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fire damage

fire damage

Reasons to hire a public adjuster for a fire damage insurance claim

Fire damage brings untold destruction to homeowners in Boca Raton. Fires can occur for many reasons, such as:

  • Electrical damage
  • Bushfires
  • Lightning strike
  • Extremely high temperatures
  • Cooking accidents

Depending on these causes, the resulting fire can vary in extent and severity. Moreover, the types of damage associated with fire are just as dangerous and undesirable. Smoke and soot damage affect your furniture, walls, and other belongings. They’re also a health hazard to your family. Without a fire remediation company that eliminates smoke and soot damage, your home will be unsafe over the long-term.

A fire damage public adjuster would help you cover your losses and repair expenses. Perhaps the damage is too expensive and your home requires ample repairs. You may not have the money for that. However, if you have fire insurance, then your insurance company will cover your losses. File a fire damage claim with an expert’s help, and you’re guaranteed to receive reasonable compensation for your losses!

Reasons to hire a public adjuster for a fire damage

It may seem simple to file a fire damage claim. Since your losses are evident, your insurer should compensate for them, right? Wrong! Insurance companies send a public adjuster to assess your damage and estimate your losses. However, make no mistake. The insurance public adjuster doesn't work for you. Your best interest isn't important to them. Instead, they want to underpay or deny your claim. This way, the insurance company keeps more money for themselves.

Hiring an independent public adjuster, like ProFloridian in Boca Raton, would improve your odds of success substantially. Unlike the insurance public adjuster, an independent public adjuster you hire works solely for you. The PA will guide you through the claim proceedings, estimate your damage and losses, and prepare ample documentation to prove your losses. With extensive evidence supporting the claim, your insurer can’t underpay you. This is why a public adjuster is your greatest asset when filing a property claim – knowledge and experience.


Dishonest insurance companies

Insurance companies in Florida are dishonest and selfish. They operate a business, so they try to reduce their losses. That’s why they send an insurance public adjuster to confuse and trick you. Their damage assessment and loss estimation will be incomplete. They’ll undervalue your fire damage claim so they can justify an underpayment. Eventually, the settlement you receive is vastly disproportional to your incurred losses.

You still have out-of-pocket expenses to pay for the repairs. Besides fire, smoke, and soot damage, other damage types occur when your home goes up in flames. When the firemen extinguish the fire, they also flood your home. The extensive water damage requires special water remediation services to fix. If you delay these repairs, mold may appear due to high moisture. Then, you also need to hire mold remediation services, adding extra expenses to an already-long expense sheet.

Your insurer understands this but avoiding a loss for the company is more important. You may not know these things but a professional public adjuster does. Independent PAs earn their fees and reputation by winning property claims for their clients. If you want a substantial settlement for your losses, a public adjuster can help you. In 9/10 cases, policyholders receive more money from their insurers when they hire public adjusting services.

It doesn’t matter how extensive the fire damage is. A public adjuster assesses the damage accurately and estimates your incurred losses. If it were only this, your insurance company could still underpay you. However, the public adjuster also gathers evidence to support your losses. Only a PA can provide ample documentation and maintain fairness during the claim proceedings!



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