causes cancer. These fumes pose a particular threat to children who play on carpets after they have been cleaned. Children under six accounted for most poisonings caused by carpet and upholstery cleaners. The kidneys and the liver are also susceptible to injury from these fumes.

You must always take measures and ask experienced experts in the field if you want to do the cleaning yourself. It protects you from harm and avoids damage to your lovely couches and carpets.

Also, using these hazardous mixtures somehow has adverse effects on the environment. According to an article published by Telegraph UK, carpets function similarly to hazardous sponges. It’s because they take in large quantities of chemicals, pollutants, and toxins before releasing them into the air as toxic vapors. According to studies, a typical carpet is contaminated with high amounts of potentially harmful substances.

Numerous laboratory tests performed on carpet dust samples found that carpet dust contained alarming levels of pesticide components and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

According to studies, a typical carpet is contaminated with high amounts of potentially harmful substances. Numerous laboratory tests performed on carpet dust samples found that carpet dust contained alarming levels of pesticide components and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

There are many cleaning materials for your home furnishings and fixtures. But being careful about the kind and make of these products will help you as time passes. You can ask for less harmful materials from your favorite maintenance crew or a reputed cleaning supplies store.

It’s always advisable to use safer cleaning materials for your home’s trappings. You may have difficulty cleaning off that dirt from your carpet and upholstered fittings. But that won’t excuse you from using harmful chemicals that’ll increase the damage instead of preserving colors and fabrics.

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3. Do Comply To Environmental Management Practices And Don’t Be Careless

In the past years, Vancouver has made significant progress in community development while simultaneously altering how its residents think about their commitment to the environment. Vancouver continues to work toward a better future for everybody. Their advocacy is by building on the progress that has already been made and drawing lessons from its history.

The City of Vancouver has also established best management practices for carpet cleaners and janitorial services. It is the city’s initiative to reduce contaminating matters that enter the city’s storm sewer system and all those that affect the environment.

The city itself is taking bold climate action to protect mother nature for the benefit of the next generation. Thus, some environmental care practices in Vancouver:

  • Use environmentally friendly products
  • Follow manufacturer’s directions on disposal methods
  • Provide a secure area for chemicals to avoid spills that enter the sewerage system
  • Observe proper disposal of wash water and liquid wastes
  • Comply with the proper disposal of solvents

Some uncontrollable circumstances may cause chemical or wastewater spills. And any spills from using cleaning solutions or solvents must be cleaned up right away. These spills should be contained, controlled, or other preventative measures are implemented to avoid contamination of the environment or the sewage system.

Some chemicals utilized are combustible, poisonous, caustic, or possess some other hazardous property. Avoid getting yourself in danger by attempting to clean up spills of these concentrated chemicals.

Sanctions for non-observance and compliance with the Best Management Practices in Vancouver include a fine of USD$10,000 for every violation. It has something to do with their provision in which they are not allowed to release contaminated water to a storm sewer.

It allows all residents to enjoy the benefits of maximizing the use of their resources but admonishes locals not to be careless with their waste products. Everyone must be aware of how their actions and businesses affect the environment.


4. Don’t Allow Too Frequent Professional Deep Cleaning.

In cleaning your carpet, don’t allow cleaners to schedule cleaning services too soon in between. Thus, you should schedule them yourself through their service schedule software at least once every six months. Depending on the severity of dust and dirt, don’t schedule a professional cleaning firm for your carpets and upholstery pieces within six months. Because there would be a higher possibility of wearing out your upholstery and carpets.

And since your carpet is such an essential element of your living space, it stands to reason that you want it to seem as good as new for as long as possible. To have a cleaner and fresher-smelling home, you must ensure that your carpet is free of dust and odor. Considering the money that you have invested in your carpet and upholstery fittings, it’s understandable that you want it to continue serving its purpose for a long time.

You can vacuum your carpet and do surface cleaning for your upholstery instead. Your carpet will have an extended lifespan if you clean it at least once a week. Vacuuming will help you remove stray particles that fall on carpet surfaces before they’re set deeper and begin to damage carpet fibers.

It’ll also help reduce the need for professional deep cleaning services for these fixtures. You can vacuum your carpet as often as you like. But at some point, you need to hire professional carpet cleaners to remove the dust and grime that have accumulated deep down the fibers of your carpet.

The hard-to-clean dirt that requires thorough washing by professionals must be scheduled every six months to allow good drying time. At the same time, you can have a fresh feeling at home for much longer. Unless you’ve had occurrences of coffee or beverage spills that stained your carpets and upholstery, you can even book expert cleaning after more than six months.


The Bottom Line

The City of Vancouver in Canada has been known to strive hard to maintain its environmental sustainability. A case study also went into Vancouver’s bid to become the world’s greenest City. It’s the reason why there were many laws and regulations that the City established to reinforce its commitment to being environmentally friendly.

The carpet and upholstery cleaning industry has been one of those institutions mandated to observe all of Vancouver’s regulations regarding wastewater management and the environment.

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