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9 Essential Tips In Keeping A Safe And Secured Farm 

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farm house

If you are running a small homestead, farmland, and even a big cattle ranch - security and safety are extremely essential.

Trespassing on private properties intentionally or by accident is a common scenario. Either way, it's still important that you are familiar with the people around your property and what they are up to. Today, we'll discuss some vital tips to help you keep your farm safe and secured. Keep reading to find out more regarding farm security best techniques.

Farmland Security Ideal Tips

1. Installing Security Systems.

Technological advancements like motion sensors around your property's perimeter can be very helpful. They can monitor your farmland or property and send you updates on what's happening in your area while you are away. These sensors are commonly installed to shoo off trespassers by activating security lights, alarm systems, and your security cameras. Having a visible security system in your property together with physical evidence can restrain trespassing on your property.


2. Consider Trail Cameras.

Trail cameras are must-haves for those that have an extremely large property. Installing a trail cam will help you know and understand what are the predators present in your area that can pose some threat to your livestock and farm animals. It's also recommended to invest in drones to keep a close eye on the far-flung areas of your farmland.


3. Don't forget about Safety Alarms.

Along with security alarm systems, it's also important to mount a system for safety purposes. Safety alarms detect carbon monoxide gases, smoke, sire as well as other hazards that carry potential risks on your farmland. Safety alarms can alert you and the people around if a fire breaks out. These types of alarms can also help prevent injury and disease breakout for those people living and working on the farm if in any case there are some hazardous materials stored in the farm.


4. Put up some Signs.

The very first thing we can do to prevent trespassers from entering your property is to make them aware of your property lines. Basically, that is why it's a great idea to invest in some sturdy metal signs posted around your property's perimeter scope. You won't need expensive, threatening, or fancy signs since all you'll be needing is some plain metal sign that can stand the test of time and nature reading "No trespassing", "Private Property", "Trespassers Prohibited", etc.


5. Invest in Physical Barriers.



Other than signs, you might also want to secure your property by putting physical barriers like fences from Fast Fence. If you are worried about theft of your farm equipment, livestock, and other break-ins, then installing an Electric Fence will be a great idea. 

We all know that the most obvious type of a physical barrier is a good gate and a fence from Fast Fence. However, what we are not usually aware of is there are a number of ways to enforce gating and fencing.


Here are some examples:

Plant-based barriers - If you don’t have a decent budget to install electric fences and gates, then you can opt to plant some thorny hedges. If you cover your fences with thorny bushes, then trespassers and thieves will definitely think twice to climb over your fence.

Barricade your property with Out-of-Service heavy Equipment - In secluded areas, putting heavy equipment as barricades on your property can prevent rustlers from penetrating or destroy your fence to steal your livestock. Remember, if they cannot get their trucks close to your property, they cannot steal your cattle, horses, and other large animals.

Installing Electric Fence - An electric fence system will not only prevent burglars from entering your premise but will also prevent your animals and livestock from escaping. A well-built electric fence system can also prevent predators in the area like coyotes, hyena, and other wild animals from killing and eating your livestock animals.  


6. Enhance your Gate Security.

In running a farm, it is crucial to always keep your gates locked. In addition, for your own and your family’s security, a Gate Entry System is recommended so that you won’t have to get out of your car to open and close the gate. Install an intercom system for added security so you can easily identify people who wish to enter your premise before remotely unlocking your gates


7. Consider Outdoor Lightings and Keep Your Area Well Lit.

Other than installing motion detector activated perimeter lights, it’s recommended that you have good lighting on your outbuilding and barns. A farm full of lights is less likely to be preyed on by thieves.


8. Buy Backup Generators.

Outages are very common in rural regions, and farmlands are usually located in those areas. An electrical outage can create havoc in farm production and can cripple your lighting, security, and safety systems. Invest in top-tier and reliable generators to keep your farm running in any event of an outage or a big storm.


9. Always BE ALERT!

Lastly, always be alert and be keen on your surroundings. Check any suspicious activity and make sure to alert your people if you notice something unusual. If you have people working for you, make sure that they inform you right away if they saw some strangers lingering around.

Make sure to keep a copy of your local police contact information and inform them right away if you notice anything unusual. Take note of license numbers if you see any unfamiliar vehicle near your area and always keep a copy of security footage on your farm.



In running a farm, it pays to be KNOWLEDGEABLE. Know the essential tips to keep your farm safe and secure all the time. Also, keep some first aid kits on your premises. If you are planning to stay on your farm for good, make sure that you know the basic first aid. Knowing simple life-saving skills can be very handy in times of injuries or accidents. Remember, it may take a while for rescue to arrive in rural areas. Being knowledgeable and having safe and secured farmland can save lives!


About the Article Author Axle Boris

Axle Boris the founder and President of FenceFast Ltd grew up on a cattle ranch in British Columbia’s Northern Interior. After having spent several summers working for his father’s custom fencing as a youth years later in 1998 he started AB Custom Fencing in the BC interior.