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Fire Damage To Your Home

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acacia wood is fire resistant

acacia wood is fire resistant

A small fire can turn into a disaster in just a few seconds. It takes only 5 minutes for a fire to engulf an entire building into flames. After labor pain, burn causes the most acute pain. If a person gets caught in a fire, the chances of survival are very less. He may have to undergo multiple surgeries and suffer a lot of pain. The person may even suffer from respiratory diseases, and the sense organs may not function properly. As far as possible, we must try to eliminate all the possible causes of fire like electrical appliances that do not function properly, gas leakage, spilling of flammable substances, unattended candles, and matchsticks, bursting crackers inside the house, overloaded power circuits, improper insulation of wires.

Effects of fire damage:

1)Loss of property and life.

The worst effect of fire is that if evacuation is not carried out instantly, it may lead to loss of life. Even if people manage to clear the house, their belongings, furniture, and the residence cannot be saved sometimes. Many people lose their relevant documents like tax paper, educational degree, birth certificate in case of a house fire. Even in this era, some people have a habit of keeping cash in their home; a light may turn that hard-earned cash into ash in just a few seconds. It takes years for people to regain what they have lost in a house fire. If someone has an insurance plan, he can get help financially, but the restoration of the house still takes time.


2) Deposition of Soot

After the fire is out, soot gets deposited in the entire house. Don't try to enter the house till soot has been cleared. We can't carry out the cleaning ourselves, and we will require professional assistance for proper cleaning. So one must not delay the process of cleaning and call the restoration company as soon as possible.


3)Air quality

Fire increases the temperature tremendously if someone inhales that hot air, there is a very high tendency that the person may acquire respiratory disease and infections. Even if the fire is out, we must not immediately rush into the house. We must carry out an air quality check and ensure that the house is safe to enter. This air is very harmful for infants and senior citizens, it may cause death also.


4)Plumbing and wiring

Fire causes the pipes and wires to melt as they can't withstand the high temperature. After the fire, we must not turn on any appliance until proper testing has been done. Even the pipes get disconnected so the taps or pipe connections should not be turned on, it may lead to water damage. A plumber and electrician must be contacted to carry out a secure professional check of the wiring and plumbing system.



After the fire, we can notice smoke stains on our walls and ceilings. They are hard to remove and cause yellowing of walls and ceilings. The dyes are visible and give a terrible appearance to the walls and ceilings. They can only be fixed if all the walls are repainted. A single coat of paint is not enough; we often need multiple layers to hide these stains.


To protect yourself from undergoing this kind of situation,one must carry out the following steps:

  • Do not cook anywhere in the house.
  • Cigarette butts should be disposed of carefully, and we must make sure that the fire is entirely out.
  • Gas cylinders and flammable liquids must be kept away from the fireplace.
  • Smoke detectors must be installed to sense the presence of any fire in the house.
  • The fire alarm should be there so that in case of a fire, people may quickly evacuate the house.
  • Chimneys should be there, to allow the proper escape of smoke.
  • There should always be an emergency exit to help people evacuate in case of emergency.
  • Fire extinguishers should be installed to help in letting out the fire.
  • Regular inspection of the chimneys and the fireplace must be carried out.
  • Crackers should be kept in a proper place, away from fire.
  • A proper insurance plan must be purchased; because accidents can happen anytime.







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