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Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Power Generator    

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where to buy a generator

where to buy a generator

A power generator gives you power back up and prevents you from running out of electricity during a power shortage. Power cuts can stall work at your workplace or make your stay very uncomfortable at home. You won't be able to run any gadgets, appliances, or machinery unless power is restored. Investing in a power generator is worth it if you live in an area where power shortage occurs frequently. You could check out sites like powergeneratorhq.com to find out more about generators.  

Here are some things to know about before buying a power generator.

1. Tank Capacity

Most power generators run on fuel, so you should have an idea about their tank capacity. The greater the capacity, the longer it can run. A fuel-efficient generator will go a long way and can keep your space powered for hours at a stretch.

You should check the RPM or Rotations Per Minute to get an idea about the load demand and how much fuel it requires to run. If you want a portable generator, you need to understand that they are light and small and do not have a large capacity.


2. Power Requirement

Considering your requirements, you should have a fair idea about how much power you could require in a given period. Start by taking into account how much electricity all the gadgets and appliances use in a day. Are they all energy efficient? How many units of electricity would you want to get through important tasks?

A generator that can produce about 5000 watts is enough for domestic use. However, educate yourself about volts and amps so that you can choose from among a wide range of generators.


3. Fuel Type

Since generators run on fuel, you should choose a generator to find the refill easily. Natural gas, diesel, and propane are the most common types of fuel. Gasoline generators are efficient, but they do not run for a very long time. Diesel generators and diesel can be costly, but the generators also run for a long time and with minimal wear and tear.


4. Installation

You should purchase a generator depending on the space available for installing it. Ideally, you should install it in a position where it is easy to access for maintenance. It should not be located near any damp patches, nor should there be any inflammable object around. The place should be well-ventilated to let out any smoke.

Moreover, it should also come with a sizable warranty period so that you can have it serviced easily. It will be ideal if it comes with a maintenance package.


5. Miscellaneous Concerns

Besides, you should also consider your budget while buying a generator. Apart from the upfront costs, you should consider how much it will cost if a professional installs it, accessory costs, if any - like a cover or a transfer switch. You can make a product comparison to find out about run times and warranties.

Try to find out about the after-sales services. Most importantly, you should also address your existing electrical service panel issues, if any, and check whether the gas line has any potential problems or not.

By taking these factors into account, you would be able to buy the ideal power generator for your home or office use.







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