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Emergency Towing From Professionals

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Mechanics Truck

Mechanics Truck

Many of us rely on our vehicles on a daily basis, enabling us to commute to work, travel on the school run, and make life just that little bit easier.  When your vehicle breaks down, it may feel as though you have nowhere to turn to so that you can get your vehicle fixed and back on the road again.  Perth tow truck professionals at Swan Towing are always ready to help, however, providing a first-class service to eliminate your worry and any possible hassle.  Going above and beyond expectations, Swan Towing emergency towing service is available anywhere across the Perth Metropolitan area as well as Western Australia and at any time of the day or the night.  A family-owned business, Swan Towing has been the first choice in Perth tow truck services since 1958, providing a reliable vehicle recovery service, towing your vehicle to any location in the vicinity.  To ask for a free quote, simply visit the Swan Towing website and complete an inquiry form, or visit Swan Towing’s social media pages and get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote.

Towing Services Covered

Covering a vast array of towing services, Swan Towing will be there at your hour of need.  Services include accident towing and breakdown towing for cars as well as transportation for motorbikes, buses, forklifts, and other machinery.  Up to a weight of 100 tonnes can be towed, and with depots in Bunbury and in Port Hedland, Swan Towing services are available when you need them most.  Possessing a wide range of towing vehicles, including a fleet of tile trays, heavy recovery trucks, and low loaders, your towing service will be tailored to your needs and to the characteristics of your vehicle.


Fleet of Specialist Vehicles

With a fleet of vehicles to meet your towing requirements, Swan Towing is the professional company you need for any towing task.  Owning a fleet of tilt tray vehicles, they can tow your car, truck, bus, camper van, or other medium-sized vehicles up to a carrying capacity of 11 tonnes.  Possessing the required permits for oversized movements, the Swan Towing professionals take care of all necessary measures so that you do not have to.  Motorcycles are also taken care of with a specially adapted tilt tray vehicle.  For the larger vehicle, the heavy recovery tow trucks are available for oversize load pulls, able to tow unlicensed tow trucks as well as trailers, with specialist tasks also undertaken.  Being able to pull over 100 tonnes per winch and possessing twin winches per vehicle, the heavy recovery tow truck is a simple and hassle-free option for your towing requirements.  Additionally, for some specific vehicles, a low loader or a semi tilt may be required.  Low loaders or semi tilts are operated by fully qualified specialists who are experienced in operating such machinery.