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Top 7 Fire Safety Tips You Must Need To Know

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Fire Safety Tips

Fire Safety Tips

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Fire Safety Tips outbreak can be disastrous in such that one can lose properties and life of loved ones. It is why one must ensure that the chances of fire outbreak at home are minimal, and one of the ways to make that possible is by getting the household members orientated and informed about the causes of fire outbreak and how to prevent it.

However, if you do not have any idea of what to teach your household members about fire and ways to prevent, this post will help you.

 Let’s check out top 10 fire safety tips


Integrate flame smoke alarm

One of the fire safety gear you must have in your home is the flame smoke alarm. Not every homeowner sees the need for this, but it is an important safety device that works greatly to ensure you and your household members are safe.

The work of flame smoke alarm is to notify you that there is a fire outbreak, which makes it easier for you to quickly run out through exit and give firefighters an emergency call. Some fire outbreak is within control which you can easily use fire extinguisher devices, but for a heavy outbreak, you need the service of firefighters. However, the offers more on that. Get everyone informed

Whenever you are building your house, or you want to rent an apartment, one of the things you should consider is safety and exit means. You need to get the whole household members informed about where to run for safety on the off chance that there is a fire outbreak.

You should give a tutorial or find a day to orientate your household members on how to run out of the house for safety if there is a fire outbreak. I remember this act during my visit to a royal palace, and we were given the house tour and informed of when to run to if any issue takes place.

Fire Safety Tips

Cause of house fires

Fire Safety Tips

Get familiar with firefighter call code

The first thing you should do when there is a fire outbreak is to find a safe place to run to and call firefighters. If you notice the fire outbreak is beyond your control, you should call firefighters. Fortunately, most firefighters are always alert to receive your call.

They have all it takes to get your place in time as most have a quality watch to time their movement and with a good transport system. You should get familiar with their call code and ensure all your household members know the calling code.


Never leave lit candles unattended to

Fire Safety Tips

Power Outage

I know of a family that lost their kids as a result of not attending to a lit candle. It was a black day in that family as two little kids lost their lives. The unattended candle melted, and it resulted in a fire outbreak while the parents were outside since the kids were sleeping.

Before they could realize what was going on, the whole room was already on fire, and the fame got the better side of the kid’s lungs. They couldn’t breathe very well, and by the time they were rushed to the hospital, they were declared dead on arrival. Such an occurrence would have been prevented if they had attended to the candle.

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Not only a candle. If you are cooking and you are using gas, never leave the gas opened after cooking. You must ensure that you switch it off after use. If by any means, you notice that there is gas leakage, you should ensure you open all the windows in your home and let them escape before you ever try to lit any fire.


Dispose of your cigarette properly

If you are the type that loves to smoke cigarettes, you must ensure you have a proper means to dispose of the leftover or waste. Never should you leave the cigarette on your couch or on the floor. With my little experience, little flame or firefly can result in a massive outbreak.

So, it is very important that you find a better means to dispose of your cigarette after smoking. Do not be careless with how you handle your cigarette, especially if you have kids around. Be more cautious of your safety and those around you whenever you smoke a cigarette in your home.


Keep matches and lighters away from kids

Kids can be funny and playful most times, yet, you should be in charge of whatever they play with. One of those things that kids should never handle in your home is matches and lighter. Both are not playful kits for kids. You must do all you can to keep away from your kids.

Do not assume that your kids can’t light a candle, matches, and lighter. You should never allow them to handle one. Kids are smart to copy their parents, and if your kids love to stay with you in the kitchen, believe me, they are watching you and will want to try out some of the things you do.


Keep clothing away from heating appliances

On one faithful day, I was cooking in the kitchen, and my mother walked in. She is fond of doing things only in her own way. Unknown to her, she already flipped her cloth over the gas, and it caught fire. I noticed the strange odor and raised the alarm.

She was shocked and quickly pull off the cloth, and the danger was averted. It could have been worse, but seeing it early makes it easier to prevent casualties. Clothes can easily catch fire, and due to that, one should ensure that they are being used away from any heating appliances.



Information is power and can be life-saving as well. Many people have lost their lives because they are never informed or orientated on how to handle some casualty that cost them their lives. These tips on fire safety will help you, and others know what to do whenever there is a fire outbreak in your home. You can always check online for more tips as those mentioned are few to help you.



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