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Essential Facts You Need To Know Before Choosing A Compounding Pharmacy

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medicines for traveling

medicines for traveling

A pharmacy is an essential element of modern life. Huge advances in medical science mean that people are living longer. Of course, while some of this is related to healthier lifestyles, much is thanks to the creation of new medications to help combat an array of issues.

But, if you’re on medication, you need to be able to collect it as and when you need it. That’s why pharmacies are so important. It’s also the reason there are approximately 6,000 pharmacies in Australia.

What Is A Compound Pharmacy?

A compound pharmacy makes drugs for doctors, they are aimed at specific patients and the medication can’t be created with the traditionally available drugs at standard pharmacies. For example, if a child needs a drug that is usually given to adults you’re unlikely to find the right dose level in existence, especially if the doctor is recommending a liquid dose.

Equally, a commercially available medication may not be suitable for certain people due to an allergy to one of the ingredients.

Compound pharmacies will address these issues and create the dosage needed in the right format. They can even remove the allergic ingredients and, if necessary, add an alternative.

Compound pharmacies are also leading the fight against drug shortages, which is becoming an increasing issue. They have the facilities to produce more drugs on a larger scale and are looking at ways to help the existing system overcome manufacturing and supply issues.

In short, if you are on regular medication, it’s likely you’ll need to choose a reputable compound pharmacy, such as this compound pharmacy Erskineville.



It’s very important that you check any compound pharmacy is properly accredited. They should be accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). This confirms they have been approved to edit current medications and change the format to meet specific patient needs.

By choosing a pharmacy that is PCAB certified you can be certain you’re getting the right format and dosage but that the drug remains safe to use. Alongside this, if you need repeat medication you can be assured that the same procedures are being followed and the medication is exactly the same.

That should give you confidence in the medication and help to ensure it gives you the benefit that it’s supposed to.



Being certified means that the pharmacy meets the necessary standards. But, that’s only part of the equation. You also need to consider the qualifications of the pharmacists working at the facility. The best compound pharmacies use people that have trained in compound pharmaceuticals and received a certificate from a dedicated training center. This will ensure they know what to do when mixing the drugs and will spot any issues with the process or the end result.


Testing Capabilities

Although a compound pharmacy is adapting drugs that have already been approved, it should still have rigorous testing procedures that allow it to test an entire batch. This helps to ensure errors are avoided.

Batch testing can be done in-house or by an external agency. Either is fine providing the company is open about the testing procedures and the results.



Any medication is only as good as the quality of the ingredients. Compound pharmacies must be open about the sources they use for ingredients and can attest to the quality of those ingredients. It’s best if the pharmacy displays a list of the suppliers used and that you can verify the suppliers as being reputable.

It should even be possible to ask the pharmacy what vetting process they use to ensure the drugs they receive are of the highest possible quality. The best compound pharmacies will test the products themselves to ensure they are what they should be. This is important as it can make a big difference if even one ingredient is only 80% of what it should be. In short, your medication won’t give you the results it should.

It also helps if the pharmacy has a certificate of analysis for all the ingredients used in their compound medicines. This ensures that the medication you receive is of the highest possible quality.


Site Visits

If you’re not quite convinced regarding a specific compound pharmacy then talk to them about a site visit to see the medication being created. This will help you to confirm they have backup plans to deal with issues and maintain the regularity and quality of your supply.


Your Friends Opinion Matters

When considering a compound pharmacy it’s worth talking to your family and friends. It’s not just about their skill level, expertise, and qualifications. A good pharmacy needs to be approachable and make you feel comfortable. After all, they are supplying medication that can be deeply personal in nature.

You need to feel comfortable collecting your prescriptions, you’re likely to be doing it on a regular basis.  Check with your family and your friends regarding what pharmacies they’ve tried and which they recommend. You can also look online at social media. You’ll find an array of honest opinions that can help you to make the right decisions.

Don’t forget that your doctor may also recommend a compound pharmacy and these are generally worth considering.

This will help you to narrow the choice, allowing you to enter the pharmacy and talk to the staff before making your final decision. This is when you can ask about their ingredients, the sourcing process, and how they vet suppliers. If they’re not open to talking about it you’re better off at a different compound pharmacy.


Final Thoughts

The pharmaceutical industry is worth billions. As a consumer, it’s your job to hold them accountable for the medications they produce and their standards of practice. This helps to ensure that all compound pharmacies offer the best possible service in a competitive marketplace.

You may not have heard of a compound pharmacy before but you’re certain to need one at some stage in your life. The sooner you investigate them and find the best one in your area, the better.







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