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4 Easy Steps To Convert Doc To PDF Without Using An App

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Are you having trouble converting your Microsoft Word document to a PDF file

If you find it difficult to deal with this problem, worry no more. PDFBear will help you solve this issue in just four easy steps. PDFBear is the perfect conversion tool; with this, you can also handle Docx to PDF conversions. This site tries to make various file conversions as easy as possible.

Portable Document Format, also known as PDF, is one of the most popular file formats used by people in various sectors for different purposes. A PDF file typically shows a formatted, page-oriented document. Such files may be heavily structured or not. They may contain texts, images, graphics, and other media content, such as video and audio. There is support for annotations, metadata, hypertext links, and bookmarks.

PDFBear works across all software and devices, be it tablets, computers, laptops, and smartphones. It makes Doc to PDF conversion easier and accessible.

Here are the four easy steps in converting Doc/Docx to PDF: 

1. Upload the Microsoft Word file that you want to convert. 

To begin, you can upload your document by dragging and dropping it in the converter. Another way is to click the Select Files option, choose the file you want to convert, and upload it to the website.


2. The PDF converter will scan your word document.

The converter of the site will then read your document and convert it into a PDF file.


3. Wait for the conversion to finish.

Now, you only have to wait for the conversion to be done. You will then be free to do whatever you want with the converted document.

4. The converted PDF will be ready for you to download instantaneously.

Once the conversion is done, the site will allow you to edit the file, rename it and share the PDFBear link with other people.

You could also split, merge, compress, and share it via email. By following these simple steps, you can now easily convert Word documents into PDF files with PDFBear. 


PDFBear’s protects its users 

Another thing that you need to know about PDFBear is that it values privacy. The site will permanently erase your documents within an hour once you have uploaded them. If you wish to know more about this, you can find and read it in their Privacy Policy.

PDFBear is available on all platforms. It can perform conversions on various operating systems that do not support Microsoft Word. Its online tools work on all systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. 

Converting to PDF ensures that whoever will view your document will see it as you intended, regardless of their PDF viewer or device. Most PDF conversion tools automatically save your files in PDF 2.0 format. It ensures that the file will be compatible to view with any PDF viewer. Portable Document Format (PDF) 2.0 is an international standard, published after PDF 1.7.

This was designed to represent online documents, to enable the users to exchange and view documents independent of the device, platform, and software in which these files are created, viewed, or printed. 

It also applies to PDFBear. Its online conversion tools keep the content, layout, and formatting of the Word file when converting it into a PDF file. With its advanced technology, it is expected that the quality will retain and that there will be no changes made to it when converting.

However, if you do not want to encounter any changes within your file, you can use the following tips to fix/prevent it from happening:


Tips in formatting:

1. Interior Text and Styling 

Once the texts and images are compiled into one file, you can use the Styles and Headings option to create a consistent look for the headings and texts. Use of Page Breaks or paragraph breaks ensures your original formatting is preserved during the conversion of DOC to PDF. You can create your own spacing rules for styles. It allows you to simultaneously edit all text assigned in a particular style, rather than editing line by line. 


2. Photo and Graphic Resolution 

Pixels per inch (PPI) refers to the number of pixels displayed in an inch of a screen (computer monitor, smartphone, etc.). Dots per inch (DPI) is about the print resolution of an image that measures the dots' density per printed inch. The more dots there are, the higher the quality (more sharpness and detail). PDFs allow you to have print-ready files with multiple PPI values, but it is a good idea to consider the desired results before inserting just any image size.


3. Printing 

In general, a print-ready PDF will be an Adobe PDF with images at the correct resolution for your printer, embedded fonts, and flattened layers. The correct fonts will show if they are included in your version of Word. If you use any fonts that do not appear in the default list Word has, be sure to check your PDF after exporting. 


In A Nutshell 

PDFs are convenient for distributing documents where everyone you sent it to can open the file regardless of the devices they use and their software. It is the best option if you want your shared document to retain its original content and formatting no matter what platform it is viewed on. It also does not allow any edit from people other than you unless you consent to it.

PDFBear and other online converters help troubleshoot more complex files. Using these converters is often helpful if the conversion from Word to PDF caused missing elements or changes in the format. They allow you to modify and edit the document the way you want it to. Creating a PDF for your print-ready files is now a lot easier. Just be sure to check your file carefully and set your specifications correctly.


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